Zipcode/Postcode/COD based on Delivery

Zipcode/Postcode/COD based on Delivery

Zipcode/Postcode/COD based on Delivery

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Overview of TMD OpenCart Product Shipping Zip code/Postal code Checking

This extension lets the Customers accurately check product can be delivered or not using a zipcode or postal code. By aligning the customer's zip code with the website's designated service areas, it ensures accurate product shipping availability.

A section with a textbox and button will be added to the product page automatically. It takes the website styling and color theme. This extension is compatible with the latest version of OpenCart. This extension takes a fraction of a second to load the zip code information.

Admin has the ability to add the zip code/postal code to each product. This way, the admin can ensure order shipment management, which results in fast and accurate deliveries to the correct locations.

Ensure your customers enjoy a seamless shopping experience with our advanced TMD OpenCart Product Shipping Zip Code/Postal Code Checking extension. It verifies delivery possibilities in real time, using zip code compatibility with your service areas for guaranteed shipping precision.

Simplified Zip Code Management for Admin

Navigate to the 'ZipCode For Product' menu within the admin panel to effortlessly manage the shipping destinations for each product. Add, modify, or remove zip codes with ease, ensuring that your delivery is always up to date and reflecting on product pages in real time.

Follow the same process to add zipcode/postal code for all the products. The product list will be shown whose zip code or postal code has been added.

You have the flexibility to add, edit, or delete specific zip codes easily from the product. It will instantly reflect on that product page.

adding product shipping zipcode postal code in opencart website

Seamless Integration with Product Pages

A sleek section comprising a textbox and a button assimilate effortlessly into your product page, adopting your website's style and color scheme. This feature operates swiftly, with zip code data loading almost instantaneously, enhancing the user experience without delay.

Customers can Real-time verify product shipping availability using their zip code or postal code. The customer enter's zip/postal code will match the product's details entered by the admin.

If it matches then the message "This product is available in this location." will be shown in green color else the red colored text "Product unavailable" will be shown.

This module will improve the customer shopping experience by confirming only those orders which are feasible to deliver. If a user attempts to input an invalid postcode, they will receive an error message.

customer can check product shipping available by entering their zipcode, postal code, or pin code

Theme-Agnostic Design Adaptation

Our extension is crafted to blend seamlessly with your website's existing theme, adopting the CSS parameters for text, color, and buttons. This maintains a consistent brand experience across your website, irrespective of the device or screen size used by your customers.

Broad Compatibility Across OpenCart Themes

All the modules are tested with various themes present in the market. It can integrate seamlessly into the website without causing conflicts or issues and without making changes to the website.

After extensive testing across multiple themes, this module is proven to integrate smoothly into diverse website designs without causing conflicts, offering you peace of mind that it will adapt to your specific theme effortlessly.

Compatible with Multiple Versions of OpenCart

This product shipping zip code/postal code extension works with the 2x, 3x, and 4x versions of OpenCart. Also, the latest version is also supported. You will always find our module working with your website. We have done the unit test to ensure the functionality should work with the mentioned versions.

Hassle-Free Installation Process

It uses the OCMOD for the installation. Follow the official installation process to get TMD modules and themes installed. Login into the admin panel and upload the module's zip file to the extension installer section. This module will automatically be installed.

Or go with the second way, unzip the module file, and connect your website using cPanel, or software like FileZilla, CuteFTP, WinSCP, etc. and upload each file manually.

Refresh the modification. Activate this extension by going module list page and hitting the "Plus" button. The extension is ready for configuration.

Dedicated Support When You Need It

Our commitment to your success doesn't end at installation. Should you require any assistance, our support team is readily available to provide expert help, ensuring your experience with our extension is nothing short of excellent.

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