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Birthday Reminder

Birthday Reminder

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Overview TMD OpenCart Birthday Reminder Module

The administrators can create a special discount coupon for their customers which helps to increase the sales of the store and leaves an impression on your customers. Here admin can include discount coupons in the reminder email, with particular conditions and multiple options as per their need.

Customers will receive an email before their birthday with a discount coupon which they will use for a specified time. It also provides a cron job system that sends an automatic email to customers on their birthday.

Admin can generate a discount coupon code and set a fixed amount discount value or percentage. When the date arrives email will be sent with a coupon code with the start and end date on the email.

A customer birthday email will be sent automatically using a cron job that is sent on the server. This ensures email should be sent on the same date and time set by the website administrator.

Create Discount Coupon Code And Its Usage

There is an option to create a coupon code automatically, Just hit the Coupon code button and it generates the code automatically and shows it. Admin can set the start and end date of the usage of code. This code should be used between the start and end date to get a discount on your order else the coupon will expire.

Admin can set two kinds A Fixed discount or percentage discount will be applied on order. Admin can enter a fixed amount or Select the percentage from the drop-down and enter the (%) value.

To avoid misuse of coupons by customers, the admin can set how many times coupons can be used. Moreover how many customers can use this coupon can be set by setting. There is an option that says a coupon code can be used when the total amount of the order is reached.

Admin can enable or disable the module by toggling the birthday module setting.

  • Status: enable/disable
  • Coupon Code - create automatically
  • Start - End Date
  • Discount Type: Percentage/Fixed

  • Total Amount Of Order
  • Use Per Coupon
  • Use Per Customer

birthday reminder email and coupon setting in opencart module

Gift Email Template And Shortcodes

When a customer's birthday date arrives module uses the email template to send customer emails. The module gives 6 shortcodes to create an email message. The message uses the WYSIWYG editor. This editor has the option to write messages in HTML and simple text as well. Message can have a multimedia image. video, links, select which fonts should be useful, and more.

Admin can use the given shortcode while writing the message of the email template.

This shortcode is available to write below the message box. Copy the shortcode from there and use it in an email message, Shortcodes will change to respective values automatically when the email is about to be sent to customers on their birthday.

  • Write the email subject and message that is sent to the customer's birthday.
  • Add coupon code.
  • Add a shortcode - that converts to value on email.
  • The email message contains simple text or HTML code.

opencart admin writing birthday reminder email template

Customer Birthday Dates Shows On Calendar And Cron Job

This section will have a list of customer information with Apply Coupon, Customer Name, E-Mail, Date Of Birth, Customer Group, Status, Date Added, and Action. Admin can delete the customer from this list, which will remove the customer from sending birthday emails.

The module keeps updating the list of customers every day, by checking the birthday date by cron job of php set on the server. There is a Calendar showing the current months of the year.

Admin can see a previous month or upcoming month. This calendar shows dote on the date when one or more customer(s). These dates indicate the birthday of the customer, which is a great way of visual remembering.

Cron Job is an awesome way of checking customers' birthday dates every day. Because Cron Job is set on the server by the programmer or by the server-side support team. The cron job runs the script of the module that tracks which customer's birthday is today.

  • Customers who have a birthday this month will show on the list.
  • Admin can navigate month by month in the calendar.
  • The calendar's month dates have doest that indicate the customer's birthday.
  • Keep Updating the Customer list automatically.

birthday showing on dates of calendar in bridthay reminder OpenCart module

Complete Feature List Of OpenCart Birthday Email Extension

  • * Admin has the option to add manually the date of birth for each customer.
  • * Admin can customize email template for birthday reminder
  • * Admin can set coupon discount amount on a percentage or fixed
  • * Cron jobs feature for alert notification on birthday reminder
  • * Module will allow users to return to your shop
  • * Good reminder for your store customers
  • * Option for customers to add their date of birth on the account registration form.
  • * Fast loading and sleek.
  • * Free and fast support.
  • * No core file changes.
  • * Installation guidance Included in the documentation link
  • * We provide free support & the best support.


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