Cash On Delivery Fee

Cash On Delivery Fee Cash On Delivery Fee Cash On Delivery Fee Cash On Delivery Fee Cash On Delivery Fee

Cash On Delivery Fee

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Overview of OpenCart Cash on Delivery Fee Module

As the name implies cash on delivery fee module is designed for the OpenCart store owner to manage all critical issues related to the COD methods.

COD is often the most widely used and preferred means of transactions consumers love to take action on order delivery. So as more orders preferably come through the COD, you can enhance the COD system on your store for better order accomplishments.

TMD cash on delivery fee extension usually allows the Store administrator to add cash on a delivery (COD) fee for customers who order the product selected COD shipping method.

The fee can be either a fixed amount or a percentage of the subtotal value of the cart. The admin can set the cod fee according to customer groups and also create various rules on product quantity (minimum to maximum) where COD is applicable.


Benefits of OpenCart Cash on Delivery Fee Extension

The COD fee delivery module is one of the most demanding OpenCart modules for e-commerce stores because of its immense benefits. Some of the major benefits of this module are:

a) It allows you to take full control over your COD sales and allows your customers to choose options between self-pickup from the store or dispatch via courier

b) Allow you to create customer groups. 

c) If your customer wants to pick up their order from the store,  a zero fee can be charged on self-picking, else a desired amount of charges can be set based on the customer group a customer belongs to.

d) The module allows you to create customer groups that set the concerning rate for all customer groups.

e) The rate for the group is automatically added to the base rate.

f) You can edit your COD fees to ensure that you allow the best-discounted fees on active customer groups depending on the number of sales led by a group of customers.

Features of Cash on Delivery Fee Module

1) COD Fee Type Fixed or Percentage

This OpenCart module allows two types of fee types that are calculated and added to the base amount of an order. The features include values to be added in terms of the percentage of the subtotal value of the cart or an imposed fixed amount delivery fee.

2) Multi-Language Compatible

The extension also provides a multi-language capability to make it compatible with your website. All the active language will be detected and shown with their country flag. The admin can enter the text in respective language fields.

When a customer changes the language of the website then, the COD fee text information will be shown in that language.

3) Restrict Cash on Delivery on Particular Shipping Methods

This option allows the admin to restrict COD fees for a particular shipping method. The COD fees are usually not applicable in some shipping methods and therefore it is negligible, so in that case, the admin can restrict consumers from being charged.

4) ADD Different COD Fee With Order Total Range (Minimum, Maximum)

This module also enhances the use of COD fee delivery in many ways. It allows you to create different types of COD depending on the minimum sales quantity or maximum sales quantity.

For example, if may wish to set sales quantity between 1 and 5 and apply a fee of 150 on the range of 1 to 5 Similarly, you may wish and set sales quantities between 5 to 10 and apply a fee of 100 on the range of 5 to 10 quantities being sold.

So in this way, an admin can create various quantity levels for which the COD fee can be defined or set uniquely.

5) ADD Different COD Fees According To Customer Groups

his module will list all the customer groups in the setting. The Admin can enter the fee for each customer group. So you can apply your logic to build customer groups and then assign COD fees to manage your sales and delivery strategy. The customer will charge the fee according to their profile customer group. 

apply fee on cash on delivery according to customer groups in opencart website

6) Compatible With All Major Opencart Themes 

After extensive testing across multiple themes, this module is proven to integrate smoothly into diverse website designs without causing conflicts, offering you peace of mind that it will adapt to your specific theme effortlessly.

This module undoubtedly supports Journal Themes and indeed all kinds of themes that are built on the OpenCart framework.

6) Easily Manageable and Powerful Admin panel

Finally, this module is very powerful and easy to use with a better interface for the admin to work. The admin panel provides clear and easy-to-understand all kinds of settings that can be managed with ease by switching ON and OFF the record. So you can activate or deactivate any features as required.

selecting tax class and geo zone for cash on delivery fee in opencart


Do you have questions about this module or have any suggestions? You can create a ticket or write to us on the ticket. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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