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Sub Information Pages Sub Information Pages Sub Information Pages Sub Information Pages Sub Information Pages Sub Information Pages Sub Information Pages Sub Information Pages

Sub Information Pages

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Overview of TMD OpenCart Sub Information Page

This extension will let you show the information page links in parent-child relations. It will help a website to display the related important pages to each other in a sequential manner in the information section. In the page layout setting, you can select the module

This innovative module allows you to easily create a structured and new information page link section. Select a parent link for the page and display sub-information pages under it. You can remove the parent option to make the sub page any time.

It supports the multi-store. This module fits perfectly with various themes and is compatible with the latest version of OpenCart.

Select the Parent Information Page

This OpenCart extension automatically adds the parent selection option in the information page's Data tab. While editing the existing page or creating a new page, It lets the admin select the parent page. All the previously created information pages will automatically appear in the parent option.

Only the enabled status page will be displayed. After selecting the parent page, the current page will become a child and will be displayed accordingly.

It will be very helpful to show the related pages to customers. For example, an ecommerce website can show the "Shipment Policy" as the parent page and add all the shipment, and courier company policies as sub-pages. It will help customers know how their orders will be processed and shipped.

admin selecting parent page of information page section in opencart website

Show the page on the information list section

In the layout section of OpenCart, This extension will add a new module called "Parent sub information page". You can select it to display on any page of the website from the layout section.

Either display on the top, left, right, or bottom of the page. It will automatically display the selected position of the page. In the information page box, all the information page links will be visible, one which has the parent option selected will be displayed under that parent page. It will look like a parent-child relationship.

list of sub page shows under parent in information page section in OpenCart website

Working With Most Themes

This extension tested with most of the OpenCart themes. It will blend with your website theme's colour, style and branding. Because it will use the website CSS to display the sub-information page link.

After extensive testing across multiple themes, this module is proven to integrate smoothly, offering you peace of mind that it will adapt to your specific theme effortlessly.

Compatible With Multiple OpenCart Versions

Our module is compatible with the latest OpenCart 4x version—it also works flawlessly with 2x and 3x versions. This ensures your website stays up-to-date and functional, regardless of the OpenCart version you're on.

It uses the OCMOD for the installation. That means your website files will remain untouched while and after the module installation. All the functionality will be added to the website at the time of loading, using XML.


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