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Public Download For Product Public Download For Product Public Download For Product Public Download For Product Public Download For Product Public Download For Product

Public Download For Product

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Overview: Elevating Product Details with Easy Downloads

This extension provides administrators with a fresh approach to presenting product-related details directly on the product page. Customers now have the convenience of downloading associated files, particularly beneficial when a website is involved in selling tangible items such as air conditioners or electronic appliances.

This module introduces a new functionality on the product page, enabling administrators to Effortless management to attach files to their products that will display on the product page. Customers can download the essential details files related to the product, and proven to time-saving module for your sales team.

It enhanced customer engagement by offering a comprehensive service experience and empowering customers to access and download product attachments effortlessly.

Benefits: Enhance Your E-Commerce Experience

  • Takes file extension settings of the website while selecting and uploading the files for public download.
  • Enhance product presentation with a dedicated "Download tab", seamlessly integrated alongside other tabs on the product page.
  • Show files in the list view with a download button.
  • Attach multiple files to a single product, providing comprehensive information to your customers.
  • Enable accessibility to various file types, ensuring that your customers can easily retrieve the information they need.
  • Customers can download attached files directly from the product page, fostering convenience and user satisfaction.
  • Easy management through a user-friendly admin interface.

list of files admin uploaded on website for customer to download from OpenCart product page

Limitless File Attachments: Diversify Your Product Information

With a user-friendly interface, the admin can easily configure the settings. Enable extensive file attachment functionality for products with seamless integration into the OpenCart platform. While product editing, the admin will find a dedicated section to attach files in the product edit section called "Public Download".

The product page's front end displays all attached files, allowing customers a convenient download experience. Multiple files can be selected and linked to a single product, sourced directly from OpenCart's default file management section.

The selected files are presented in a user-friendly list view, offering administrators a familiar OpenCart admin interface to efficiently manage attachments. Adding or removing files becomes a straightforward process, enhancing the overall product management experience for administrators.

admin can select files on product edit section in OpenCart website

Instant File Access Directly on Product Page

The public file download OpenCart extension introduces a user-friendly feature that allows administrators to attach files to product pages effortlessly. A new section shows the public download file on the product page. Users can conveniently download these files without the need for an account.

The process involves a simple click on the designated download button, initiating the prompt download of the attached files. This functionality offers a list view of all files with a "Download" button attached to the product, such as PDFs, documents, and more, enhancing the presentation of product features and reviews.

customer can download public file from product page OpenCart

Tailored Download Setting: Full Admin Control

This extension takes the file management setting into account while uploading and attaching the file for the product. A. Admin can only upload those file types whose file extension matches with the extensions list present in the setting. Moreover, the admin can enable or disable the individual files. The disable files will be automatically hidden from the product page. 

Once configured, administrators gain the ability to choose only from the file extensions that have been enabled, ensuring a tailored and secure download experience for customers.

admin adding new public file for download using OpenCart public file download module

Universal Theme Compatibility: Seamless Integration with OpenCart

The public file download on the product page seamlessly integrates with OpenCart themes by utilising VQMOD and OCMOD. This extension is designed to be compatible with all OpenCart themes available, ensuring flawless functionality across a diverse range of design options.

Our team at TMD has conducted extensive testing, including popular OpenCart themes like Journal, Shoppica, Fastor, and Sellya, among others, to guarantee optimal performance. While the extension is plug-and-play for widely-used themes, custom themes may require additional configuration for seamless integration.

Key Features: Empowering Your Product Pages

  • Admins can easily attach various file types to products without any limitations.
  • Introduces a new tab on the product page for easy direct downloads, enhancing user accessibility.
  • Easily add multiple files, such as PDFs and documents, to products for showcasing features and reviews.
  • Streamlined file uploads directly from the product editing interface for convenience.
  • Admins can attach different files to multiple products, allowing users to download relevant files.
  • Enables the attachment of files to multiple products for efficient user access.

Works With Various OpenCart Versions

Public file download Works with All OpenCart Versions, Compatible with OpenCart 2x, 3x. Also, compatible with the latest version of OpenCart. It uses the OCMOD for the installation. Thus, your files will remain untouched during or after the installation process.

The functionality will be added via XML to the website. This module is optimized and loads faster which does not affect your website loading time. You will find our module always compatible with your website.


For the first 30 days following your purchase, technical and feature support is available to address any installation or custom theme issues.

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