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Overview of  Restrict Products Customer Group 

TMD Restrict Products and Categories by Customer group is an OpenCart module and extension for OpenCart store owners.

It allows the store admin to add products based on customer groups.

Product and categories are only visible to a particular selected customer group.

The Restrict Products and categories can be set for different types of groups like retailers, wholesalers, others, etc.

What is the benefit of using this module?

Whether it is a product or a customer setting up different types of groups and categories makes the handling of our store easier.

When there are a large number of product categories or products it is ideal to group these products and categories.

And the same applies to customer groups as well, creating groups you may define customers by type, by city or by category, etc. 

Grouping makes it easier to filter the products and categories without wasting unnecessary time to filter through a large number of products.

It makes navigation faster and a user is able to filter the products on the basis of customer groups defined.

This is a way to easily navigate through the filtered product under an assigned customer group and is it like segmenting your most beneficial or profitable customers.

You segment one group or the other with an appropriate category or products under a defined customer group.

So when an order is made by a specific customer group the products and categories get filtered along the way without showing unnecessary items for navigation.

And the selection of products and categories become quite easier for that specific customer group.

Features of Module

Restrict categories and products to customer groups

All Major Themes supported

Journal Theme Compatible

Handle Bulk Orders From Wholesalers Group

Easy to install and use

Enable/disable at anytime

Does not overwrite any core files


If you have any kind of question or looking for support. Please create a ticket. 

We have a  dedicated support team for free and quick support

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