Admin Branding Module 2.x

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Overview Of OpenCart Admin Branding Module

This is a modified admin theme, based on different colors select by you and apply them. Theme Options is a powerful module for OpenCart which allows the website admin to change various aspects of their theme.


  • No core file changes
  • 1. copy all files in your root folder.
  • 2. Does not overwrite any master files.

Features Of OpenCart Admin Branding Extension

  • * Provide Different Tabs in Theme Customize menu.
  • * Background color can be changed.
  • * Provide an attractive Color Picker.
  • * choose colors with the color picker tool.
  • * Text color can be changed.
  • * Background Color Can be changed from Theme Customize menu color.
  • * You can assign colors to each form, List, Text Color, and Background.
  • * You can Add footer matter from Theme Customization -> Footer Tab.
  • * Easy Installation.
  • * Fast Loading and Sleek.
  • * Free Support.
  • *No Core File Changes.


Any question suggestion is most welcome. If you have any kind of question, suggestion, or looking for support. Please create a ticket.


* Upload all file in your root
*  After copying all the files related to the module Go to Admin Panel then Go to System->Users->Users Groups select edit option of Top Administration select files in Access Permission which you are copied as well as in Modify Permission.

* Go to the extension Installer option in the menu
* Upload .ocmod files.
* Go to the Modifications menu.
* Here you see your file name.
* refresh page from refresh button that presents on top

import SQL file in your phpmyadmin(please change "oc_ "as per your prefix)

* Theme Customize ->insert -> in which have Header Tab, Menu Tab, Content Tab, Footer Tab after inserting all data save.
* Go system ->Setting-> Edit Your Store -> you will see a new color Picker tab generate.
in which Choose Theme select and save
Now you will see output all theme will apply that you select in your theme.

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