Admin Branding Module 2.x

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VQMOD Required No

License details

License type Commercial
Support Yes
Update Yes

"Admin Branding Module 2.x"


This is a modified admin theme, based on different colors select by you and apply them. Theme Options is a powerful module for OpenCart which allows the website admin to change various aspects of their theme.

No core file changes
1. copy all files in your root folder.
2. Does not overwrite any master files.


* Provide Different Tabs in Theme Customize menu.
* Background color can be changed.
* Provide an attractive Color Picker.
* choose colors with the color picker tool.
* Text color can be changed.
* Background Color Can be changed from Theme Customize menu color.
* You can assign colors to each form, List, Text Color, and Background.
* You can Add footer matter from Theme Customization -> Footer Tab.
* Easy Installation.
* Fast Loading and Sleek.
* Free Support.
*No Core File Changes.


Any question suggestion is most welcome. If you have any kind of question, suggestion, or looking for support. Please create a ticket. 


* Upload all file in your root
*  After copying all the files related to the module Go to Admin Panel then Go to System->Users->Users Groups select edit option of Top Administration select files in Access Permission which you are copied as well as in Modify Permission.

* Go to the extension Installer option in the menu
* Upload .ocmod files.
* Go to Modifications menu
* Here you see your file name
* refresh page from refresh button that presents on top

import SQL file in your phpmyadmin(please change "oc_ "as per your prefix)

* Theme Customize ->insert -> in which have Header Tab, Menu Tab, Content Tab, Footer Tab after inserting all data save.
* Go system ->Setting-> Edit Your Store -> you will see a new color Picker tab generate.
in which Choose Theme select and save
Now you will see output all theme will apply that you select in your theme.

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