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Sold Every Where

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Overview of TMD OpenCart Product Sold Quantity Everywhere Module

This extension can help to boost the product's credibility by displaying the total number of units sold for each product. It gives the flexibility to display the sold-out quantity in different ways. You can display real-time sales figures or manually adjust the sale number of individual products. Moreover, the sold quantity will automatically update as soon as the product is purchased by the customer.

By showing the sale counting, you not only showcase popularity but also boost sales conversion by building trust among your customers. This extension is compatible with the default OpenCart modules. Admin can adjust the colors of sold quantity to match with your website. It works with the latest version of OpenCart.

Easy Product Wise Setting

The dashboard offers a clear product list showcasing product names, models, and actual sales numbers. It will display all the products present on the website.

Admin can easily update the sales figures of the individual products – the revised count seamlessly integrates with the existing number, providing an aggregate sales total on the products list. Admin can show real sale count, add the number into real sale figure or minus from the real sale figure. The sold quantity will automatically adjust according to the setting.

Admin can locate products swiftly with our advanced filtering feature, especially beneficial for sites with an extensive product range. Just input the product name or model, and our "String contains the function" will match with products and list out the matching products in the result.

  • Show real sale figure
  • Add the number to the real sale figure
  • Display less sale quantity
  • User-friendly interface

admin setting sold quantity number in opencart module

Automatically Display Sold Quantity on Products

The sold quantity is displayed on products seamlessly across the website. Whether on the homepage, search results, category pages, or in grid and list views, product sold quantities are automatically updated and showcased. This enhancement is embedded within the default modules, ensuring visitors are always informed about how many units of a specific product have been sold.

This suggests that showing the number of units sold can enhance trust and belief in the product's popularity and quality. It is optimized for the best performance of the website and loading time.

opencart sold quantiity show on product list in opencart website

Write Sold Quantity Text and Update Color

Tailor the module to your site's aesthetic. Modify the display text, and adjust text and background colors to align with your brand's and website color theme. It comes with the text and background color setting. The javascript color library gives thousands of web color selections. Admin can select the text and background color according to the website theme color theme.

The color setting applies instantly on the product sold quantity text and background. Also, the Admin can write custom text which will display on the product before the sale count.

color setting of product sold quantity in OpenCart module

Default OpenCart Modules Also Support

This sold quantity extension is developed by following the OpenCart official guidelines. Our module boasts universal compatibility with all default OpenCart modules, encompassing featured items, the latest products, bestsellers, specials, and beyond.

Wherever these extensions are placed on the website, the sold-out quantity will automatically inserted in the products automatically. It is done smoothly without touching the existing content or design of the website.

Works great With Most of the OpenCart Themes

It is designed in such a way that its features are accessible for all OpenCart themes. The extension works perfectly with all themes available in the market. We have done testing with highly-sold OpenCart themes as well as well-known themes. The design is very adaptable & responsive, perfectly aligned with all kinds of devices like mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop. All our modules are plug-and-play.

OpenCart sold everywhere extension is tested with many famous themes. Journal, Shoppica, Fastor, Sellya are some names of themes. Custom themes require some additional work.

Compatible with Multiple versions of OpenCart

It stands tested across OpenCart versions 2x and 3x, ensuring robust functionality up to the latest 4x version. Rigorous unit testing guarantees flawless website performance. You will always find this extension compatible with your website.


With the utilization of OCMOD, there's zero interference with core files. All modifications are applied in real time using XML, ensuring the integrity of your original files.

Like other extensions, this module can be installed using two methods, First use the OpenCart admin's extension installer easily and simply. Or upload the module's file on your website manually via FileZilla, CutFTP other software.


If you are looking for the development or customization in your OpenCart website or theme or want to help install this extension. Just create a ticket. Our support team will help you get it done.

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