Order With Prescription

Order With Prescription

Order With Prescription

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TMD OpenCart Order With Prescription Extension Overview

The attachment with order is an essential module for businesses that sell items related to the pharmaceutical industry where it is not legal to distribute any product without a prescription.

This module shall ensure that the prescription is uploaded by a user and it will be reflected on the admin order detail and customer order list page.

Because you can restrict a particular product or a category from being processed without a prescription while placing an order by a customer. So if you are a store owner who deals in healthcare products probably this module will play a huge role in selling your products more to your customers online.

Customers Can Upload Prescription/File For Order

This module lets your customer upload the prescription in various file formats before order checkout. It is very useful when a website is selling medicine or product that needs to be written permission before purchase.

OpenCart upload file with order extension only asks customers to upload the prescription/file which is marked by admin. Also, customers won't able to proceed to make checkout without uploading the prescription or written permission to buy the product.

After placing the order, the customer can find the uploaded prescription in the account section. Admin will have the prescription attached with the order. From there admin can download and parcel the accurate product to the customer.

  • Only Upload prescription or written permission for a marked product by the admin
  • The customer won't complete the order without it.
  • Order will save the attached prescription for admin.
  • On the Prescription page, customers can find and download all the prescriptions.

customer attached prescription  with order list of  shows

 Mark The Products Must have Prescriptions/File And Accepted File Format

Attaching the products and categories is easy. Admin can add products by searching their name. And select the products from the dropdown. Likewise, adding the categories to the same. Adding categories makes all the product attached to that categories will have the upload prescription mandatory for the order.

If the customer adds the product to the cart and tries to go to checkout. They will get an error message stating that the attachment file is mandatory to proceed. This way, to complete the order, written permission is a must to upload.

Admin can enter the accepted file format extension name that customers can upload. It forces the customer to upload only the matching file format extension file. Uploading another file gives an error.

  • Add products.
  • Add categories.
  • Write (multiple) the valid file format extension name that the customer can upload.

customer attached prescription module accepted file format list setting by admin

Find The Prescription In Admin Customer Order Detail

This module takes care of order management effectively for admin. That's why modules show the uploaded prescription on two pages. First, on the order detail page. Second, order the edit section.

Admin can download the prescription from there and prepare the order accordingly. Also, it makes a record of orders that have attached prescriptions for future reference.

in case, the government, or customer demand the prescription history, the store owner can give them. This extension is a great time saver for both customers and admin.

opencart order prescription module uploaded prescription shows in admin order detail

Supports OpenCart 2.x and 3.x versions

TMD made this module work on Opencart versions 2x and 3x. It works great with the latest and older version of Opencart 2x and 3x. this module was created with OCMOD. A module can be easily installed via the upload module section in admin, on your website. Because this module uses OCMOD. Which does not overwrite core files. It also works with could-based online websites.

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