Product Inquiry Form - Ask Product Info

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Product Inquiry Form - Ask Product Info

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Overview of TMD OpenCart Product Inquiry

This extension lets the website create an inquiry form for the product. Customer can send their question regarding the products and the admin can reply to them without leaving the website. This module facilitates communication between customers and site administrators effectively.

The website can do the setting like when the product is out of stock or the price is 0, the inquiry form popup will display on the product page automatically. The administrator will receive an email containing the details of the inquiry.

You can customize the product inquiry form according to your requirements. Admin can create email template with the shortcodes for the reply to customer's inquiry. The form displays perfectly on the devices. It supports the latest version of OpenCart and is compatible with the multi-language.

product enquiry form popup dispalying in OpenCart website

Product Inquiry Form Setting in OpenCart

The admin can set the condition for the inquiry form visibility on the product page. This includes whether the product price is unset, set to 0, or when an item is out of stock. Furthermore, there's a choice to conceal or display the 'Add to Cart' button in tandem with the inquiry form's activation.

Utilizing the in-built product search, administrators can particular products to showcase the inquiry form. In contrast, it won't be present on certain other product pages.

This module also offers the three placements for the inquiry form display. Those are in the popup, right below the description section or inside the description tab. You can select the one which is most suitable for the website design and user interaction.

  • Display the form in a popup
  • With description or below the description
  • Product Selection

Customer Inquiry List With Filter

This OpenCart module saves each inquiry in the website database. In the admin panel, a complete list of customer inquiries is accessible, and admins can respond via email. It has the customer name, phone number, message and reply status along with the product information.

Whenever the admin replies to the customer inquiry, the reply status is automatically updated to yes. It informs the admin of which customer inquiry's reply is not given yet to avoid the customer loss.

A Filter having product name, customer email, customer name, etc. can be used to get the specific inquiries list and provide valuable insights into the products that generate the most inquiries.

  • Product image
  • Product name
  • Product quantity
  • Customer email
  • Customer phone number
  • Customer name
  • Message
  • Reply status

product inquries list showing in admin panel in OpenCart weebsite using inquiry form module

Direct Communication Channel

By enhancing the communication between customer and admin, a website can boost the sales graph. Admin can reply to the customer directly from the website, and the customer will get the email. This module makes the communication process Straight forward.

This feature ensures quicker and more efficient responses to customer questions or concerns, enhancing the overall shopping experience. This extension takes the customer reply email template inserts the admin reply in the email and sends it to the customer.

admin can reply to customers inquiry using tmd OpenCart product inquiry extensioin

Inquiry Form Customization:

The OpenCart product Inquiry form extension Customization options for making fields required, hidden, or visible are available. Admin can create the customer-centric inquiry form by showing or hiding individual fields. It ensures that the inquiry form remains streamlined and user-friendly for the customers.

Moreover, Admin can make the fields required or optional in the form. It is easy to fill out the form faster for your customers. The admin receives all the essential information needed to provide better services. This extension automatically shows the captcha on the form to prevent spam or bots.

inquiry form customization in OpenCart website

Create Email Templates

This extension lets the admin create the email templates using the shortcodes for the customer auto-reply to the customer - an acknowledgement email that tells their inquiry is received, and an email that will be sent to an admin about the customer's new inquiry.

Shortcodes are created to make the email content dynamic, fill the customer or website information automatically, and make communication more efficient and accurate.

Also, you can create another email template for the admin to reply to customers. It will make the admin work easier as you only have to write the inquiry message. The rest of the content will be taken from the email templates automatically.

These email templates help the admin craft personalized responses, ensuring direct and meaningful communication with the customer. Write the email template in HTML with images and videos or just text-based email, both are accepted by this extension.

Creating email templates in inquiry form using opencart module

Update Color of the Inquiry form

The OpenCart inquiry form offers color customization options. You can select the color of the form elements to match your existing theme and branding. All the colors selected by the administrator can easily added to the form's appearance. New Selected color will instantly updated to the form.

The integrated color library offers thousands of color panel integrated into this extension to provide a complete color selection. You can select any color from it. This module takes the CSS and styling from your website theme to display the form to match your branding.

Select color for inquiry form in OpenCart inquiry module

Responsive Form

Our inquiry form uses BootStrap to ensure displays perfectly across all devices. Whether your customer accesses the website from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, the form adjusts seamlessly to provide users with an effortless and consistent browsing experience.

Prioritize your customers' convenience with our universally adaptable OpenCart inquiry form.

Write Own CSS

Using our module, you're not confined to a preset design. The CSS setting lets you write CSS coding in it. It will be applied instantly. It lets you tweak the form's background, color, font, text, layout, etc. to perfectly align with your brand's or website's designs.

Modify the form design according to festivals or offers to get the attention of customers. Also, It will not touch your website file for any kind of CSS work. As the module saves everything in it. The loading time will be the same as the module applying the CSS within a fraction of a second.

admin can write css to modify OpenCart inquiry form


This OpenCart product inquiry form module allows the admin to write the product inquiry form content in the multi-language. When a customer changes the language of the website, the inquiry form also shows the content in that selected language. Customer can easily send their question or queries regarding to product.

All the installed languages in the OpenCart website will be shown in the setting. Admin can write text in all the languages. This level of linguistic customization enhances user engagement.

Working With Multiple Versions of OpenCart

TMD has ensured that this product inquiry form is fully compatible with both OpenCart 2x, 3x and 4x versions. It's built to be compatible across multiple versions of OpenCart, ensuring that regardless of whether you're using an older version or have upgraded to the latest release, our module will integrate seamlessly.

You can just download this extension from your account matching the OpenCart version to the inquiry form on your website.

Easy Installation

Installing the OpenCart inquiry form module is simple, use the 'Install-Module' section in the admin area of your website. This module operates using OCMOD, so it won't overwrite any core files. Furthermore, It Seamless integrates with the latest version of OpenCart easily.


Explore our demo or reach out to us for any inquiries on your mind. Whether you have pre-sale questions or require support, kindly submit a ticket. Our Dedicated support assistance team is here to assist you in ensuring everything runs smoothly.

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