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Product Reviews Pro

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Overview of TMD OpenCart Product Review

This extension will replace the existing review section with a professional product review that lets your customer write an informative product review. Customers can upload the photos in the review. Reward points or discount coupon codes will automatically send to the customer. Admin can restrict reviews from only those customers who purchased the product.

Admin can add the additional rating for specific things like product quality, delivery experience, customer service, etc.

A custom message will show and an email containing a thanks message send to the customer as well. This module has a professionally designed page that displays all products review with search and filter.

This OpenCart review module works with multi-language and is compatible with 2x, and 3x versions of OpenCart.

OpenCart product review overview rating, review, top reviews showing

Product Review Setting In OpenCart

Product reviews are the most important part of the sale process. This module has given full control over the review system. You can decide that only the customer who purchased the product can post the review or anyone can write. Also, you can restrict guest users from posting reviews.

You can hold the review for moderation. It will help you to remove unwanted and spam reviews to retain the quality of your website.

This OpenCart product review module lets users share the product review on social sites which they like the most. It will add extra eyeballs to your website product and promotion.

  • Approve review
  • Show top reviews selected by the admin
  • Allow or restrict guest review
  • Allow review to purchasers only?
  • Max review on a product by one customer
  • Share on social sites

Inform Customer About Review Policy

Let your customer write the review in a good manner. This review extension lets you write the policy for review. There is a WYSIWYG editor has been given that supports the HTML and text. Customers can read the policy while visiting the policy page. Also, Admin can show and hide the link of the review policy in the review section.

writing review policy so that customer must adher to this policy in order to write review on product in opencart

Give Coupon To Customer For Writing Review

You can offer the incentive to your customer by offering them a discount coupon for writing the product review. This way not only do you get the review but also boos the repeated order from existing customers. This review module will create the discount coupon code automatically based on the setting.

Enter coupon discount price in percentage or a fixed amount. Set the expiration validity, use per customer, and uses per coupon. Admin can decide whether registered or guest customers will get the coupon or both.

Select the individual products or categories on which customers will get the coupon code after writing the review. Also, the admin can set the restriction by selecting the verified purchased customer who will get the coupon.

reward and coupon setting in opencart review extension

Show Custom Review Success Message

It is necessary to show gratitude toward customers by showing a message that will show their review is important for our website. Admin can write the success message that has a title and description. It will automatically replace the default OpenCart review success message. Admin written review success message will show when the customer submits the review.

The success message can be shown in a popup or default place. The extension uses BootStrap's popup model to display the popup.

Give the Reward Points to the Customer For Each Review

The Latest feature added to this module is reward points. Now admin can configure the reward points for writing the review and rating by customers. Admin can decide the whether the reward points should be given only to those customers who purchased that product or given to all users.

It will prevent the misuse of reward points. You can activate or deactivate this feature from the setting.

Import Old Review

Customers who already left reviews before installing this extension can also be added to the new review layout. This way admin can show the old reviews as well. Navigate to the "Add Old Review" tab and select the Excel file containing old reviews. Hit the Import Review button. It will automatically import the old reviews.

Customize the Review Form And Write the Review Policy

You can customize the review form by setting which fields need to show or are required. The form will open in the popup.

Admin can activate the captcha on the review form to prevent bots and spam reviews. It will take the OpenCart default captcha setting. Google Recaptcha or a simple captcha whichever is enabled will show on the review form.

You can change the date format of published the review. You can write the review policy that must be followed by everyone who is going to write the review. The link to the review policy will automatically be shown at the bottom of the review form.

  • Show Captcha
  • Review Page Date Format
  • Reviews Limit Product Page
  • Writing review policy

  • Review Author
  • Review Title
  • Review Comment

admin customizing opencart product review form

Attach Image In OpenCart Review Extension

This setting lets you restrict the customer to upload images. You can write the mime type and file extension of the image. Whenever a customer tries to upload the image, the module will check the mime type and extension and verify the uploaded file is an image.

Set the number of images the customer can upload in the review form. You can also adjust the height and width of the preview image thumbnail and full size in the popup.

  • Attach Image
  • A maximum number of images can attach
  • Image Thumb Size on review

  • full Image Size in a popup
  • Image Extensions and Mime Types

customer uploaded images shwing in review

Add Multiple Rating Options

The admin can enable or disable the write a review button. This module lets you add an additional rating star option that helps you collect better product reviews and improve product quality, shipping, customer relation, etc.

The professional layout for the overall review consisting a graph, review and rating counting respect to rating. Circular or bar graphs are given.

The admin can select one that is more suitable for website design.

  • Create an additional rating stars option in the review form
  • Enable/disable rating
  • Show review rating
  • Show review rating count
  • Show review graph
  • Reviews graph type
  • Reviews graph bar color

Give Votes and Report Abuse Reviews to the Website

This is the most specificated review extension for the OpenCart website. Admin can decide either guest, customer or both give upvotes or downvotes for already written reviews on the product page. 

If a review is hateful or offensive, people can report that review. It will help you retain the quality and clean review system on your website. Admin can remove that review from the product page.

  • Customer, guest or both can vote on review?
  • Review helpfulness type - percentage or number
  • Enable/disable review abuse
  • Customer, guest or both can report review abuse?

opencart prdocut review like dislike button

Updating All Review Page Design Element

Each review that gets the upvote vs downvotes will show the helpful review. Select the number or percentage that shows the vote count of the helpful review.

This product review extension for OpenCart has its own page where all the product reviews are listed for better accessibility.

You can match the layout of reviews according to your website's UX/UI. Set the product image size, review the image thumbnail size, and review's image full size. Also write the review page title, date format, and number of reviews in pagination.

  • Image thumb size
  • Big image size in popup
  • Product image thumb size
  • Date format
  • Review per page limit
  • Review page title

Dispaly all products reviews on signel page in OpenCart

Promotional Items On the All Review Page

You can show the product for promotion on the OpenCart review page. Enable the promotion module, select the alignment of the product and select attributes to display. It lets you display the manufacturer, and category list too.

  • Show promotional items on the review page
  • Product name rating, price
  • Item text alignment
  • Category name
  • Manufacturer name

Automatically Send Email On Review Submission

When a customer/guest submits a review on the product, a thanks email is sent to their email address. Admin can create own email template.

It supports the WYSIWYG editor that lets admin write the HTML/CSS, or plain text-based email. Use the shortcodes to create a dynamic email template.

admin creating email template to-send customer when they submit review in opencart

Search and Filter on All Review Product Page

Customers can search for a particular product review on the all-product review page. Also, it contains a filter that will help you to find the review according to your requirement.

search and filter on opencart review

Custom CSS

This setting can use to write the CSS for the review module. Admin can write additional CSS to modify the design. The Custom CSS setting updates the CSS on the review page instantly.

Support Multi-language

This extension lets you write the multi-language text for the review page. All the active languages will display in the review module language setting.

Whenever the website changes the language, the product review module fetches the text in that language. It helps the website to serve multiple countries in their native language.

OpenCart version 3x and 2x Compatible

Our module is compatible with 2x, 3x versions of OpenCart. All the modules are easy to install via the admin extension installer or manually uploading the files of modules and installing them from the admin extension setting.

TMD developed this extension by following OpenCart guidelines and using the OCMOD. It means your website files remain untouched while and after installing the OpenCart product review extension.


If you have sale-related questions or looking for support. Please create a ticket. Our specialist will contact you as soon as possible.

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