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Product Price List Product Price List Product Price List Product Price List Product Price List Product Price List Product Price List Product Price List Product Price List Product Price List Product Price List Product Price List Product Price List Product Price List Product Price List Product Price List Product Price List Product Price List Product Price List Product Price List Product Price List Product Price List Product Price List Product Price List Product Price List Product Price List Product Price List Product Price List Product Price List

Product Price List

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Overview of TMD OpenCart Product Price List Page

This extension offers a fresh perspective for displaying product information on your website. This extension introduces a unique pagination system that showcases products along with their prices and essential details.

With this price list module, customers can conveniently view all store products on a single page, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple pages to find what they are looking for.

Feature Of Price List module

It consists of many features such as an advanced filter, and SEO-friendly url, the customer can see the bigger image of the product in the popup, the admin can manage what information should be displayed on the product list, etc. The OpenCart module provides flexibility with 12 different types of product data columns, allowing administrators to enable or disable them on the price list page based on specific requirements.

It uses AJAX technology to load and show the products so there will be no delay or page reload things happens. This module also can display product data in barcode format using the product SKU.

The ability to print the product price list in A4 page size adds an extra layer of convenience. The module is versatile having support for multi-language and multi-store functionality, providing a seamless experience for a diverse customer base.

Customer can export all the products along with their details directly from the product price list page. Thus, even after they leave your website, your customers still have your product information, increasing the chance of a sale.

It also supports multi-language and multi-store features. There are other features listed below:

  • Advanced Filtering
  • Customization Options
  • Export Price List Feature
  • Admin-Controlled Column Management
  • Image Popup for Product Display
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Ajax-Based Price List Processing
  • Easy Admin Settings
  • SEO-Friendly Design
  • Theme Compatibility
  • Support for All OpenCart Versions
  • Multi-Store Functionality

Advanced Filter for Product Price List

This OpenCart product price list filter is a time-saving tool for customers. Offering a comprehensive array of filter options, customers can easily refine their product searches based on various attributes and in-stock availability.

The flexibility of this filter extends to the admin's hands, allowing them to choose the optimal placement on the page. Whether it's positioned at the top, bottom, left, or right, the filter seamlessly integrates with the page layout, providing customers with a convenient and accessible means to explore all store products.

Customizable Placement: Admins can easily determine where the filter appears on the page, offering flexibility in design and layout.

Attribute-Based Filtering: Customers can refine searches based on product attributes, ensuring a targeted and efficient shopping experience.

Highlighted Filters: The filter not only simplifies product searches but also enhances the visibility of configurable filters.

Improved User Experience: By streamlining the search process, this extension not only boosts immediate sales but also encourages repeat visits, contributing to long-term customer loyalty.

product search and filter in product price list page in OpenCart

Easy Customization

The OpenCart product price list module helps you with easy customization options, ensuring a personalized touch to your product list. You will get a range of features that allow you to tweak the layout settings.

There is a setting which lets you write the custom text when the product price is zero. Admins have the control to set the number of products displayed per page, facilitating easier navigation and a cleaner layout for customers. Adjust the height and width of product images to ensure they fit perfectly with your site's design.

Tailor the dimensions of popup images for a more engaging user experience. This allows for detailed product views without overwhelming the main page layout.

Write the SEO-friendly url in the url section. It will be the page url of the price list page. The SEO-friendly url not only boosts the visibility in search ranking but is also easy to remember for the customer.

Powered by clear and concise documentation, the OpenCart product price list module will be handy to easily configure and do the settings as per your requirements.

  • Limit the product count display on the Price list page
  • Write custom text when the product price is zero
  • Product Image Height and Width
  • Popup image height and width

main setting section of product price list page OpenCart module

Product information control

This extension has given full control of product information displayed on the product price list page. It comes with a powerful feature that ensures that each product listing is tailored to the specific needs and preferences of your store.

You decide which product information like name, image, model, price, rating, quantity, manufacturer name, etc need to be shown. All these data columns can easily show or hide through a toggle. It comes with an auto-generated barcode option. It can be displayed on the product price list page.

The add to cart button remains active until the admin hides it from the setting.

Adjust which elements appear in the product listings to cater to your target audience's preferences and your store's strategy. By controlling the visibility of different product details, you create a more streamlined and focused shopping experience.

  • Product Image
  • Product Name
  • Model Number
  • Price
  • Rating
  • Quantity Available
  • Date Added
  • Manufacturer Name
  • Barcode Display
  • Action Buttons (such as 'Add to Cart')

product price list page in OpenCart wbsite

Decide Who Can See the Product List Page

It includes a feature that allows administrators to control access to the Product list page based on customer experience. It can help you make your product list an exclusive feature for registered members or an open catalogue for all visitors, this feature enhances your control over the user experience on your OpenCart store.

All Users: Select this option if you want the product price list page to be visible to all the people who come to your website. It can be used to maximize the exposure of the products to all kinds of visitors and customers.

Logged-in Users Only: Choose this setting, if you like to list the product only for your customers. This will be useful for that store that wishes to give exclusive products as part of a loyalty program, member-only, limited offer, etc. This module will first check whether the customer has logged into their account or not. If they are logged in, then only they will be able to see the product list page.

Non-Logged-in Users: This setting gives a feature to display the page only to visitors and non-logged-in users. The store can use this setting to grab the attention of customers and let them create an account on your website.

  • Everyone
  • Logged-in user
  • Without login

Update Color Scheme

You can adjust the color scheme and allowing to align the appearance of the page with the website's overall design. It lets you update the background, text color, box, border color, button text and background color, hover colors, etc from the module setting.

Color is applied instantly to all the elements present on the page. You can check the color changes in real time. These settings are saved in the module only. It also makes sure that the price list page visually matches your brand identity.

These customization options not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your products but also contribute to a more intuitive and user-friendly browsing experience.

color scheme management for OpenCart product price list page

Multi-store selection

It also supports the multi-store feature. You will be shown all the stores. Just select those stores where you want to show the product price list page. All the settings will be automatically to selected stores.

This essential feature allows you to manage product price lists across different stores from a single admin panel.

multi store selection for product price list page in opencart modle

Seamless Multi-Language Integration

We prioritize our customers’s customers, and our modules and themes reflect that commitment by being fully compatible with multiple languages. If your website operates in a language other than English, our module supports multi-language functionality.

Admins can effortlessly input label text in various languages, and when customers switch languages on the front end, the module seamlessly displays the selected language's label text.

Enter label text in multiple languages for a website that satisfies diverse linguistic preferences.

Supported multiple Versions of OpenCart

Compatibility with OpenCart Versions: This module is designed to work seamlessly with both OpenCart 2x and 3x versions, ensuring flexibility for various website setups. The module can be easily installed through the admin's upload module section without overwriting core files, preserving the integrity of your website.

Cloud Compatibility: OpenCart product price list extension seamlessly integrates with cloud platforms for enhanced accessibility and performance.


Simplifies the installation process. Our comprehensive guide helps you through every step, making it easy to tailor the extension to your preferences.

Your website remains untouched during the installation process, preserving all existing functionalities. TMD's commitment to a hassle-free experience is evident in our plug-and-play approach – install the module, and you're ready to use it immediately.


For any pre-sale inquiries or assistance with support, simply create a ticket, and our team will guide you through the process to ensure smooth functionality.

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