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Overview of TMD OpenCart Live Chat

This module can be used to offer the live chat service to your customers right from your website. All the chat history will be stored on your website which will save you a lot of money every month. The admin can make the existing or new users as agents, and assign them to the departments.

It allows the admin to set up agents who can attend to customers in real-time, divided by departments for better efficiency. Elevate your brand by offering real-time assistance to visitors right from their chosen department.

It comes with a complete feature like any other chat service including, an agent list, and department list, The admin can view agent-customer chat in real-time, admin can join customer and agent conversations, chat history, offline messages, etc.

This live chat extension is compatible with the latest version of OpenCart and works great the most of the themes.

Create Departments For Chat Agents

You can take the customer experience up a notch by organizing your support staff into specialized departments. This way, visitors can directly reach the experts they need. The admin can configure multiple departments, which will be displayed in the chatbox for customer convenience.

It will not only make support more organized but also help to resolve the queries of the customer at a faster rate. You even have the flexibility to disable departments as per your operational needs.

There is a comprehensive list of departments present with several agents to specific departments, names, and status fields given.

adminc created department list showing in website using live chat opencart extension

Assigning Users as Agents

The live chat extension allows existing OpenCart users to be converted into chat agents. The Admin can turn existing users into specialized chat agents effortlessly, and assign them to one or more departments. The admin can enable or disable the account anytime by changing the account status to disable or delete the agent account.

Admin can easily find the agent list along with agent name, email, department, sort order, status, and action – delete and modify. It will automatically sync when there is a new agent added or agent information updated.

live chat agents list in opencart extension

Agent-Specific Dashboards

All your agents are equipped with a personalized dashboard, so they're always prepared to engage effectively with visitors. Agents can login into their accounts using the access provided by the admin. The agents can see a real-time list of visitors who have initiated or are waiting for a chat conversation.

Here, the agent can see the incoming chat requests, previous chat list and history, missed chat count, etc. According to the selected department by the visitor, the module will forward the chat request to those agents who are assigned to that department.

agent dashboard live chat opencart module

Support the Multimedia Files In The Chat

The OpenCart Live Chat Extension can handle more than just text-based conversation. Agents and customers can exchange a variety of multimedia files—such as images, videos, audio files, and even document types like PDFs — directly within the chat window. All the files will be stored on your website.

It can enhance the effectiveness of customer and sales service which contributes to higher customer satisfaction and potentially leads to increased sales.

Real-Time Admin Monitoring

All the chat happening between agents and customers is visible to the admin. It provides several benefits for both customer service quality control and data analytics in terms of online business.

Website admin can monitor the real-time monitoring conversation and ensure the customer interactions are meeting the company's service standards, agent response time, customer satisfaction levels, and the types of queries being handled.

admin can view chat happening between agent list and also can jointheme in live chat opencart

Admin can join Conversation between Agent and Customers

While monitoring the conversation between customer and agent, the admin can join the chat and help the agent to provide immediate feedback, or even step into a chat to resolve complex issues directly.

It will make the chat service more effective for customers and agents. Customers will get the solution instantly and agents will improve their skills constantly.

Offline Message

An automated message system is in place to respond to customers when no agents are available. This ensures a consistent customer service experience. When there is no agent online, visitors will see the message in the chat window. Admin can write the custom message that will be shown to visitors.

Visitor's messages will be saved on the website. When admin login again, can see the list of the messages sent by customers as offline messages.

Chat History

This OpenCart live chat extension tracks every chat happening between agent customer and admin. A chat history is maintained by the module. It contains the visitor ID/name, visitor email ID, agent name, and department fields in the list view.

It can be used to analyse the improvement area in customer and sale services, agent behaviour, product quality, MIS report for decision making, and other important things which will ultimately help you to provide the best quality of products and services.

chat history list in opencart website using live chat extension

Chat Widget Permanently Positioned at Bottom-Right of Browse Screen

The chat extension is developed in such a way that it will always placed at the right-bottom browser when a visitor opens the website. In desktop, mobile or tab in all the devices, the chat widget will be placed at the screen right-bottom.

Because of its sticky feature, the chat widget maintains its position even as visitors scroll up or down the page, ensuring it's always easily accessible for immediate support.

live chat widget showing on left bottom of browser screen in desktop in opencart website

Working various OpenCart themes Themes

You can install and use that extension without it conflicting with or breaking any of the design elements in the themes you might choose to use. We have checked with various themes available in the market. Sellya, Shoppica, Faster, Journal, Sellegance, e-Market, Bigshop, and SimpleGreat are the names of a few OpenCart themes.

The product customer group price extension updates the price of the product smoothly. You will get seamless integration with most of the themes.

Compatible With Multiple Versions of OpenCart

This live chat module uses OCMOD for the development and installation. That's why it is compatible with the older versions 2x, 3x and the latest 4x version. You can follow the default OpenCart installation process to get this extension on your website working. Your website files remain untouched during and after the installation.

Various test has been done to ensure the quality of this extension. You can find the online documentation for the setup of live chat on your website.


If you want to do any kind of module, or theme development work on your website or just looking for help in module installation or setup. Please create a ticket. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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