User Groups Permission

User Groups Permission

User Groups Permission

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What Is A OpenCart User Group Permission Module?

OpenCart systems by default provide a limited amount of user roles and responsibilities. So TMD OpenCart user group and permission is designed with the aim of securing user roles tightly into the OpenCart system

The user group permission module allows you to differentiate user roles and permissions on your store. So this module can be integrated into the OpenCart system by Admin to create specific roles for all users in the store.

And assign each role the permission to add, modify, view, or delete a specific master or a transaction on the store. Not all users are the same, which means a salesman or a billing operator is concerned only with billing, a store manager is concerned with the overall stock operation and creating items on the store.

Similarly, an administrator is concerned with assigning rights and privileges to user types and viewing all MIS report on the store to ensure data security, safety, and privacy.

Creating a User Group Type :

Creating a user group type is a simple process in TMD user group permission module

Open the form User group permission module and choose the user group name.

After choosing the user group name simply assign all the rights and prev-ledges that are required for that user group.

Types of OpenCart User Group Permission:

The authorization given to users that enables them to access specific resources on the system such as edit, delete or modify a master or a transaction generally defines a kind of permission.

The permissions are made to data that can be viewed (read-only) or can be updated (read/write).

And TMD user group permission extensions are based on the level of reading/write permission for each and every transaction process in the store.

These are defined as the access permission, modify permissions, permission add, permission edit, and permission delete.


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