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OpenCart Testimonial Extension

It is a powerful module designed to help showcase customer testimonials in a sleek and professional manner. Let your customer write the testimonial on your website. Admin can approve, reject, or delete the testimonial.

This extension comes with a dedicated page that displays all the customer's testimonials in Listview and you can also show a rotating testimonial slider on any page on the OpenCart website.

Also, this Customer testimonial extension is compatible with multi-language and works with the latest stable OpenCart version. Testimonial helps to build trust with new customers. Ultimately boosts the website's credibility and sales.

Setup Testimonials On OpenCart Website

Testimonial extension offers a user-friendly setup process that enables store owners to display them with ease. The admin will be able to choose from a range of background images, text colours, and customer photo sizes to create a testimonial section that perfectly complements the branding.

Admin is also able to select the number of testimonials to be displayed on the page.

  • 1. Background image
  • 2. BG image width/height
  • 3. Heading color
  • 4. Name text color
  • 5. Description of color
  • 6. View button background color
  • 7. View button hover background color
  • 8. View button hover text color
  • 9. Next/prev buttons color
  • 10. Next/prev buttons background
  • 11. Box background color

List All Testimonials on a Single Page

This module comes with a page where all the customer testimonials display. Customer photo, name, testimonial, and star rating will be listed. The layout is user-friendly and organized manner, making it easy for the customers to navigate and read through.

Numeric pagination will automatically be added when testimonial counts are above 20.

All Testimonial showing on a single page in OpenCart

Add Testimonials Slider Anywhere on the website

Opencart Testimonial offers the flexibility to add testimonials anywhere on the website, including the left, right, top, and bottom sections of the page.

All you need to go to layout setting → Edit the page → Choose the location → Select the testimonial from the drop-down → Save the layout.

Now go to that page in the front end as a visitor. You will see the testimonial slider present on that page. The slider will take the setting from the slider setting section of the module.

This feature lets the admin showcase the customer reviews in a way that best suits the website's design and layout. Admin will easily customize the position and display style of the testimonials.

adding testimonail in existing page in opencart

Powerful Testimonial Slider

Opencart product testimonial module’s built-in testimonial slider is powered by the popular Owl Carousel, which supports touch swipe for smartphone devices.

This slider allows the website to showcase customer reviews in a dynamic and eye-catching way, creating a powerful first impression for the visitors.

customer testimonial slider in opencart

Effortlessly Collect Customer Testimonials

Opencart Testimonial lets existing customers submit their testimonials directly on the website. This module has an in-built form that consists of a name, photo selection, a textbox for testimonials, rating stars, etc.

Whenever a customer submits their testimonial, it will appear before the admin for moderation. Admin will decide whether the customer's testimonial will accept and display, reject or delete.

This feature helps admins gather more reviews but also encourages customer engagement and loyalty. The module allows us to easily moderate the testimonials submitted by the customers.

customer testimonial submition form

Responsive Design for Seamless User Experience

The Testimonial Opencart module is designed with a responsive layout that adapts to any screen size, ensuring a seamless user experience for the audience. Whether they're accessing the website from their desktop, laptop, tabs or mobile device, the customer testimonials will look stunning and professional.

Multi-Language Support for Global Reach

Another feature of OpenCart's customer testimonial extension is that it supports multiple languages, making it easier for international audiences to read and submit testimonials in their native language. This feature enables store owners to reach a wider audience and build trust with customers from around the world.

Easy And Fast Installation

This module does not overwrite any core files of a website, ensuring a clean and secure installation process for the store. It uses the OCMOD for installation that creates XML files. It does not touch the website files.

The installation can be done using both methods. From the admin extension installer and upload module's files through FTP and Cpanel.

It is used on the cloud version to give the best performance. Testing has been done using the unit test to give quality work.

Working With OpenCart 2.x and 3.x Versions

Opencart Testimonial is compatible with both Opencart 2.x and 3.x versions. This feature ensures that store owners install and use the module on their Opencart store easily, regardless of the version running. Whether the sellers are using an older version of Opencart or the latest one.


If you have any kind of questions or looking for support. Please create a ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's understand the extension functionalities in question-and-answer form.

How to install Testimonial in OpenCart

1. The first method is to copy all the module files and upload the website using FileZilla or cPanel. You have to be very careful while uploading the files and make sure the files are placed in the correct location as per the documentation.

2. The second method, login to log in to the website admin. Navigate to Extension → Installer. Now uploading the extension zip file will automatically extract the files on the server. You will get the success message

3. Head over to Extension → Modules. Find the TMD OpenCart Testimonial Module and click on the green-colored [+] button to install the module. Now the module is ready to use.

How do I add testimonials in OpenCart?

Existing customers can write feedback on the testimonial page. According to the setting of the testimonial, either the testimonial will automatically approve or hold to approve disapprove by the admin. Approved testimonials will show on the testimonial page of the website. Admin can also submit the testimonial taken over the phone or email from customers.

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