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  • Product Reviews allows you to Collect Customer Reviews for your Products That Increase Your Store Sales. Because Product reviews help to build a sense of community For Customer Requirement, Before Purchase Most of People Check Product Rating. Product Review Module offers a lot of great features. For This extension we Built a Powerful and Fully Controlled Admin panel That is Fully Customize. This Module Allow users to upload an image with their reviews. Product Reviews Will Show in front With Filter Feature Like High Rated Reviews, Recent Review, Oldest Review and Low Rated Reviews With this Customers can check Reviews Easily. It Showing Latest Reviews You can Enable Latest Reviews AnyWhere Of Your Store. 

Installation of Product Review Module 2.3.x_3.x.x

    • Step 1: Zip Extract
      Step 2: One Folder
      Step 3:
      Upload these folder by ftp correct location for example (admin to admin , catalog to catalog , image to image , system to system) (no core file effect)
      Step 4
      Go To Admin Panel > Extensions > Modifications > Click On Refresh Button
      Step 5:
      Go To Admin Panel > Extensions > Extensions > Select Module > Click On Tmdlatestreview Green Install Button
      Step 6:
      Go To Admin Panel > System > Users > User Groups > Click On Select All Then Save It

      Step 7: All Product Review Menus
      Step 8:
      Add Button:
      General Tab:
      Setting Tab:
      Rating Type List:
      Rating Type Filter:
      Step 9:
      Add Button:
      General Tab:
      Review Abuse Tab:
      Product Review List:
      Product Review Filter:
      Step 10:
      Review Invite First Save Template and Then Send Email:
      Step 11:

      Step 12:
      Add Button:
      General Tab:
      Setting Tab:
      Step 13:
      General Tab > Review Setting:
      General Tab > Review Form:
      General Tab > Review Attach Image:
      General Tab > Review Rating:
      General Tab > Review Vote:
      General Tab > Review Abuse:
      General Tab > Review Page:
      General Tab > Review Search & Filter:
      General Tab > Review Coupon:
      General Tab > Review Reward Points:
      General Tab > Review Success Message:
      Page Info Tab > Shortcut Pop-up:
      Email Notification Tab > Author Email:
      Email Notification Tab > Shortcut Pop-up:
      Email Notification Tab > Admin Email:
      Email Notification Tab > Promo:
      Step 14:

      Edit Tmd Latest Review
      Tmd Latest Review > General Tab
      Tmd Latest Review > Setting Tab
      Step 15:
      Edit Home And Select Module In Content Bottom
      Homepage > Click Any Product
      Single Product Review
      All Reviews
      Product Page Review
      Review Report
      Go To Admin Panel> Product Review > Tmd Product Review > Review-abuse
      Click Write a Product Review Button
      Review Form Pop-up


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