Cookie Policy (1.5.x ,2.x & 3.x,4.x)

Cookie Policy (1.5.x ,2.x & 3.x,4.x) Cookie Policy (1.5.x ,2.x & 3.x,4.x) Cookie Policy (1.5.x ,2.x & 3.x,4.x) Cookie Policy (1.5.x ,2.x & 3.x,4.x) Cookie Policy (1.5.x ,2.x & 3.x,4.x) Cookie Policy (1.5.x ,2.x & 3.x,4.x) Cookie Policy (1.5.x ,2.x & 3.x,4.x) Cookie Policy (1.5.x ,2.x & 3.x,4.x) Cookie Policy (1.5.x ,2.x & 3.x,4.x) Cookie Policy (1.5.x ,2.x & 3.x,4.x) Cookie Policy (1.5.x ,2.x & 3.x,4.x)

Cookie Policy (1.5.x ,2.x & 3.x,4.x)

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Overview of TMD OpenCart Cookies Policy

It is an essential tool for e-commerce website owners. This module seamlessly integrates into your site, offering a comprehensive solution for cookie policy management.

This extension will let you show the cookie policy consent message on the website to make people aware of how and why cookies are important to give them a better user experience. You can display it on the top or bottom of the page. Also, it helps you to comply with your website's GDPR rules.

This cookies policy module has color selection to match your brand and the admin can write the text in multiple languages.

You can elevate your website's cookies policy with this cookies extension. It is more than a compliance tool; it's an opportunity to refine your website's user experience and align with best practices in e-commerce.

This cookies policy extension is working with multi-language and the latest version of OpenCart.

cookies- policy consent displaying on OpenCart website using cookies policy extension

Write The Cookies Policy Consent Text In Multi-language

This extension has a WYSIWYG editor which lets the admin write the text in HTML and simple text format. You can also add an image or icon to make it more effective. All the active language having their country flag will appear automatically.

The admin can write the policy consent text in the respective language tabs. Users or customers will see the cookie policy consent information in their selected langauge. You can add the policy page link in the message. So that people can navigate to read how cookies can be used and placed on their device browser.

writing text for cookies policy and button text in multi-language in cookies policy OpenCart extension

Enhanced Position Setting for Cookie Alerts

Maximize visibility and compliance with our adjustable cookie alert positioning. The admin can show the cookies alert on the two places either on the top or the bottom of the website. Position these alerts strategically on your webpage to maintain user engagement while complying with privacy regulations.

Choose the optimal location for these alerts to ensure they are noticeable without disrupting the user experience. The cookies alert will display on the website page on the selected position.

Positions to show Cookies consent alert

  • Top
  • Bottom

Optimized Cookie Consent Presentation with Customizable Color Themes

With the advanced color selection setting, the admin can make the cookies consent message the perfect hues to match your website's theme, ensuring a cohesive and professional look. You can easily modify the text, background colors, button text, hover effects and more to enhance the user interface. The updated color will be applied instantly.

This feature not only enhances visual appeal but also contributes to an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

color selection for cookies policy in opencart module

Display On Website

The cookies consent alert will display on every page of the website and keep showing even when users navigate from one page to another. It automatically adjusts its placement and keeps showing above all elements on the selected position even if the user scrolls.

With optimized loading speed, the alert shows as soon as the website loads completed. It takes only seconds to take the setting from the module and apply it to the cookies consent alert box.

Drive Sales and Build Trust

By clearly communicating your cookie policy, you not only comply with legal requirements but also build trust with your customers. This transparency in data handling can significantly enhance customer confidence, contributing to increased sales and loyalty.

Embrace this extension to stay ahead in a competitive online marketplace, where user trust and efficient site management are key to success.

Seamless Integration with OpenCart Themes

This cookies policy consent alert module is tested across various themes, including popular ones like Journal, Shoppica, Fastor, and Sellya, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

This thorough testing guarantees seamless integration, offering you peace of mind and a smooth user experience.

Compatible with Multiple OpenCart versions

Our module is meticulously crafted to align perfectly with various OpenCart versions. Whether you're using the latest OpenCart 4x or older versions 2x and 3x, this module integrates effortlessly. We have done the unit test to make sure functionality should work on your website.

Thus you will find our module compatible with your website's OpenCart version.

Effortless Installation

Experience a hassle-free setup with a safe and secure installation process. It uses the OCMOD. Install with confidence, there will be no core file alterations to your existing website setup.

Functionality like cookies consent message will be added via XML when the website loads completed on the browser. You can follow the online documentation for the installation and setting of this extension.


Get in touch with us for a demo, or if you have any questions or want to develop a module or customization in your website. Please create the ticket. Our team is ready to assist you.

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