All In One Tab Module  (2.x & 3.x 4.x)

All In One Tab Module  (2.x & 3.x 4.x) All In One Tab Module  (2.x & 3.x 4.x) All In One Tab Module  (2.x & 3.x 4.x) All In One Tab Module  (2.x & 3.x 4.x) All In One Tab Module  (2.x & 3.x 4.x)

All In One Tab Module (2.x & 3.x 4.x)

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Overview Of OpenCart All-In-One Product Tab Extension

This module allows you to display all products in the form of tabs to draw more attention to visiting users.

Admin can show multiple tabs of default module products in one place. There are set which let the admin give the different names of the tab. Moreover, Admin can give the main title that will show above all tabs. It offers 4 types of layouts to show tabs with products.

Configure The All In One Tab From The Admin

It consists of many setting that makes all tabs module part of the existing theme. Product image height and width size are manageable. Also, let you decide how many products will show in tabs.

By default, 4 tabs show these are a feature, latest, bestseller, and special module present in these modules. In the feature tab, the admin can select products as usual. Admin can enter the title of the tab that will show on the front end. In other tabs in the same setting, products will be taken from respected modules. OpenCart all in one tabs module shows in different modules products in a single tab layout as mobile apps have.

This extension has 4 kinds of layouts, the admin can select one from them. These layouts are Tab+Crousal, Vertical+Crousal, Tab, and Vertical/Normal. Tab+Crousal has a horizontal scrollbar of products. In the Vertical+Crousal layout, products show vertical with carousal.

  • It Shows 4 modules in the tab layout.
  • Limit of products to show.
  • Tab title.
  • Product image height and width.
  • The status enables and disables the tab.

  • Main Heading of Tab10.
  • Tab+Crousal.
  • Vertical+Crousal.
  • Tab.
  • Vertical/Normal.

Admin setting of  OpenCart all ine one tab module to show how the tabs showed on front end

Working Perfectly With Multi-Language

TMD always cares about customers and clients. That is why all modules and themes created multi-language compatibility. If your website uses non-English language.

If your websites have multi-language and people use them. Then the extension will show product information in the same languages. When customer change language on the front end, the module also show selected language product search result. It works seamlessly with multi-languages.

Support All OpenCart Theme

TMD creates modules by taking care of compatible themes available in the market. It is tested with many famous themes. Some of them are Journal, Shoppica, Fastor, Sellya. A new section will be added to the website admin section. it uses the default theme CSS to display fields.

You especially made a theme for your website or did many customizations to an existing theme. Our module will still work. OpenCart an in-one-tab extension shows default multiple modules products in tabs. Exclusively made for the OpenCart framework this module is error-free and we have the best support for implementing the module for your store.

Supports OpenCart 2.x and 3.x versions

TMD made this module work on OpenCart versions 2x and 3x versions. A module can be easily installed via the upload module section in admin, on your website. Because this module uses OCMOD. Which does not overwrite core files. It also works with could based online websites.

Your website remains untouched. All your work will work after the installation TMD module.

Our all modules, extension, and themes are plug-and-play. Just install and you are ready to use them right away.


Check out our demo or write to us with any query you just have in your mind. Got pre-sale questions or have questions about support? Please create a ticket. We will help you to get it working.

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