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TMD OpenCart Mega Menu Advance Header Module

Mega Menu is a multi-column version of the standard menus seen on every website. however, the mega menu allows you to include multi-column drop-down menus in your navigation menu. Admin can add a simple menu as well as media assets like product images or banners and videos.

It may also turn your normal menu bar into a multi-column display that adds elegance and beauty to your OpenCart website. On the mega menu, a consumer may see a lot of information, such as sale goods, offers, and discounts, as well as a number of categories and sub-categories, i.e. a multi-level menu connected to your store's products.

8 Types Of OpenCart Mega Menus Admin Can Create With This Module

TMD OpenCart mega menu allows admin to modify banners, color, text size, and multi-language support for your e-commerce website. It is also completely responsive and user-friendly when it comes to website interactivity.

With our module, the admin may design any type of mega menu, from photos to videos to a list of categories. You may also display goods that include a title and a price. This will allow the admin to become more familiar with freshly introduced items.

By showing the menu in the columns, the admin may display items, categories, videos, images, and banners in an attractive and flexible way. It makes it possible to display several columns as well as a single-column menu. We've compiled a list of several mega menus that you may use on your website.

  • Show Products
  • Single and Multiple columns and rows
  • Categories and Sub Categories
  • Videos

  • Images
  • Manufacturer List
  • Information Pages
  • Static content

Mega Menu Configuration in OpenCart

The Mega Menu may be customized by the shop owner to meet their specific needs. Admin has control over what is displayed. Add rows to your categories, items, and information pages. You may also choose dropdown menus in the setup.

The module is ready to use once you've entered all of these details. Menus that you choose when customizing will be shown to your customer. You may also choose colors from a variety of patterns and backgrounds.

Choose the best fit for your current website theme. It will look fantastic on the webpage.

  1. Pre-built multiple color pattern for mega menu
  2. Select background color.

opencart mega menu color and background setting

 Multilingual Capability

OpenCart mega menu module works with a variety of languages. Menu settings will have options to add text based on the language installed on the website. You will be given language-specific choices for entering menu names and other information.

The language picked by the user will be shown in the menu text on the website. Whether your website has more than two languages or simply one, the module will operate well.

Replace Default Menus With Mega Menus Automatically

This extension includes useful features such as auto-switching from OpenCart's normal menu to mega menus. Your website will have a big menu after enabling the mega menu from the settings.

The website does not need to do anything special in order to get back to the default menus of opencart. Just a simple setting will do magic. Mega menus are completely responsive in this sense. On all displays, including mobile, tablet, and computer, the website and menus will appear fantastic. On the giant menu, place a widget such as a banner, picture, video, product, and so on.

opencart mega menu display

Works OpenCart 2.x And 3.x Versions Work Perfectly

Versions 2.x and 3.x of the OpenCart mega menu extension was tested. Multiple themes were also tested. Whatever version of opencart your website utilizes. The module was designed to be plug-and-play. 

After the module has been installed on the website. You may now see the mega menu and begin admin setup. Menus in the admin panel have a basic user interface. On the mega menu, a consumer may see a lot of information, such as sale goods, offers, and discounts, as well as a number of categories and sub-categories.

It is a multi-level menu connected to your store's products.

Installation Takes Only A Few Clicks

  1. Copy Files for Simple Installation
  2. All files in your root folder should be copied.
  3. The core files of OpenCart will not be overwritten.
  4. That's everything. It is now ready for usage.


Got a pre-sale question or have a question about support. Please create a ticket. We will help you to get it working.

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