Mega Menu 2.x.x , 3.x & 4.x

Mega Menu 2.x.x , 3.x & 4.x Mega Menu 2.x.x , 3.x & 4.x Mega Menu 2.x.x , 3.x & 4.x Mega Menu 2.x.x , 3.x & 4.x Mega Menu 2.x.x , 3.x & 4.x Mega Menu 2.x.x , 3.x & 4.x Mega Menu 2.x.x , 3.x & 4.x Mega Menu 2.x.x , 3.x & 4.x Mega Menu 2.x.x , 3.x & 4.x Mega Menu 2.x.x , 3.x & 4.x Mega Menu 2.x.x , 3.x & 4.x Mega Menu 2.x.x , 3.x & 4.x Mega Menu 2.x.x , 3.x & 4.x Mega Menu 2.x.x , 3.x & 4.x Mega Menu 2.x.x , 3.x & 4.x

Mega Menu 2.x.x , 3.x & 4.x

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License details

License type Commercial
Support yes
Update yes

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Overview of TMD OpenCart Mega Menu

The mega menu can display content in multi-column and rows. The admin can update the color and select the layout of elements while creating the menu according to your website theme for a seamless look and feel.

This module creates a responsive design for the mega menu that ensures the best user-friendly experience regardless of the devices they are using. The OpenCart Mega Menu module makes the admin match the menu with your brand so that your user will have an intuitive navigation experience throughout the website.

It comes with pre-designed layouts, colors selection, fonts, and font-awesome icons selection to create a menu that perfectly complements your website's style. Your OpenCart Website can take advantage of displaying a lot of information in the menu. It supports multi-language and is compatible with lower and latest OpenCart versions.

8 Types of Menu Designs Available

This module offers eight unique layouts for the mega menu. You can feature the latest or best products, promotional offers, videos, images, custom links, add information pages, etc. The menu will automatically create rows and columns to show products and categories.

The layout always takes the setting done by the admin to adjust its menus. The complete list of menu types is as follows:

  • Show Products
  • Single and Multiple columns and rows
  • Categories and Sub Categories
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Manufacturer List
  • Information Pages
  • Static content

Automatic Replace the Existing Menu

By changing the status of the mega menu to enable. The current menu will automatically be replaced with the newly created Mega Menu by the module. Users will see the mega header on the website instead of the menu that comes with the OpenCart theme.

You do not need to worry about the transition from the old menu to the big menu. Everything will handle by the module. if you want to get the old menu back just change the status to disable or disable the module from the extension list.

Creating New Menu

The admin can customize every single menu style and design. Creating a menu with this module is straightforward. Enter the title of a menu in multi-language, enable the icon, select the background color or pattern, enter the column count, and set the sort order. You can allow the sub-menu and title of the sub-menu.

The module also supports multi-store. You can create a seperate menu for each store for better management.

  • Menu name
  • Multiple styles of sub-menu > Each menu has its own style.
  • Disable/delete
  • Style > columns number, sort order,
  • Open in a new tab, multi-store, enable icon, enable sub-category title,
  • Select the background

creating menu in opencart using mega menu module

Select What to Show In Sub Menu

Admin can display anything inside the menu. Choose what to show in the sub-menu from a wide range of options including categories, information, manufacturer lists, products, editor, and more.

You can even write the HTML content to display the information instead of a list of links in the sub-menu. You can also add the custom links in the sub-menu. Write the title, and add the link. Hit the add new button to add the new custom link.

  • Category
  • Information
  • Manufacturer
  • Product
  • Custom link
  • Editor

Color Management

By default, this header menu module takes your website theme's color scheme. It uses the JavaScript color library that let the admin select the color from the more than 1 hundred thousand color codes.

You can adjust colors for the header, dropdowns, hover effects, links, buttons, single columns backgrounds, main menus, and more.

This module gives you the option to update the color of every single element in the menu. You can always match the mega menu with your website color theme.

  • Header, dropdown
  • Link, hover
  • Button background
  • Single columns background
  • Main menu color and 10 other elements
  • .... ....... ...... ....

color selection option for mega menu elements in opencart website


This OpenCart mega menu module comes with the primary setting that let you configure the custom menu and header according to your brand. It lets the admin control the number of categories and products displayed, set the image size, choose whether to expand the menu, adjust the font weight, show product count, and set text size for the main menu and sub-menu.

It takes only a fraction of a second to load the setting and display the menu. The module will always check the settings before creating the menu layout.

  • Category, product limit count
  • Image size for both
  • Expand menu > yes / No
  • Font weight
  • Show product count
  • Main menu and sub menu text size

main setting of menu OpenCart module


The OpenCart mega menu extension layout generated by this module is a very responsive design. It automatically adjusts its layout according to the display screen size. The menu is easy to access on every device. Row and columns will be automatically divided to show the products and categories, information page link, custom content written by admin, etc. according to screen size. On the mobile, it shows the vertical menu.

mega menu displaying on desktop and mobile in OpenCart website


This module supports the multi-language. When you user changes the language of the website then the menu also takes the text from the selected language. Admin can see all the active language has its own tabs where admin can write the menu and sub menu title and other details.

Targeting the international audience become easier and they will always read the content in their langauge which will increase the sale graph.

Almost all OpenCart Themes supports

After testing with lots of OpenCart themes, The mega menu extension supports the most of themes available in the market. Some theme names are Sellya, Shoppica, Faster, Journal, Sellegance, e-Market, Bigshop, and SimpleGreat.

The module takes the text, link, hover, spacing, etc from your website theme. you will get seamless integration with most of the themes.

Compatible With Multiple Versions of OpenCart

This extension is working great with the latest versions of OpenCart. The supported versions are 2x, 3x, and 4x. It will give seamless integration between older and newer versions of OpenCart.

First, you need to check the version of your website OpenCart, then download the same version of the module from your account. Website owners then install the module on their websites.


The OCMOD is used to create this mega menu OpenCart module. The admin can follow the existing two methods to install this module. Upload the module's zip file to the extension installer. Wait for the success message. The second way, extract the module zip file, and open software like FileZilla, and CuteFTP that can connect your website over an SFTP connection. Upload the modules files by following their structure.

Go to the Extension list page, and enable the TMD Mega Menu. Now you can start configuring the menu for your website.


Either you want to customization on OpenCart theme or create a module for your website. Our specialist team can help you. Just create a ticket. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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