Product Option Sub Image

Product Option Sub Image

Product Option Sub Image

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Overview Of TMD OpenCart Product Option Sub Image Module

It is one of the essential features of the ecommerce website to give a better view of the product. This extension creates a new section for uploading multiple images for the option. This extension is very helpful when a product has multiple options like color, fabric, designs, etc. Admin can upload multiple images according to a single option.

This way when a customer lands on products to see product images of the selected option, They will get only selected option images only.

It helps customers to visualize the product quality before making a purchase online. with this module, the product will show options with images and sub-images of options.

Add Multiple Images For Product Option From Setting

OpenCart Product option module very easy to add multiple images.

In the options tab, select the color option, which shows the images upload section. Admin can click on the plus button to add an image for the selected option. For example, the red color option adds a red color product image only and the yellow color option has only a yellow-colored product image.

Admin can give one specific image that represents the color of the option. This image will be displayed in the options section on the product page. This way option colors will be differentiated from each other. Admin can add and remove sub-images from the option.

  1. Add Color image 
  2. Add or Remove option images from the option tab

add multiple images for from product option

Option Multiple Images On The Product Page

After adding the images for the option, visitors can see the updated product page. Selecting the option shows the images of that option. The current product image is replaced with the selected option and other images are also replaced.

Now visitors/customers can see the options images in large view. Product price is also changed accordingly.

  1. Automatically changes images of the product according to the selection of option
  2. Replace the current product image with the option image.
  3. Sub-images are also replaced with selected option images

product page showing selected option images replacing existing images

Supports OpenCart2.x and 3.x Versions

TMD used OCMOD and VQMOD to create OpenCart Product color option multiple image extension. It works perfectly on 2.0.x and 3.0.x versions of OpenCart.It is also tested up to the latest stable version.

It is tested on the cloud version to give the best performance. Testing has been done using the Unit test to give quality to work.

There will be no core file that will alter after installation of the introduction message to visitors in OpenCart into your website. It virtually creates a file system and adds compatibility to files on runtime.

Your website files will remain the same and untouched after the installation of TMD OpenCart modules. The website will remain to function as before it does. It is easy to use right? Yeah!


If you have any kind of questions or looking for support. Please create a ticket.

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