Customer Group Price

Customer Group Price Customer Group Price Customer Group Price Customer Group Price Customer Group Price Customer Group Price Customer Group Price Customer Group Price Customer Group Price

Customer Group Price

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Overview of TMD OpenCart Customer Group Price

It facilitates the ecommerce website to offer the product at the right price to customers effortlessly, enriching your sales strategy and profit margins. Businesses can set different prices for customers of one product.

Admin can now set the product pricing for different customer groups in real-time, be it wholesalers, regular buyers, retail customers, or another customer group.

This extension comes with the global and product level pricing setting that updates the product price automatically on the product page according to the logged-in customer group. You can also import the product's customer group price using the Excel file. It works with most themes and is compatible with OpenCart's latest version.

admin entered customer group price showing on product list in admin using customer group price opencart extension

Help Business To Manage Product Price Effectively

It offers businesses a powerful tool for dynamic and effective product price management to create targeted pricing strategies, streamlined operations, and automated price Updates using the import and export option for existing products.

Using this OpenCart customer group price module website owners can craft a more effective, dynamic, and customer-centric product pricing strategy, ultimately boosting both online sales and improving customer satisfaction.

Global Configure For Product Customer Grop Price

This module offers four flexible pricing strategies, empowering admins to fine-tune costs for various customer groups effortlessly. Once the universal setting is activated, these pricing adjustments will be automatically applied to all products.

It will take the product price as the base price and apply the calculation in real-time. So that customers always get the accurate price of the product. It will also help you to align with the marketing strategies and offer discounts on occasion, making it simple and quick.

  • 1. Increase Pricing by Percentage: Elevate your product prices by a specific percentage to boost revenue.
  • 2. Decrease Pricing by Percentage: Cut down prices by a set percentage to incentivize sales and move inventory.
  • 3. Subtract from Base Price: Lower the initial cost of your products by a fixed amount for targeted customer groups.
  • 4. Add to Base Price: Raise the starting price of your products by a fixed sum to align with premium customer segments.

global setting in admin updating product price according to customer groups

Product Level Setting

In addition to the global settings, you have the option to specify customer group pricing at the individual product level. This will take precedence over any global pricing configurations.

To do so, simply edit the product → Select the "Data" tab and scroll down to the 'Price' section. Here, you'll find a list of all customer groups present on the website. Input the price for each custom group, and these prices will automatically override the global settings.

The other products still take the global setting. When the admin removes the customer group price from the product level then, the module will apply the global setting on it.

admin entered customer group price showing on product list in admin using customer group price opencart extension

Automatically Product Price Change

Customers who aren't logged in will see the product's base price. However, the moment a customer logs into their account, the module instantly updates the product prices to reflect the rates specific to that customer's assigned group.

The module efficiently verifies the customer's designated group before displaying any prices, accomplishing this in just a fraction of a second during the product page load time thereby enhancing the user experience.

Import and Export at Your Fingertips

This OpenCart customer group price extension also has a bulk updates feature. You can download the sample import file as a guide. Simply import an Excel (XLS) file that contains product price information, segmented by customer group, using the import function within the settings.

The module will automatically populate each product's pricing according to the customer group data from the Excel file, overriding any existing global settings, product-level customer group pricing and applying these new prices at the individual product level.

import export customer group price

Compatible with Most OpenCart Themes

We have performed multiple unit tests to ensure the module works with the themes available in the market. Some theme names are Sellya, Shoppica, Faster, Journal, Sellegance, e-Market, Bigshop, and SimpleGreat.

The product customer group price extension updates the price of the product smoothly. You will get seamless integration with most of the themes.

Working with Multiple OpenCart Version

This module supports the latest 4x versions of OpenCart. Also, it works with the older version 2x and 3x. The installation is easy and follows the standard guidelines. It is developed using the OCMOD. Which makes it easy to install without touching the website's core files.

You will always find this extension compatible with your website. Admin can follow the online documentation for the installation and setting.


If you want to develop the module, improve your website or looking for help with this extension. You can create a ticket. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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