OpenCart Email Template Management System multi-language (2.x & 3.x)

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TMD OpenCart Email Template Management Module

It allows you to make an email template for all default events in opencart. Using this module you can modify the OpenCart order confirmation email template. Also, you can create your own templates of new account registration email, new account affiliate register, Affiliate forgot password, Forgot password, and more.

OpenCart edit email template module uses a shortcode to save time by writing the same line again and again. Moreover, you can write an email template in HTML as well as plain text-based. Yeah! it supports multi-language too. That means you can configure and send emails in more than one language.

Looking for a 1.5.x version Email Management Module

  OpenCart Email Template For 6 Events

OpenCart sends a default email that is hard-coded. If your requirement is to change some words or completely create a new email template for a specific event then you must hire a developer for this. The developer will charge you.

To overcome this problem our OpenCart edit email template extension offers you 6 types of event email templates. You can edit the email template OpenCart or create a completely new email template for a specific event anytime without taking the help of a developer. All default OpenCart events are covered. Here is the email template list.

  • Account Register
  • Affiliate Forgot Password
  • Affiliate Program
  • Forgotten Password
  • Order Email Template
  • Order Status Change

opencart email template setting from admin

Create OpenCart Email Template From Admin

After the successful installation of the OpenCart email extension. You will get Template Menu left side present with other menus. You can create 6 email templates for 6 kinds of OpenCart events.

There are more than 15 shortcodes available for quick email template creation. Email can be created either in Html or in simple text. It uses the WYSIWYG editor for the best user experience. It will let you write text as well as HTML code for a responsive email template. An email will look perfect on all screens: mobile, tablet, and desktop.

After saving the email template. You will see a list of created email templates. Admin or user can edit any email template to make changes and save. A newly edited template will be used to send an email.

After creating email templates go to Settings. From the Email Template tab, you can select created email templated for specific events. Also, the admin can create an order confirmation email template for OpenCart.   

opencart email template created from admin

Use Shortcode To Speed Up Creation Of OpenCart Email Templates

More than 15 shortcodes are available. Shortcode is specially designed to decrease your email creation time and help you with sending a personalized email to your customer.

All these shortcodes can find easily. Shortcodes are easy to add to an email template with the rest of the content. When an email is about to send, these shortcodes will convert into real data. Thus, it assures you to auto-populate the customer information in the email content. Is not it easy to use? Yup, it is.  

There is various shortcode present for the different email template including order confirmation.

opencart email template shortcode list

Installation Is Just Mater Of A Few Clicks

All modules' installation is quite easy. Perfectly created installation process which can be followed by a non-technical person to get the module working on their website. OpenCart email template extension is also made like this. Please read below for an overview of the installation guide. Special Note: In Opencart 3, the order email template creates seamlessly.

You can find more information in the documentation tab about installation.

  • ✔ Easy Installation
  • ✔ Copy Files
  • ✔ Copy all files to your root folder
  • ✔ OpenCart Core files will not be overwritten
  • ✔ That's all. You are ready to use it.

Deliver Your Order Confirmation Email Effectively To The Customer

Order-related emails are the most important part of every e-commerce website. OpenCart email template extension does this work perfectly for you. By doing the correct email server configuration and right order email template, your email will always reach customers' inboxes. 

OpenCart email template module contains shortcodes that will help to create the email in a few minutes. Also, the module supports Html. You can write the Html code to create an email template. Opencart 3 order email template and other events have used the same shortcode. 

opencart send email order update email

Create Your Own Branding With Opencart Email Extension

By using our Email Template Modules, you can create your own branding and get recognized by your customer. Add the Website Logo, Name, and Signature to the email template with content. This will also help your email deliver to the customer's Inbox. Running an e-commerce store needs its own branding among customers to gain trust.

The default email does not have a nice format. Also, many emails are filtered by spam - filtered by most email services. Your customer cannot see most of the emails in their Inbox or they must go to the spam folder to read your order-related email.

Also, OpenCart 3 order email template module lets you create and edit an email template matching your brand.

Email is important for branding. Because customer checks email more than phone messages. It will let you create a custom email template that allows you to give your own branding and help you to get the trust of your loyal customers.


Got a pre-sale question or have questions about support. Please create a ticket. We will help you to get it working.

Usage of Document

1. After copying all the files related to the module Go to the admin Panel then Go to System->Users->Users Groups select edit option of Top Administration select files in Access Permission which you copied as well as in Modify Permission.
2. Go to the Extension Installer option in the menu
3. Upload .ocmod files.
4. Go to the Modifications menu
5. Here you see your file name
6. Refresh the page from the refresh button that presents on top
7. Import SQL files in your database according to the database prefix.
8. Now Go to system > settings > select the edit option you find a new tab i.e. Email Templates. Select options from the list as shown below.
9. Select Account Register from the list to activate the account register option.
10. Select the Affiliate Program from the list to activate Affiliate.
11. Select Affiliate Forgot Password from the list to activate Affiliate Forgot Password
12. Select Admin- Affiliate Account activate! from the list to activate Affiliate Account Approve
13. Select Forgot Password from the list to activate Forgot Password.
14. Select Product Order from the list to activate Product Order.
15. Select Order Status from the list to activate Order Status.

* For more details please follow the documentation file.
Now you can check output in your emails by activating the above options one by one.

For full Documentation click on the link
Full Documentation

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