SMS OTP Verification

SMS OTP Verification SMS OTP Verification SMS OTP Verification SMS OTP Verification SMS OTP Verification SMS OTP Verification SMS OTP Verification SMS OTP Verification SMS OTP Verification SMS OTP Verification SMS OTP Verification

SMS OTP Verification

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What is TMD OpenCart SMS OTP Verification Module?

The SMS verification and OTP module is an OpenCart extension that allows website administrators to implement SMS verification or OTP login for customers. The website may send SMS in response to numerous actions in your OpenCart store, such as creating an account, logging in, placing a new order, or altering the status of an order.

This module may send an OTP verification code to a mobile phone upon account or guest user registration to authenticate the mobile number. Customers may also use OTP to login to numerous famous websites, such as Flipkart.

Verify Orders Using OTP SMS Verification

Verifying the order is a crucial component of the extension. When orders are done via COD or bank transfer, it is critical to determine whether the consumer is truly interested in purchasing the goods. That's where you may use the customer's number verification validation to see whether they're genuine and interested.

Admin will save time and will be able to dispatch the product directly to customers. The OpenCart SMS OTP verification extension also assists you in obtaining verified clients that you may contact later for a product review. And they may leave a review on your website to build confidence in your brand.

Customers Can Login In With OTP

Your customers may log in using the OTP code with the Opencart OTP SMS addon. When a user attempts to log in, they will be given the choice of using a password or an OTP.

Following the OTP selection. On their registered cellphone number, they will receive a one time password (OTP). The account will be accessed using this OTP. It will simplify the login procedure if they forget their password if it is not working.

One of the greatest OTP opencart login modules is ready to use. This is a plug-and-play system. This implies that you must install and configure.

after otp login first time customer will land to verified landing page page setting

Work With All SMS Service Providers

On top of OpenCart capabilities, the OpenCart SMS OTP verification extension was designed. It allows you to utilize any SMS provider. Yeah! When it comes to choosing an SMS service provider for your website, you don't have to shop around. It makes use of an SMS api service that can connect to any SMS provider.

When the website requests SMS, the Opencart OTP SMS Extension will make api requests to the SMS service provider. In a few seconds to minutes, depending on the service provider and consumer mobile network, an SMS will be sent to register mobile. 

it makes api queries from the website to the SMS service provider. In the OpenCart market, this makes it more trustworthy and speedy.

configure the api, number and other setting in sms otp login module

Configure OpenCart SMS OTP From Admin

The admin panel for the module is basic yet effective. Most of the settings are in one spot for easy configuration. To get it operating, enter the SMS service provider's setup information. By enabling the verification SMS option in the admin settings, the website may acquire confirmed registered customers. Otherwise, you must disable it on the register page to prevent SMS from being sent.

Admins may also set up events for when an SMS is sent to a customer. A list of events is available, and the administrator or user can modify the settings to perform properly. When events occur, the website will send an SMS to the consumer.

Here is the whole feature list

  • Enable or Disable SMS verification at the register.
  • Compatible For Any SMS API.
  • Multi-language Compatible.
  • Powerful Admin Setting Make It easy.
  • Login With OTP.
  • SMS On Order Status.
  • SMS verification On Register.
  • Avoid Fake Registration.

Multi-Language Compatible

Your website is available in several languages. This module will match the language on your website to make your customers feel more at ease. There was a language option box. Where language-specific messages are entered by the admin.

This plugin will display the languages that your website has currently active. The number of SMS characters is unlimited. However, the SMS service provider may impose restrictions. Please double-check with them.

enter text in multiple languages input box in opencart sms otp extension

Compatible With OpenCart Versions 2.x and 3.x

OpenCart OTP SMS module is compatible with OpenCart versions 2.x and 3.x. An SMS OTP verification extension may be used on websites running on these versions. The setup is simple. All you have to do now is upload the zip file to Installer. Installation does not necessitate any further work. In these versions, the OpenCart SMS OTP module has been thoroughly tested.

Please submit a ticket if you're seeking a 1.5.x version. You'll be given instructions on how to make this work with a lesser version.


Any questions and suggestions are most welcome. Suppose you have any kind of question or looking for support. Please create a ticket.

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