Previous/Next Product Navigation (ocmod) (2.x & 3.x)

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Previous Next Product Navigation

Previous Next Product Navigation is an OpenCart extension  build for best UX and product navigation of your store.

This extension  usually allows adding Previous and Next buttons on your product pages.

It is also useful for customers to navigate back and forth in your product page without any hassle and customer can easily view their previous product pages as well as move back and forth between products revisited.

It save time good amount time for customers, as there is  no need to  jump on the  category page to go to the previous or next product.

They can navigate back and forth from buttons previous and next product back from product page.

It also helps customer to see all product easily without wasting much time.

This module is a designed and developed by OpenCart Extensions India, a 10 year old partner of OpenCart.

So the module works according to the Opencart framework without affecting any core file of OpenCart without any issues during updation.

Features of Previous Next OpenCart Module

1. Easy Installation

The installation process of this module is as easy as installing any other plug in on your OpenCart store. Once you purchase  the module you can easily integrate this extensions on your store. If any errors occurs you are free to contact our support team. Our support team will assist you to install the extension for you.

2. Does not overwrite any master files

This installation will not overwrite any master file, so you need not worry about updating your OpenCart Store.

3. No core file changes
Also note that installing previous next product navigation will not change any core files.

3. Free Support

Free installation available after purchase. For any support you are free to email us at or create a Ticket

If you have any question,  suggestions are most welcome.

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