Fixed Currency On Product Price

Fixed Currency On Product Price

Fixed Currency On Product Price

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Overview of TMD OpenCart Fixed Currency Module

The fixed currency module is an OpenCart Module that is developed for eCommerce stores. So why do you need this module? This module is usually beneficial for those who want to take their products to a global level.

And those who want to enhance their pricing structure in terms of multiple currencies. Multiple currency pricing on your storefront shows that your website is prepared for the global market.

Therefore you attract more audience and draw attention from international markets.

Hence this module is best suited to give you an overall currency pricing for all of your products in the store. And if you are taking your store to the next level i.e. on a global market, this module is definitely is plus for your store.

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Features and Benefits of  OpenCart Fixed Currency Extension

TMD OpenCart fixed currency is an OpenCart module for store owners that is applicable for updating your product price based on various currencies. The fixed currency module is created by OpenCart developers to cater to the needs of price setting for Items on the store.

The module allows you to set product currency prices for each product separately. And admin can set the fixed currency on the product price. So this module will allow you to display only selected currency on the front end side product listings.

Else by default, the products will display the default currency and price. Admin can set product currency for each product separately.

If you will not set some currency in the product, the price will be automatically shown the same currency that will be set default in the setting.

Why Should You Choose Fixed Currency Module

1. Created By OpenCart Official Partner

We are a team of OpenCart professionals for the last 10 Years. Hence our module complies with OpenCart standards. We also have a long track record of providing satisfactory and effective services in OpenCart module development and through Professional Work, we have acquired a partnership with OpenCart.

2. User Friendly

The fixed Currency module is a fully customized module. The module process is very simple and useful for the store owner who wants to sell globally and wants to display multiple currencies on the store for an audience living in different countries. So this simple process makes it simple and user-friendly to set up the currency price.

3. Error Free Module

Our modules are bug-free modules. In case you face any issues we provide quick support for our customers. so all customers are happy with us.

4. Professional Support

We have been working for the OpenCart platform for the Last 10 Years. And in this time frame, we have developed more than 200+ modules and exclusive OpenCart themes. Therefore we have the right expertise and knowledge to architect modules in this framework. We also provide the best support to our customers.

Therefore if you face any issues during the installation process we provide absolutely free of cost support for 6 months after your purchase and you can enjoy technical and feature support.


If you have any suggestions or pre-sale questions, looking for support. Please create a ticket. Our team will reach you as soon as possible.

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