Auto Change - Currency & Language by IP

Auto Change - Currency & Language by IP

Auto Change - Currency & Language by IP

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What is TMD OpenCart Auto Change - Currency & Language by IP?

OpenCart Auto Change Currency & Lange by IP module for your e-commerce store and your website. This extension allows store owners to implement language and currency for different countries on their websites.

Usually, this is done automatically by tracing the IP and the location from where your consumers are fetching the data from your website. So if you are doing e-commerce business globally this module is definitely for you. However, if you are selling your products and services locally this module may not be helpful for you.

However, regardless of what language people speak, this module can be beneficial even for those who want to implement different languages and currencies on their websites. So customers are able to spend more time on your website and no doubt you can increase the conversion rate on your store.

It will also allow users to search quickly for other products and services in your store.

Having said that, this module is only beneficial for OpenCart Store owners and for those who are willing to rebuild or build their website on an open-source platform such as the OpenCart Platform.

Introduction to OpenCart Auto Change Currency & Language by IP Extension

With this Extension, you can set different languages and currencies according to country.

This extension detects the Ip and current location of users, with this it changes currency and language according to a country that you set from the admin panel. So this extension is very friendly to you.

For Example, a user visits your store from the United States so they will be able to view your website in English and currency in the US Dollar as you mention currency and language. Similarly, it works for all other countries.

Core Features Are

  • 1. Automatically sets correct language and currency based on the visitor IP.
  • 2. This OpenCart Autodetect currency and language extension helps you Capture more Customers by adding language and currency flexibility.
  • 3. Easily can Set Languages and Currencies For countries
  • 4. This is a Combo of 2 extensions Autodetect language and AutoDetect currencies
  • Option to enabled/disable the module
  • 5. Set rules for language currencies for different currencies users
  • 6. Fully customize module
  • 7. Support all versions( 2x & 3x )- Multi-stores Supported
  • 8. Multi-language supported
  • 9. Free & quick support
  • 10. No core file changes, easy to install with the available documentation present with this module


Any question suggestion is most welcome. If you have any kind of question, suggestion, or looking for support. Please create a ticket.

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