Prescription Of Eyeglass and Contact Lens

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TMD Prescription Of Eyeglass and Contact Lens


This extension allows you to easily create an Online Eyeglass Contact lens selling store. The extension allows customers to create eye contact lens with the type of Prescription based on Sphere(SPH), Cylinder(CYL), Axis, Add Diameter of both eyes (OD-Right) (OS-Left), and a lot more easy ways. 

With This extension, your customers can easily purchase the lenses for them because They will have easy options to choose the lenses. 



* store Owner can set from module different options for customer as per need like.

- Button name with multi-language option.

- Button background-color

- Button font color

- SPH from, SPH too, cylinder from, and cylinder to

* store owner can set lense options as per category type and product type.

* All options related to Lense are available on the same page of the product.

* Customers can enter their own prescription and can choose lens packages as per need.

* Customers have the option to add upload their Prescription form image during order on the product page.

*  Fast loading and sleek.

*  Free and fast support.

*  No core file changes.

*  Support all versions.

*  Installation guidance included in the documentation link

*  We provide free & best support. 

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