Delivery Date And Time Slot For Checkout

Delivery Date And Time Slot For Checkout Delivery Date And Time Slot For Checkout Delivery Date And Time Slot For Checkout Delivery Date And Time Slot For Checkout Delivery Date And Time Slot For Checkout

Delivery Date And Time Slot For Checkout

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Overview of TMD OpenCart Delivery Date and Time Slot Module

The TMD Delivery Date/Time is an extension for e-commerce stores that operate on the OpenCart framework. This module is helpful for store owners and for consumers to request an order delivery according to their assigned date and time.

It provides customers with a great user experience in your store because your e-commerce store is all about customer experience. Implementing this module in your store will make your customers feel that you care about them.

Delivery Date and Time for OpenCart also allows an admin to restrict a date to avoid delivery for a certain period and time. This module also provides full control over your store delivery during the checkout process.

TMD OpencartExtension is official Gold partner of OpenCart

Benefits of Delivery Date And Time Slot For OpenCart

Customer retention should always be the priority of an e-commerce store, that is why we at TMD  have created this module to make your customers feel special because they can and are likely to order anything from your store according to their situations.

Once you give your customers the priority to make delivery according to their own scheduled date and time, they will start coming back to your website again. Because of this flexibility.

This module can immensely increase your sales on occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations because every one of us needs everything on time. Who doesn't want prompt services, perhaps no one?

Therefore this module will prove to be a major conversion factor for the sales of your store and you are likely to impress all of your customers by providing a standard delivery schedule according to the customer's choice. It shall also provide individual, special attention, and care to all those buyers who have ever wanted to surprise their near and dear ones by ordering a gift item from your store on a special date.

The checkout page allows customers to modify the date and time before submitting an order. This extension works with almost any shipping method

The setting of Delivery Date And Time Slot For Order

1. Disable Date & Time

add weekly holidays

An admin has the full right to enable or disable this module. On certain occasions, an admin can completely disable the delivery date from setting during a particular day or for days.

This will ensure your audience will not be able to use the module for a required delivery date and provide a smooth and effective transition of goods from your store to your customers without any chaos.

2. Admin has full control to Manage Delivery Date and Time Slot

Admin can use the general setting to activate or deactivate either date or time or both and control delivery dates available on your store. So your customers can make an order on those dates as defined by the Admin of your store.

Admin can also define the number of products and the number of orders a customer is able to purchase and make an order to qualify for a purchase. An Admin can also activate or deactivate a comment box for customers to accept comments.

3. Add Weekend Leave/ Holidays and deactivate date

Admin can add weekend leave for a particular day or days and deactivate the dates for non-delivery of orders during a week or a month according to your business off schedule. This will prompt customers to order an item they require by that date and day.

This is indeed a good confirmation to let your customers know when your store is closed and the days or days your stores aren't functioning.

4. Customer Can Pick The Expected Delivery Date

delivery methords

This module allows a convenient way for your audiences to pick the expected delivery date and time. This is where the power is in your buyer's hands because they are able to pick a suitable delivery date and time for themselves on checkout and make an order seamlessly when there is an urgent delivery required or your customer tries to order an item on behalf of their friends or family or any organization to reach their destinations on time.

5. Use of Admin Time Slots instead of Time Picker

There are two kinds of time slots featured in this TMD Delivery Date/Time Checkout Module, They are

  • Time Picker
  • Admin Time Slots

In point number 4 above you can see customer can use their own delivery date and time so this is particularly true when you set Time Picker as your default delivery date and time.

However, the admin can set up his own time slot instead of Time Picker. so this will allow your business to overlap the time that your business is comfortable with instead of providing customers to use their own time and date of delivery.

6. Provision To Modify or Add Delivery Date during Checkout

add delivery date

This module lets your customer seamlessly use the delivery date and time during the checkout process. A special section/ delivery method tab is available for date and time which lets your customer input delivery data and delivery time and the data is captured on the sales order. This data is available for the admin to take prompt and necessary action to deliver goods in a timely manner. 

7. Front View Delivery Date & Time on Order Report 

opencart delivery date report

A clear and simple-to-read understandable report is always required for decision owners and admin. So we have tried to place the delivery date and time in front of your order report.

You will be able to clearly find and view the date and time on your report without having to drill down further to get the data that your customer has provided during checkout.

8. Support Multi-Language And Additional Label To Display Date & Time

The OpenCart delivery date-time module supports multiple languages so if your store is published in several languages this theme will support your store without any issue. So it perfectly supports different languages and works well with your store.  

Admin can use a label to display what to show in the front end. For Example Delivery Date, Delivery Time, etc., or as you wish.

9. Journal Theme Supported

We have made this module compatible with almost all the themes, however, the Journal theme being more commonly used by OpenCart customers, we have put utmost care into developing the module compatible with the Journal theme. You will be able to embed this module very well if you are using the journal theme for your store.

10. Print Order Invoices With Order Date and Time

invoice print

Implementing this module in your store shall ensure that all the relevant and necessary documents such as orders and invoices are perfectly allowed for admin and customers to visualize their order date and time on screen and on printed documents such as an invoice.


For any questions & suggestions, you are most welcome to submit your queries with us. Also If you are looking for support, just create a ticket for prompt support and guidance.

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