Auto Change / Switch Customer Group

Auto Change / Switch Customer Group

Auto Change / Switch Customer Group

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Overview of TMD OpenCart Auto Change / Switch Customer GROUP

This extension lets the website automatically update the customer group of their customer account to give them better offers and special treatment based on their order total price. It will be very helpful to identify high-performing customers on the ecommerce website.

Admin can set the condition total amount of the order is reached within the given date range and then upgrade the customer group lower to higher else downgrade the customer's account. Also, select the order status which will be considered while performing the analysis.

Configure the module to run automatically on a specified date or manually run to check the customer's order details to match the setting. You can write the email template and send the email to customers when their profile's customer group is going to upgrade or downgrade.

It is compatible with multi-language and works great with the latest version of OpenCart.

list of auto change customer group setting in opencart module

Setting For Changing Customer Group of Customer Account

It allows you to create as many condition-based customer group settings as you require to upgrade the customer account's customer group to the next level or downgrade to a lower one. It gives you the flexibility to match your business model. You can set the date range, and order the total amount. There are three criteria for purchase amount: reached, below, and above.

Select the one or multiple order statuses to be considered, and select what happened to the customer account: Upgrade or downgrade, set the cron job date, the option to notify the customer via email, and other settings. This module also supports multi-store and gives you the option to select multiple stores. Make sure all your stores run smoothly.

You can enable or disable the auto change customer group setting or just delete them.

  • 1. Change customer group form - to
  • 2. If Total Order - reached, below, and above
  • 3. Purchase amount

  • 4. Order status selection
  • 5. Date range

setting of tmd opencart auto chage customer group of customer account

Automatically Update the Customer Group Using Cron Job

Every month, on a specified date, the script will run and automate the shifting of customer groups based on set criteria. It will save you time and manual work. You do not have to worry about the customer account, it will be handled by our module.

To avoid server overload, you can set different dates to run cron job execution. Thus, saving the resources of the server and customer account will also shift smoothly.

set cron job auto execute date and email notify setting in auto update customer group in opencart

Manually Upgrade Customer Profile's customer Group

There is an option to run the module's setting customer group set manually by the admin. Go to TMD Auto Change Customer Group List. Just hit the refresh button present before the edit button located on each customer group setting list.

The module will check each customer's order information with the criteria specified in the settings and according to the settings customer account will upgrade to a new customer group or downgrade. Also, it looks for the email setting to whether to send an email or not.

Create Email Templates With Shortcodes

This OpenCart module comes with a pre-defined email template. But You can also create personalized email templates for customers by explaining why their account's customer group is upgrading or downgrading. Use the Shortcodes to make the email content dynamic and personalized.

Write the email content in multiple languages to make sure your customer will always be in touch with you. It uses the WYSIWYG editor that accepts both HTML tags and just plain text. While sending the email, the shortcode content gets converted to real data.

creating email template to notify customer about their customer group chanage

Notify Customers of their Customer Group Change

When the setting runs automatically or manually, according to the setting, every customer gets upgraded to the next customer group or downgraded to the lower customer group, then an email is also sent to those customers automatically if the "Alert Email" option is enabled. The email template which was created by admin, will be used to send.

You can also stop email notifications to customers by unchecking the "Alert Email" option in the settings. The Module uses the website email settings so that email always looks authentic.

Write Multi-language Text

This OpenCart extension is perfectly aligned with the multi-language. All the active languages will appear in the email template section with the country flag and language name. You must write the content in the respective languages. So that your customer will get the email in their preferred language.

Whenever any new language gets installed or an existing language is deactivated, it will also reflect in the email template language section. It helps you to target the international customer base easily.

Compatible with Multiple Versions of OpenCart

We created this module by following the official documentation which makes it compatible with most of the OpenCart versions available. It works with 2x, 3x and 4x versions. Also supports the latest version of OpenCart.

You will always find our modules and themes compatible with your website. We have done the unit test to ensure the functionality of TMD extensions.

Easy to Install

It uses the OCMOD for the installation. Your website files will remain untouched while and after the installation of the module is complete. You can follow the OpenCart official installation process to install all the TMD modules on your website.

Upload the module zip file to the extension installer section of the admin panel. Wait for some time, you will see the success message of installation. Or extract the zip file and manually upload each file onto the server using cPanel or software like FileZilla, CuteFTP, WinSCP, etc.


If you are looking for customization on your website or want to create a new module/theme. Or Just want help with the installation. Please create a support ticket. Our team will be happy to assist you.

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