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Overview Of TMD OpenCart Quick Checkout / One Page Checkout

OpenCart quick checkout extension helps customers to have a checkout process in a much simpler and faster way. The default checkout process has a number of steps and different cart pages. That's why we decided to build a One-page checkout extension. It ensures that your checkout process becomes easier, faster, and simpler, which improves the user experience and increases sales and revenues.

Quick checkout extension provides customers to view all processes of cart and checkout on one page, like login, coupon, gift voucher ability to increase/decrease product quantity, and the ability to add comments during the checkout step.

This Is How It Gonna Help Website To Sale More

The user simply fills in all information of address and chooses delivery/payment methods on the same page, rather than having to do a separate step for each. It supports all the Shipping methods and payment gateways used by Opencart that give consumers more payment options. These include COD, PayPal, PayPal Express Checkout, PayPoint, etc.

It also provides a better customer experience, which makes users come back and use the online shop again. Quick Checkout is one of the modules that can improve the sales of the online Store. It gives users a simple platform to complete their purchases from the online shop in an easy way.

Selecting Checkout Layout 4 designs

An ecommerce website must have the best user experience checkout page. For this, OpenCart quick checkout module has given 4 different layout designs for the checkout page. These layouts are unique in design that makes the order process faster.

Apart from 4 checkout designs, the admin can update the color of elements on the checkout page such as the background of the page, text, button, tab, block colors, etc. Adjust the color of the page to match your website theme.

Also, Admin can decide what kind of customers will be able to see the new checkout page either registered or guests. There is an option to select both options too.

New Customizable Shopping Cart Page

This extension has its own shopping cart page, that could replace the website shopping cart page by changing the status of the shopping cart page setting. Admin can decide what information should show on the page.

It allows the admin to hide the components that are not required on the mobile or desktop versions of the website. Different settings are present for desktop and mobile views.

In the layout setting, the admin can decide the sum of product weight should display or not. Adjust the size of the product image, and show and hide the coupon, voucher, and reward section. Moreover, product information can also be adjusted according to the website sale strategy.

  • Status:
  • Show Weight
  • Quantity Update Permission
  • Product Image size(W x H)
  • Coupon
  • Voucher
  • Reward

Desktop View And Mobile View

  • Product Image
  • Name
  • Model
  • SKU
  • Quantity
  • Unit Price
  • Total Price

Effectively Manage Forms Fields

From time to time, the ecommerce website needs to update the form fields. Now admin can do so update the 3 forms fields using OpenCart quick checkout module.

The form fields will be listed out. Here admin can add hide or mark the field required in the form. If OpenCart is using the custom fields for adding new fields, It will show up in the setting.

Changing the setting will immediately take into account and instantly update the checkout page. Also, the admin can hide the newsletter field from the registration form present on the checkout page.

Desktop View And Mobile View

  • Personal details
  • Payment address form
  • Delivery address form

Google Tracking

Order tracking is one of the most important tasks in the eCommerce market. Google GTM or analytic 4 code can is inserted into the checkout page. A separate Google tracking setting is given in the module.

Custom CSS

Admin can update the color to design from the Custom CSS setting. A developer who knows CSS language can write the CSS code that will apply to elements accordingly. It is a high-level setting that must be treated with caution.

It is very useful when the website theme got changed or any kind of promotion is going on the website.

Supports Multi-language

Multi-language compatibility is a must necessary for that Website is operating in different countries with regional languages. OpenCart one page checkout extension checks all the enabled languages on the website and creates tabs with language names with country flags.

There, the admin will find all the english text that display either on the shopping cart or checkout page. Admin can write the text in the language tab.

Customers will see the text in their selected language.

  • Checkout page
  • Personal Details
  • Payment Details
  • Delivery Details
  • Login
  • Shopping Cart
  • Confirm Order
  • Extra Variables

Quick Checkout / Onepage Checkout

Quick Checkout / Onepage Checkout

What does this product do for you?

In simple Wording Checkout process is the most complicated part of placing an order online store, most the shoppers abandon their cart due to complicated steps. But Quick Checkout extension greatly simplifies this process, by improving the user experience. this extension not only increases your immediate sales but also longer-term return visits.


1. Customize Quick Checkout Page Display

Quick checkout extension allows you to customize a quick checkout page with different features like layout setting, manage fields, and theme panel for set colors of blocks, and color labels, also can add custom CSS code, language setting (change the text of labels), Google track code and it has separate CSS for customization of page look according to your theme.

3. Increase In Sales

We know how much effort you did into customer traffic into your online store. When you apply the quick checkout module to your store you make it easier for shoppers to complete checkout, decrease cart abandonment, and increase your sales conversion. With this customer, a feel-good shopping experience in your store and they will visit again in the store. 

4. Admin Features:

  • - Admin can manage register and guest forms fields.
  • - Allow customers to enter a coupon code directly on the checkout page
  • - Set the default country and payment method.
  • - Enable or disable "comments" from the checkout page
  • It is easy to customize the design of a quick checkout page from the admin panel according to the store theme.
  • - Admin can set specific fields required or not, enabled/disabled fields, It means the customer can be able to register his account with these fields leave blank or not.
  • - It is a fully customized extension web owner can change all labels of a page from the admin panel like edit heading title and fields title, also many titles can change these are mention below:-
  • - Register labels
  • - Guest labels
  • - Personal details labels
  • - Payment details labels
  • - Delivery details labels
  • - Login labels
  • - Delivery methods labels
  • - Payment methods labels
  • - Shopping cart labels
  • - Confirm order labels

5. Customer Features:

- Help customers to have the checkout process much simpler and quicker

- It provides a better customer experience, which makes users come back and use the online shop again.

- Apply promotion/coupon code directly on the checkout page.

- With quick checkout, customers place orders easily and well results allow customers to come back to the store.

- customers can purchase as a "guest" or "registered user".

6. Documentation

OpenCart one page checkout module is powered with clear documentation to make your installation even more simple. The documentation explains all easy-to-go steps needed for installation.

Core Features

  • * One page checkout for OpenCart
  • * Easy to use the quick checkout page
  • * Simple and fast checkout
  • * Quick checkout extension have been carefully designed according to the need of buyers and web owner
  • * Color management according to the theme from the admin panel
  • * Easy installation – just upload files and you are done.

  • * All text can change from the admin panel
  • * Ajax checkout
  • * set the text for the login link
  • * Fast loading and sleek
  • * Free and fast support
  • * No core file changes

  • * Support all versions
  • * It supports multi-language
  • * Support multi-store
  • * We provide free support & best support

Why Choose Tmd Quick Checkout

1. Created By Opencart Official Partner

We are a long time to hear our good & professional work given as a partnership on OpenCart  

2. User-Friendly

Quick checkout shoppers see all information on one page, above the fold. The latest technologies have been used to make it quick and easy because placing an order is available on one page with all options in clear view. In which checkout steps reduce from six to one. so this simple process makes it user-friendly.

3. Error Free Module

Our modules are bug-free modules. In case you face any issues, we provide quick support for our customers. so all customers are happy with us.

4. Professional Support

We are in the OpenCart market last 7 years in this market we make 200+ modules and many themes so we have the bulk of knowledge in this framework. if our customer faces any issue during the installation process we provide absolutely free cost support. This process is 3 months after your purchase, you can enjoy technical and feature support.


Free installation is available after purchase. If you have any suggestions or pre-sale questions, looking for support. Please create a ticket. Our team will reach you as soon as possible.

All Steps in Documentation File


Enjoy Module :)

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