Advance Blog Module

Advance Blog Module Advance Blog Module Advance Blog Module Advance Blog Module Advance Blog Module Advance Blog Module Advance Blog Module Advance Blog Module

Advance Blog Module

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Overview of TMD OpenCart Blog Module

It lets you share valuable content with your customers, build a community around your brand, and ultimately, boost your sales. You can create a blog post, categories, and tags, hide the comment box on a particular blog post, and support multiple authors.

This blog extension is SEO ready, has two layouts, social share, nested comments, post view count, set the size of a thumbnail image and full-size image of a blog post, date format, banner size, RSS, enable/disable comment box, admin profile image, search functionality, etc. You will get all the settings to create a perfect blog section on your website.

With an image gallery, video, and WYSIWYG editor, You can write and design the blog post as you like. Also, each blog post will have a product showcase section. According to your requirements, you can configure the related and recent blog list, single post, and category page from the settings.

With the color setting, Update the colours of elements of the blog to match your website. OpenCart blog module is multi-store, multilingual compatible. Working with OpenCart 2x, 3x and 4x versions.

Configure the Blog On the OpenCart Website

TMD blog extension has lots of settings that give you the freedom to utilize its functionalities at maximum. Its easy-to-configure setting lets you customize the blog as you need. From the blog home page to the post detail page, the admin can decide what to show or hide and adjust the positions of elements and much more. Settings are given below

General Setting

Blog main heading, layout selection, latest and related blog list, carousel, SEO, comment, feedback, user blog image, main menu, hide or show the sub-menus, blogs date, RSS feed.


Limit the number of blog description text and comments, social shares, and latest, and related blog posts limit the number of blog description text.

Category Page

Title, description, view icon, readmore button, category image.

Blog Post Detail

big image size, author profile image, tags, comment, comment's thumbnail and big banner size.

main and gernal setting of blog in opencart

Dashboard Page

A dashboard for the admin to view the number of created categories, posts, and comments in the blog. A list of recently published blog posts with the post title, customer name, total comments on that blog post, and status with a view button. With the view button, you can navigate to the blog post to edit it. 

It contains the setting, blog post list, category, and comment page links. It gives you an overview of the blog running on OpenCart.

opencart blog dashbaord page

Manage the Blog Posts, Categories, And Comments

This blog extension has a simple user interface for blog management. To write a new blog post, Navigate to the Blog Dashboard menu → Click on Blog Tab → Hit the Add new button. Enter the title, blog post description, SEO meta title, meta description, and URL, select the categories, and stores, select the related products, select the big image, enable/disable the comment, and other settings.

The OpenCart blog extension uses the WYSIWYG editor that lets you write and create any design in HTML/CSS, embed the video, add image galleries or a single image, etc. Admin can generate blog categories as well. These categories are only available in the blog section. All user comments will be shown in their blog posts and comment list pages. You can easily remove inappropriate comments.

opencart blog home page

Multiple Authors can publish the Blog Posts

This OpenCart blog module allows multiple authors to write and publish their blog posts simultaneously. It is one of the best features of this blog extension. The admin has to give permission to blog view and edit to the user. And user will become the author of a blog, but they won't be able to touch the blog setting. 

All the blogs are visible to authors and they can create and edit the posts, and categories, and delete the comments easily.

Leverage the SEO Opportunities To Drive Traffic

This blog plugin was developed by following the Google SEO guidelines to get maximum user traffic from the search engine. It has quicker indexing, permalink, and options for optimizing titles and meta descriptions for the blog, categories, and posts.

By utilizing the OpenCart 3 blog module, admins can increase their website's chances of achieving better rankings in search engines and ultimately drive more organic traffic to their website.

Color Theme Setting For Blog

The OpenCart blog extension comes with a color theme setting. The admin can update the color of the blog's elements to match your current website theme. It offers users a consistent and smooth experience, ultimately improving the overall aesthetic appeal of the website.

You can change the blog heading, description text, background color, hover color of buttons, etc. A Javascript color picker was used. It has almost all the web colors. These updated color will instantly apply when the blog loads in the browser.

  • Title Color and Title Hover Color
  • Theme Color Hover Color
  • Container Background Color
  • Box Background Color
  • Text Color
  • Description Text Color

color setting in tmd opencart blog extension

Multi-language Compatible

The blog module will automatically create a new page for blog posts and categories for each active language on the website. You can write the url of the blog post and categories in each language.

This extension will automatically detect the languages and show langauge names and country flags in tabs. Every language has its tab where the admin can write the blog post, categories, tags, SEO title, meta description, keywords, etc.

You can easily target new customers residing in multiple countries. And help your blog to rank in country-specific search engines and drive more traffic to your website.

admin write text in multi language in blog opencart

Working with Multi-store

This OpenCart blog manager adopted multi-store capabilities. The admin can display the different blog posts and categories in the different stores. While creating a blog post or category → In the Data tab → select the store where you want to display this post or category. Unselected stores won't display that blog post and categories.

This way you have the blog as per the store specification. You can publish only those blogs which meant to be in that store.

Supported the latest version of OpenCart

This OpenCart blog extension is using OCMOD. This makes it compatible with older versions 2x, 3x and with the latest version 4x version. During or after installation, your website remain intact, no core file will be changed. We have done unit tests to make sure everything works as per expectation. 

Easy to Install

The installation of this OpenCart blog plugin follows the same process. Download the extension zip file from the order detail page. Login to your website admin panel. Navigate to extension installer → upload the zip file. The blog module will automatically be installed on your website. Now, navigate to the Modules list page → Activate the TMD blog module.

The second method is manually uploading the files of the module. You have to use the FTP or Cpanel. Unzip the module file. You have to upload files of extensions on the website in the same directory structure. It requires technical knowledge.


If you have a pre-sale question or looking for support or customization on your website. Please create a ticket. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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