Advance Social Feed

Advance Social Feed Advance Social Feed Advance Social Feed Advance Social Feed Advance Social Feed Advance Social Feed Advance Social Feed Advance Social Feed

Advance Social Feed

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Overview of TMD OpenCart Social Feed

Enhance your store with a social feed extension, your gateway to directly integrating popular social media feeds into your ecommerce platform. This module showcases your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter(X) presence to your customers and brings a dynamic social touch to your store.

Experience quick loading times that ensure your website's performance remains top-notch. Tailor the social feed's appearance on any page of your website using OpenCart's intuitive layout settings. Choose between two stylish layouts – a sleek tab view or a straightforward simple layout to best suit your site's user experience.

Select the one which offers your best user engagement. You can also set the title text size of social sites. This extension works with most themes and the latest version of OpenCart.

Seamless Social Integration

This powerful tool effortlessly integrates your store with leading social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, bringing a vibrant social dynamic directly to your customers.

All you need to do is add the embed code of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram into the settings. The module will automatically show the content from these social sites. It makes the admin work easier to show the social feed on their website.

You can enable or disable individual social site feeds in the setting. Social feed for the OpenCart module gives the choice to the website owner to display the social feed according to their requirement.

admin setting of social feed OpenCart module

Customizable Display Options

The classic simplicity of the 'Simple Layout' or the organized elegance of the 'Tab Layout'. Tailor each social feed with custom titles and text sizes, ensuring a seamless blend with your store's theme.

Our flexible layout compatibility ensures that your social content fits perfectly wherever you choose to showcase it. Whether it's promotional content or customer interactions.

Social feed the OpenCart extension is ready to show the social feed in such a way that it becomes part of your website. It displays perfectly on all the screens - no matter whether your customer/users use a mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

design setting  social feed for OpenCart

Diverse Page Placement of Social Feed

Deploy the social feeds across various pages of your site, be it the homepage, category pages, or others. It gives you the flexibility to display it on any page of the website from the setting. You can navigate to the layout section and then edit the page. You will see the social feed in the module section.

The admin can select the social feed on the top, right, bottom, and left sections of the page. It flawlessly adapts to your site's design, maintaining consistency and style across your digital presence.

select social feed in papge layout feature opencart website

Most OpenCart Theme Compatibility

We've ensured that our OpenCart social feed extension seamlessly integrates with a wide range of themes available in the market. Through meticulous testing and optimization, it demonstrates flawless functionality with top themes like Journal, Shoppica, Fastor, and Sellya.

This comprehensive compatibility means you can trust our extension to work harmoniously with your preferred theme, maintaining your store's aesthetic and functionality without any hitches.

Compatible With Multiple OpenCart Versions

Designed to work with both OpenCart 2x and 3x versions. Our module integrates smoothly without any core file alterations. Installation is a breeze with our plug-and-play design. Just upload the module, and you're set to go.

No coding required, no fuss. It uses the OCMOD for installation. The social feed will inserted into the theme using the XML at the time of loading.

Dedicated Support

At TMD, we're committed to your success. Our support team is on hand to assist with any questions or customizations, ensuring your Social Feed Extension works flawlessly for your business needs.

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