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Bundle Product Bundle Product Bundle Product Bundle Product Bundle Product Bundle Product Bundle Product Bundle Product Bundle Product Bundle Product Bundle Product Bundle Product Bundle Product Bundle Product Bundle Product

Bundle Product

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Overview Of OpenCart Bundle Product Module  

When multiple products are combined in one Pack, it is called a Bundle Product. This extension Increases the average cart order value within your store and cross-sells related products as bundles while offering discounts as incentives for customers to purchase multiple related products.

With the help of bundle products, the admin can create multiple bundle products for his customers, configure products in a bundle according to their needs and build a product combo for their customers.
This is a great way to provide customizable options on the same product page, with multiple Products.

What does this product do for you?

In simple words, a bundle product is a way to increase the sale of your store products directly on your product pages. These customers can easily identify products related to products and they like to purchase and encourage the purchase of products together with other products. 

product bundle setting in opencart module

1. Customize Forms Display

The bundle product specifies features of customizing all labels of the bundle page in front like bundle title, description, shopping cart labels, and buttons with multi-language features. This feature allows customers to change the text according to their requirements. also can set the bundle limit per page, and bundle limit on the module. 

2. Discount Option

Admin has an option for a Set price fixed or Percentage in the bundle product price. 

3. Save Time

Bundle product saves customer time because they get a pack of products in one bundle with a discount. e.g- if a customer wants to purchase a mobile phone, in a bundle product customer gets a Mobile phone + Phone Cover + blue-tooth device + selfie stick + Multi-Charger, and all products with discounts. So we can say bundle products save customers and admin time.  

assign product category store to create bundle products using bundle product opencart module

4. Customer Features

The buyer can view the list of all the bundle products added to the store in a separate category named “Bundle Product”.
Customers can easily be familiar with related products. Customers can select easily a product bundle and visit the product page for more details. Customers can add free products to bundles and benefit from the Buy X get Y free functionality 

5. Admin Features

Manage store: Bundle product extension helps to manage store products because the admin makes a pack of products with related products. 
Increase sales: Admin adds a Discount on a bundle of the product with multiple products. Customers purchase products and feel happy because they buy multiple products in one pack as per need and get a good discount. so this thing increases store sales. 
Custom Feature: If the admin launches some new products and wants to sell them together. It can become a set of bundles and give a discount on that bundle for an optional period because this extension provides a date start and date end feature. So admin set a period for how many days he wants to give a discount on bundle products as per requirement.  

creating bundle product select customer group applying discount and other setting

6. Documentation

OpenCart bundle product module is powered with Clear documentation to simplify your installation. The documentation explains all easy-to-go steps needed for installation. 

Core Features of the Module:

Add multiple products to each bundle and assign individual offers/discounts to each product in your bundle
Select the bundle product availability dates.
Calculate bundle discount using fixed or percentage type.
Set the sort order of the bundle products
Enable or disable each bundle product status.
VQMOD & OCMOD Compatible
Support All Versions 
It Supports Multi-language
Support Multi-Store
Documentation Provide For Your Setup
We provide free support & Best Support  

Why Choose the TMD Bundle Product

1. Official OpenCart Partner

We are a premium member of the Official OpenCart Partner to create this module. 

2. Easy To Customize

We make this module fully customised according to the need to add products to each bundle and assign individual offers/discounts to each product in your bundle. 

3. Error Free Module

Our modules are bug-free modules. in case you face any issues, we provide quick support for our customers. so all customers are happy with us. 

4. Professional Support

We have been in the Opencart marketplace for the last 12 years and added 200+ modules and themes to our list of developments in the marketplace. So we have experts in this technology and framework. If you have any issues during or after installation we can provide immediate support free of cost for 3 Months from the date of purchase of this module and you can enjoy all technical and feature support. 


Do you have pre-sale questions or support questions? Please create a ticket. We will help you to get it working.

Bundle Product

Bundle Product

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