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Account Dashboard Pro

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Overview Of TMD OpenCart Account Dashboard For Customer Panel

This extension makes customers' account pages more attractive, beautiful, and easy to use. This extension displays the customer account page links with different styles and icons

The most important feature of this extension is you can customize it according to your website theme. You can change the setting from the admin panel. According to your website's themes like colors, banners, and images. The latest new order list is also shown on the account dashboard page. The customer can upload his profile image from this extension. It is useful for the OpenCart store.

Give a Professional Dashboard To Your Customer Account

The Website must look professional and the design must be great. The TMD Account Dashboard module consists of an elegant design. Use free icons and have the option to change color to match your website color theme. makes it more accessible.

It uses gridview and listview of links to show all important links of accounts. The module gives you more power to control how the customer dashboard will look. The dashboard is designed to look best on all device screens. OpenCart does not provide a good customer account dashboard.

From admin, the account dashboard color theme can control and change at any time.

customer account dashbaord link to display setting in opencart extension

Full Control Over the Design And Content Of the Account Dashboard

There are plenty of options available to edit which can be used to make the customer's dashboard look great. The module gives the admin 3 layouts of dashboard selection. All 3 layouts are different and can be selected to match the existing website theme. Additionally, a CSS section is available for programmers to add a custom CSS code to change the layout.

Dashboard Layout Selection

Color Theme

Sidebar Setting



Apart from CSS and layout selection, there are more hidden features such as color theme, Sidebar setting, and default customer profile pictures. This module makes a new option where customers can upload their profile pictures. If the customer did not upload their profile picture then, a default picture selected by the admin will show there.

The sidebar setting has an on and off button along with links. Which links do you want to show when a customer does not login to your website The on and off toggle button is easier than hiring a developer to hide or give a new link there. Is not it easy? yes. It gives the website more control over links too.

multi langauge text editing in opencart customer dashaboard extension

Color Theme Setting

This OpenCart extension comes with a wide range of web color selections. It can use to adjust the colors to match your website color theme and make them more attractive or noticeable. The admin can update the most of elements such as heading, text, background, links text buttons, and icon color.

Apart from the primary color customization options, additional settings are provided to modify the color of other links within the dashboard. This further refines the visual experience and usability for customers.

color selection for elememnts in opencart customer dashboard extension

Decide Page Link In the Sidebar

The admin got the option to configure the page links in the sidebar of the customer dashboard page on the OpenCart website. The default sidebar will automatically be replaced with our sidebar setting.

You will find the important account page links and order page links. There is an option to add custom links too. Select the icon, write the text and page link in sort order.

Store owners can ensure that customers have quick access to the most relevant and frequently used pages.

The store owner can utilize this setting to streamline the customer experience, improving site navigation and customer satisfaction and enhancing navigability.

before login and after login sidebar links setting in customer dashboard opencart website

Write Custom CSS

OpenCart customer dashboard module lets the admin write their own CSS. It lets the admin to adjusting the layout, change fonts, modify colors, or add unique styling touches, custom CSS puts the power in your hands.

All the written CSS is saved into the module setting so that you do not need to worry about the theme files. These CSS will be added instantly at the time of page rendering. It helps maintain the brand integrity and flexibility of your site’s design.

write custom css to improve the layout of customer dashboard page in opencart

Compatible With Almost All OpenCart Themes

Most people do not use the default OpenCart theme. That's why we did a lot of testing on the extension to work perfectly on all kinds of themes including the Journal Theme.

The extension does not require extra work to make it work after installation. You do not need to think or worry about the compatibility of the module with your website theme.

Account Dashboard is so powerful that customers will not be able to distinguish between your default theme's dashboard or those created by this module.

Support Multi-Languages

This OpnCart module is compatible with multi-language. Installation of a new language on your website will show on the dashboard too.

Customers will see a changed language when they change languages from the language selection menu. It will work with all the language packs available in the OpenCart marketplace.

Retina Ready Design

The customer account dashboard page created by this module will be responsive and retina-ready. It means they will be able to access their dashboards easily. The dashboard will look awesome on all kinds of devices.

CSS3 allows faster loading of the element which will decrease the waiting time of customers on mobile and tablets. Uses Icons are UTF code that loads from the CDN website.

The layout of links and icons is perfectly designed for the mobile view to display correctly. The dashboard is optimized for lower internet speed also. The page will open fast at a lower internet speed.

Works In OpenCart Version 2.x and 3.x

TMD OpenCart account dashboard extension can be used from version 2x. It also supports the latest version 3x. It is compatible with version While installing the module do not overwrite any default OpenCart core files. All default functionality will remain untouched.

Module works stand-alone. Installing this module gets all features to Dashboard Pro. A default dashboard will be replaced with a selected layout template from the settings. Selected Templates will show on desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Complete Documentation Available

A complete documentation guide is made for installation too. Anyone goes through this guide to install and set up a dashboard for their customer account. Documentation consists of everything on how to do the setting of the sidebar and where it will display.

Two different pieces of documentation are present for 2x and 3x versions. Both OpenCart versions use different-different installation processes but the setting is the same. You can check the documentation on the documentation tab.


Any questions or suggestions are most welcome. If you have any kind of questions or looking for support. Please create a ticket.

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