Bulk Delete Update Order Module

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Overview of Bulk Delete Update Order Module

TMD Bulk Delete Update Order Module is a complete order management module for admin.

This extension can be used as an ultimate PO management system that is designed and built for OpenCart store owners.

Using this module you can modify order history from the order list without editing your order one by one.

So this module saves your efficient times to manage your orders when you want to execute a bulk delete or update processing of orders in bulk on your store.

Process your Order  Status in Bulk

The Bulk order feature of this module allows admin to select all orders and change the status of the order at one go.

Suppose you want to cancel a few orders at one go, just select the order to be canceled and then press the bulk button, the order status form appears right after you.

Using the form you can wither cancel delete or update your selected orders to any status you want.

Isn't it time-saving? just add this module to your store and your bulk order updates done in minutes which may otherwise take much longer time to execute. 

It  also allows you to send orders automatically to the concerned user and helps to notify the customers about his or her order

Setting Bulk Order Status Email Notification

This module also allows you to update email contents for all order status.

Using this module you can execute your order email matter efficiently for effective communication. 

By order status, what we mean is how relevant is your order that allows us to identify whether an order is open or closed or canceled

So when the store owner wants to change the status of any order, this module can fire email relevant content according to the nature of the order.

Notification of Important Information 

This module allows you to send important notification such as shipment tracking number

Order status as per the email template subject to the documentation and more.

Features of the Module

Simple installation
Bulk Option for Orders
Update order History And Notify Customer without open Order View
Customize Email messages for use on order histories from Order Status
Lots of Shortcode for Email Template

Dynamic Fields and Shorts cuts for Email

{store} For Store name
{logo} For Store logo
{link} For link
{order_id} For order_id
{order_date} For order_date
{order_status} For order_status
{order_comment} For Order Comment
{firstname} For First Name
{lastname} For Last Name

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