(PWA) Progressive Web Applications

(PWA) Progressive Web Applications

(PWA) Progressive Web Applications

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Overview of TMD OpenCart Progressive Web Application (PWA)

The majority of online customers use mobile phones to shop for anything and it is essential to reach customers where they are. Thus, progressive web applications have become more important. It allows customers to use web applications that feel the same as any other native application.

This OpenCart progressive web app empowers your online store with better performance, attractive features, and better user interaction. Your customers enjoy browsing your store even better on a mobile phone now.

The PWA theme includes a variety of features, customization, and a lot more options to make your store look flawless on mobile devices.

Customize App Logo

Enhance your brand presence by selecting a stunning app logo specifically designed for your Opencart Progressive Web app (PWA). With a professional logo, make a lasting impression on your customers right from the start.

Complete Control over Appearance and Functionality

The PWA gives complete control over your web app's looks and feel. It allows you to customize and edit the header, footer, and product page to align with your brand identity and create a consistent user experience.

For better control and customization, The OpenCart PWA extension has its own PWA theme. It will only be accessible on the PWA app. Just like regular OpenCart themes, the admin gets a layout section for most pages of the web app. All the settings of the progressive web app are seperate from the website. So you can easily modify the settings.

Setting to hide and show things on header of OpenCart progressive web application

Customize the Color that Suits Your Brand

Admin will have the option to customize the color of their OpenCart PWA theme until they are completely satisfied. You can try multiple colours and create eye-catching designs that attract customers and create memorable shopping experiences.

Go to PWA > Click the Color setting > Admin can update the color of the design of the progressive web application (PWA) theme. The updated color will be applied instantly.

all color setting in OpenCart pwa theme one

Custom CSS and Javascript

The module allows you to craft custom CSS and Javascript which adds more functions and designs to your progressive web App. It means you can edit every signal corner of your Store effortlessly with all the coding stuff.

These CSS and javascript will be added into the PWA theme at run time. Hence there will be no core rewritten. That means you can update the OpenCart Progressive web application module anytime.

write css and javascript code in OpenCart pwa theme one

Header Menu

The module has the header menu option which is completely customizable and adjustable. It makes your app’s navigation faster and easier. Admin can add or remove the menus from the header section of the PWA theme in OpenCart.

header menu setting in pwa app of OpenCart

Customize the Page Layout

Use the module settings to customize the layout of your progressive web application pages. It has all the options to make your store's appearance unique, creative, and visually appealing which sets you apart from the competition.

Share Stories that Engage Customers

The Opencart PWA module gives you the option to write and share your brand Stories with customers. Share your brand's journey, products, and vision to help you build meaningful connections with customers and transform visitors into Customers.

published stories in progressive web app OpenCart

Newsletter subscription form

Want to collect emails for a newsletter subscription? The Opencart PWA theme makes it possible. The module will show the Newsletter subscription form at the front end and Admin will be able to manage the list from the Admin panel.

Push Notification via Google FCM

The Opencart Progressive Web App offers you automatic push notifications. It means each time customers take any crucial action on the app, The module will automatically send updates on their device.

It uses the Google Firebase service to send push notifications. All you need to do the enter the keys of your Gooogle Firebase app.

Personalized Push Messages

You can write the message and send it to all the customer who uses the progressive web application and subscribe to your website.

Personalize your push notification for both iOS and Android devices, Add images to make notifications visually appealing, and redirect users to relevant website pages.

list of push notification sent by admin in pwa app of OpenCart

Multi-Language Compatible

You can offer your PWA app in multilingual just like your website. From menus to footer, product, category page to another page of the web app has an option to write the text content in all the active languages on the website.

A language selection option is present in the app's menu. Admin can enable or disable the langauge from the general setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions and answers will help you understand the functionalities of the OpenCart bulk product upload and export module.

Q. Can I customize the look and feel of my progressive Web Application (PWA) using this module?

Ans: Yes Absolutely, The TMD Opencart PWA Theme gives you a complete customization option for your web app. Even It allows you to Add Your custom CSS and JavaScript as well.

Q. Is the PWA module compatible with other OpenCart themes and extensions?

Ans: Of course, The Opencart PWA module is designed to support Almost all the themes and Versions. So, While using any theme or Opencart Version, you can use this Module easily.

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