Customer & Order Import Export

Customer & Order Import Export Customer & Order Import Export Customer & Order Import Export Customer & Order Import Export

Customer & Order Import Export

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Supported OC Versions , , , , , , , , , 1.5.6 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Overview Of OpenCart Customer And Order Import Export Module

OpenCart customer and order import-export module use XLS and XML files for customers and its orders import and export are compatible with all versions. There is a filter available for orders and customers to export.

There are sample files given for download. These files are Order and customer given for import file. Using this format admin can adjust the data into an imported file. That ensures correct data is imported into the website. Customer

Admin has the option of either new customers can import or updating the existing customers on the website. Also, the admin can enter the additional fields presented to the customer.

Filter Out Data That Required About Customer's Export

This module is packed with an advanced filter to get the data of customers only and export the list of customers. Admin will filter out the customer list from one store only or all store's customers can be exported at once.

There is also a select additional file that is added to the customer address or register form exported or not. Enter the range of counting how many customers list present in an exported file.

There are more than 10 fields present in the advanced filter. The exported file will be using the xls format so it can open easily in the older and new versions of Microsoft Excel software.

  • 1. First Name
  • 2. Last Name
  • 3. Customer Email
  • 4. Store
  • 5. Date Range Date added From - to
  • 6. History
  • 7. Status
  • 8. Number of Customers
  • 9. Customer Group
  • 10. Approve Status
  • 11. Transactions
  • 12. Reward Points
  • 13. Customer IP
  • 14. Additional Fields custom

filter the customer export in xls file format

Get The Most Important Data From Orders Using Filter

The filter has many fields for order information. And export only important orders for analysis to improve. Order status helps the admin to get only one kind of order to export. All the order status shown in the order status comes from the website setting.

Also, the admin can enter the order total payment range. And order total payment that came into the payment range specified by the admin will be included in the exported file.

This module gives two file formats to the exported file. These are XML and XLS, these file formats can easily access in most software. XML file is readable and can also use to import again into the website.

Here is a list of files present in the filter for exporting orders.

  • 1. Order ID
  • 2. Order Status
  • 3. Total Price Range
  • 4. Limit Range
  • 5. Store
  • 6. Customer
  • 6. Date Range
  • 7. Type: XLS and XML

filter the order export in xml and xls file format

Import Customer And Order Into OpenCart

Import Order Into Store

OpenCart customer and order import-export module has the option to import the orders. It gives two file formats XML, and XLS sample order import files to download. This file contains 5-6 order information for better understanding. This file format can use as a sample and add your information or exported file.

Admin can use settings like language, and file format. All the languages will be shown here, the admin must select the same language which is used in your order import file.

After importing the order successfully, a successful message will be shown. The new orders will be added to the website.

Import Customer Into OpenCart Store

The extension can also import the customer into the website. Here admin will find a sample file in xls file format. Download the file open the file and check how to set customer information to make the module possible to import the customer.

To add the additional fields present into the customer import file to import into the website. Then admin must enter all the additional fields' names into the "Additional Fields" section. Multiple additional fields should write separated with "," to identify fields.

Hence all the information of customers will be import accurately.

OpenCart Customer and Order Import Export Module

  • 1. This Extension easily Export and Import Customers & Orders using XLS and XML Files
  • 2. Migrate Customers/Orders 1.5x to 2.x.x.x
  • 3. You Can Manage All Data in Excel File
  • 4. This module supports all fields of customers and orders
  • 5. Support All versions and multilanguage
  • 6. Support Xls and XML Format For Import and Export
  • 7. Filter And Limit Options
  • 8. No core file changes
  • 9. copy all files to your root folder
  • 10. Does not overwrite any master files


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