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Quick Info Module

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Overview Of TMD OpenCart Quick Info Module

It shows important announcements on your website, such as product reviews, updates, or new features. This is a great way to attract new customers or update existing customers.

Admin can adjust the styling of the information popup display on the website from the setting. Custom CSS option is available to write your own CSS. There is A close button present, it is a convenient way to hide the information popup from the website page.

Instead of showing it all over the website, the admin can select the page to show the information popup.

This module's multi-language compatibility ensures that your customer will read the information in their language. It works great in OpenCart 2x and 3x versions.

display quick info in opencart

Adding And Removing Menus In Admin Dashboard

This module comes with a setting that helps the admin adjust the design of the information popup.

Admin can change the text size, color, and background color of the popup. It can display on either top or bottom of the screen. Color and text size apply instantly on the popup.

The setting allowed the admin to show and hide the close button present on the popup right top corner. Make the information popup hide from the website just by changing the status to disabled.

  • 1.  Font-Size
  • 2. Background Color
  • 3. Color
  • 4. Set Position Fixed
    5. Close Button
  • 6. Status

color theme settings for opencart information popup extension

Write Information To Display In Popup

OpenCart quick info module has given the WYSIWYG editor for the writing content. The height of the popup will auto-adjust according to content.

Admin can write in text and HTML language as well. It supports multimedia like images, videos, animated gifs, etc.

Select The Page To Display The Information Popup

This module gave the feature to display the information popup on a specific page instead of showing it all over the website. It can help websites that run a campaign or has an announcement about service on the page.

Select The page you want to popup to show. In the position section, select the quick info top, or bottom. It will bring the popup to the selected popup.

This setting must be followed in order to display the information popup.

select position of quick info module on page layout

Custom CSS

It is an advanced setting. It takes the CSS code and applies it. If you give offers or change the color theme according to occasions then this setting will help you.

Admin can write the CSS code to update the design of the information popup. It can use alter the existing or give a new fresh design too.

custom css setting for quick information popup opencart

Multi-langauge Compatible

OpenCart quick information module is compatible with multi-language. All the active language will show up in the tabs with the country flag and language name.

Admin can write the information message in the respected language tab. When customers change the language, the module will detect the language and show the selected language data entered by the admin.

It will help you to target the international customer and hence improve the sales graph.

write information in multi language in opencart quick info module

OpenCart 2x and 3x Version Supports

TMD made the OpenCart quick information extension compatible with OpenCart 2.x and 3.x versions. This module is working perfectly on the latest version A unit test is used to perform the test to make sure the module meets the said features.

This module is created using OCMOD. No core file of your website will change or replace after the installation of the extension. Quick Information popup will be added to the page on runtime using the XML method. The installation is easy. Just upload a zip file of the module using the admin's extension installer. Do modification refresh. The extension is ready to use.


Free installation is available after purchase. If you have any suggestions or pre-sale questions, looking for support? Please create a ticket. Our team will reach you as soon as possible.

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