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OpenCart Discount On First Purchase Module

Customer group offer discount for first purchase is an extension it allows the admin to make an offer for the customer group's first purchase, admin can set a special discount offer to a particular customer group on the first purchase. Admin can set percentages and fix the amount for a particular group.

New customers will automatically get a discount on their first order. It will help you to grab new customers. Using this extension, an admin will able to create a promotional discount on a special occasion like a festival, Black Friday, and other days. 

Enable First Time Purchase Discount For Customer  

OpenCart first time purchase discount extension consists of many settings. There is a global option to enable and disable discounts for all customer groups. The module is compatible with all most all themes. The discount will automatically show on the cart page.

Admin can enter discounts either as fixed amount or percentage. If used percentage than, Discount will apply on subtotal, on the cart page. The applied discount amount will show. Here is a complete list of features you will get.

Give a discount according to the customer group.

Specify discount in percentage and fix the amount.

Enable and disable any Time: Global Setting

Compatible for all leading theme of OpenCart

Multi-language supports: Works great with non-English languages

Compatible with 2.2.x and Latest versions

Give Discount According To Customer Group

In OpenCart, can create multiple customer groups. A customer signs up in these groups. This extension allows the admin to select customer groups and specify discounts.

When customers try to buy products. The customer group assigned discount by admin will apply and show on the shopping cart page on the total payable amount will be deducted. A first-time discount also appears. It works like charm.

All customer group customers will get different discounts as given by the admin. The module automatically gets customer groups when they try to make an order and assign a discount.

  • Admin can select the customer group already present in the store.
  •  The First Time purchase discount appears on the shopping cart page.

Multi-Language Support

It has multi-language compatibility. It has an option where Admin can enter all information according to the selected language. When a website uses more than 1 language then the OpenCart discount for the first purchase module gives the option to enter text in multiple language tab. You will see installed language tabs in the setting.

The text will automatically change when the customer selects or change the language of the website. It works perfectly for both english and non-english languages.

Perfectly Work With All Themes

The first purchase discount OpenCart module uses VQMOD and OCMOD. Which makes it accessible for all themes. It works seamlessly with all themes available in the market. We have done testing with highly sold OpenCart themes as well as well known themes. Extensions are plug and play.

The module is tested with many famous themes. Journal, Shoppica, Fastor, Sellya are some names of the themes. For custom themes, It requires some additional work.

Works well on One Page checkout and default opencart checkout page.


Got pre-sale questions or have questions about support. Please create a ticket. We will help you to get it working.

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