Add Watermark to Product Image

Add Watermark to Product Image Add Watermark to Product Image Add Watermark to Product Image Add Watermark to Product Image Add Watermark to Product Image

Add Watermark to Product Image

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Overview Of TMD OpenCart Watermark Product Image

This module will enable the OpenCart website owners to effortlessly add the watermark image and text on their product images. Admin can upload the image from the website gallery or the device. The admin can write the text for the watermark and details like text size, color, etc. are given to match your website design.

This versatile feature doesn't require altering your original images, making it easier for website owners to label the products. This watermark extension automatically creates a new watermarked product image in the cache folder.

It is compatible with popular extensions like bestseller, featured, latest, and special. This extension also works with the latest version of OpenCart and most of the themes.

product image has text watermark in opencart website

Add Text Watermark On Product Images

This watermark product image extension lets the admin can write your website, company name or label as the text watermark. Select the font and color from thousands of colors that match your brand. You can also define the text size in pixels.

Top, down, right, and left four locations are available where text can be placed on the product's image. All these setting lets you apply best looking text watermark on your website product

  • Write text for watermark.
  • Select color and font.
  • Text size.
  •  image position.

add watermark text on opencart product images

Image watermark On OpenCart Product

It is easy to replace the text with an image watermark. Just select the image in the watermark type setting. Now you can choose the smaller size image from your website or upload a new image from the device.

Select one position out of four top, right, left, bottom. Hit the save button. The module will automatically create new product images in the cache folder with your selected watermark image on it.

  • Select the image for the watermark.
  • Position on product image.

add image as watermark opencart product image

Remove the watermarked images from your website

To reduce the website load and keep the hosting brandwidth at the limit, the admin can remove the old watermark product's image from your website automatically. It eleminats the maunal work. This function will be useful if you are going to change the watermark logo want to write a new text, or have updated the wrong image for the watermark. OpenCart watermark extension will keep only updated images in the cache folder.

This will ensure that your website always maintains a consistent and professional appearance for all the product images on your website.

  • One click to remove the old product watermark image.
  • No manual work.
  • Keep your product image updated.

SafeGaurd Your Images

Having a watermark on your product images represents your branding. Making it challenging for unauthorized copying, resale or use. This adds an extra layer of protection to product images to prevent stealing or use by your competitors.

Essentially, this module adds an extra layer of security, protecting the images is crucial to your online ecommerce store's success and credibility.

Supports Most of the Themes

The OpenCart watermark image module is designed to be highly compatible with a majority of OpenCart themes available in the market. We have done the unit test to ensure the module should work as expected on your website. Sellya, Shoppica, Faster, Journal, Sellegance, e-Market, Bigshop, SimpleGreat, etc.

You can confidently use the module to protect your product images, knowing that it will blend well with your site's existing design elements.

Compatible with multiple Versions of OpenCart

Designed for OpenCart 2x and 3x, this module is easy to install via the admin panel, without affecting the core files, because it is using the OCMOD. The extension is compatible with the latest 4x version too.

The installation of this module follows the standard OpenCart guidelines. You can use the extension installer or upload the module files on the server and activate it from the module list page in the admin.


Suppose you want to do customization on your website or want to develop a module and theme. Or looking for help in the installation or setup of the module. Please create a ticket. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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