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TMD OpenCart Popup Module Overview

This extension is used to create unlimited popups on the OpenCart website. Popups may have COUPONS to convert visitors to buyers. There are many sets that make admin work easier to maintain the popup for the long run.

Settings like whom to show logged customer or guest or both, show with the title or not, the display always or after x interval of days, do not show popup again, and more. All these things help the admin configure the popup and make it ready within a few minutes.

It is multi-language compatible and perfectly works with all languages. Admin can make multi purpose popup having better designs created in the HTML template using the default editor of OpenCart.

opencart popup shows on when visitor arrive

Design Awesome Popup In OpenCart

OpenCart popup module lets admin create designs in HTML language with WYSIWYG editor. There is also a shortcode for the coupon. This shortcode can be entered into the popup template and the selected coupon will automatically appear in the popup. It will help the website to get the customer's attention on coupon codes and redeem discounts on orders.

Admin can set things like whether the title should appear on the popup automatically or not. It has a setting like a popup that should appear only when the website opens either from desktop or mobile or shows on both devices.

Select the page where the user will redirect when they click on it. If the admin wants to send the user elsewhere like a blog, landing page, or another website then write url of the page in the custom url field.

Either it should display every day or should automatically show after an interval of x days. Admin should configure this accurately to make sure popup display to users.

  • Show and hide the title.
  • Select the device to show: Desktop. Mobile.
  • Display always or after x days.
  • Who can see: logged in customer or guest or both.
  • Where to redirect: select the page or enter a custom url.
  • Create multiple popups.
  • Show coupon code.
  • Write your own CSS.
  • Option to not show popup anymore.
  • Enable / disable.

Selecting the coupon from the list in the admin OpenCart popup extension

Select Coupon To Show In Popup

Showing coupons on popup attract new customers and hence boosts sales. Shortcode present in the OpenCart popup pro design section which use to add to the template will convert the selected coupon into a title automatically.

Go to Coupon Tab, Here you will find the list of active coupons. Only active coupons will display there. Disabled coupons do not present.

Select the one coupon which the admin wants to show on the popup window. If the Coupon code does not select then the popup does not have a coupon code there. As it is not selected.

  • Enter the shortcode of the coupon.
  • Select the coupon from the list.
  • Show on popup automatically.

Write CSS For Better Visibility Of Popup Window

OpenCart popup module gives a CSS tab where the CSS code can be written for a better design. It also helps the designer to maintain the popup box CSS code for a long time.

One of the main advantages of having a CSS tab is that the website files are untouched and always secure. The programmer does not have to write or create their own CSS file for writing stylesheet code. Everything will remain manageable from the admin.

CSS Tab can be used to write new stylesheet code or override the existing cascading stylesheet code to have a better design of popup window on your website. When a popup displays according to the setting, It does not

not distract the customer's attention.  

  • CSS tab.
  • Write your own CSS or override the existing CSS class.
  • Apply instantly.

Working Great With Multi-Language

TMD cares about their customer and client. That's why we create all modules and themes multi-language compatible. Your website uses non-English language.

If your website supports multi-language then the module will create language name tabs in the design section, where the admin can create the same or different design with selected languages respected. When customer change language on the front end, the module also shows the selected language popup box design and text entered by the admin. OpenCart popup window extension works seamlessly with multi-languages.

create designs all active languages in OpenCart popup module

Support All OpenCart Theme

TMD creates modules by taking care of compatible themes available in the market. It is tested with many famous themes. Some of them are Journal, Shoppica, Fastor, Sellya. A new section will be added to the website admin section. it uses the default theme CSS to display fields.

You especially made a theme for your website or did many customizations into an existing theme. Our module will still work. OpenCart popup extension shows the popup accurately. Exclusively made for OpenCart Framework this module is error-free and we have the best support for implementing the module for your store.

Supports OpenCart 2.x and 3.x versions

TMD made this module work on OpenCart versions 2.x and 3.x versions. A module can be easily installed via the upload module section in admin, on your website. Because this module uses OCMOD. Which does not overwrite core files. OpenCart popup extension also works with could-based online websites.

Your website remains untouched. All your work will work after the installation TMD module.

Our all modules, extension, and themes are plug and play. Just install and you are ready to use them right away.


Check out our demo or write to us for any query you just have in your mind. Got pre-sale questions or have questions about support? Please create a ticket. We will help you to get it working.

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