Vendor And Admin Order Notification (Multi Vendor Addon)

Vendor And Admin Order Notification (Multi Vendor Addon)

Vendor And Admin Order Notification (Multi Vendor Addon)

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Overview of vendor & Admin Order Notification (Multi-Vendor Addon)

The vendor and admin order notification is an OpenCart module and extension that is particularly used as an extension to the multi-vendor module developed by TMD.

So you need the multi-vendor module installed in your store before you install this module to get the benefits such as alerts and notifications. The new order notification module helps admin and vendors to get notifications regarding a new order on the store.

Hence it is important for store owners to implement this module to keep updated on the orders that are received in your store.

Thus with the help of this module, you save plenty of time and do not have to worry about what is going on in your store without even opening emails. By implementing this module you can set shortcuts for notifications content, that will appear on top of the header in the form of a bell icon in drop-down and the footer as a popup.

Note: As talked about earlier, this module is an add-on to the multi-vendor module, so you must have to install the multi-vendor module first in your store after that this module will work in your store.

Benefits: What does the module do for you?

Notification is important for all store vendors, so this add-on module ensures that you get the right notification on your store. 

So listed here are some of the benefits that you will get when you implement this module in your store along with the multi-vendor module.

1. This module will directly enhance your perception as incoming notifications will directly intimate your sales in the store and what is happening in your store. 

2. Whenever a customer purchases a product from the store the notification will be directly sent to the admin and vendor from your store.

3. The notification appears in the drop-down and in the footer popup message that will show a new order that is like to attract your eyeballs.

4. Time-saving is very important for your business, so save more time and focus on what is needed rather than checking your invoice every time to see if there are any new orders.

5. The notification will come upon both the admin and vendor dashboards so there is no need to inform your vendor. if customers buy vendor products the respective vendor will be notified in advance so that he can make delivery of the product.

6. The module allows you to design your data template for the info that you want to show on your notification and vendor notification. Both templates can be designed in their own way.

7. Add specific info to order notifications that are only required for you and your store and add info for vendors that are most required for vendor notifications.

Why should you choose TMD OpenCart Multi-vendor Membership/Subscription Module

1. Created By OpenCart Official Partner

We Are a long time to hear Our Good & Professional Work given as a Partnership on OpenCart.

2. User Friendly

Admin & Vendor order notification module fully customizes the module. The module process is very simple and useful for the store, so this simple process makes it user-friendly.

3. Error Free Module

Our modules are bug-free modules. in case you face any issues, we provide quick support for our customers. so all customers are happy with us.

4. Professional Support

We are in OpenCart market for the last 10 years, through our years of expertise we have made over 200+ modules and many themes.

So we have the best knowledge in the industry related to the OpenCart framework. If our customer faces any Issue during the Installation Process we Provide Free Cost Support.

The free ongoing support is for 6 months only after the purchase of the product and you can enjoy our best technical support.

Core features of Vendor & Admin Order Notification Extension

The core features apply content control and modification that can be set from the admin panel for notification.

  • Order Id.
  • Product Name.
  • Model.
  • Price.
  • Quantity.
  • Date Added.
  • Customer Name.
  • Customer Email.
  • Customer Phone no.

And the same applies to vendor content order notifications.

  • 1. Admin can customize the color of notifications like background color, text color, scroll bar color, bell icon text color, etc.
  • 2. New order notification has a User-friendly interface.
  • 3. Show/hide option for footer notification popup.
  • 5. Easy to install and configure.
  • 6. Fast Loading and Sleek.
  • 7. No Core File Changes.
  • 8. Support All Versions.
  • 9. Supports Multi-language.
  • 10. Support Multi-Store.
  • 11. Free Support.


For any questions or suggestions, you are most welcome to submit your queries with us. Also If you are looking for support, just create a ticket for prompt support and guidance.

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