Multivendor Pos Addon

Multivendor Pos Addon

Multivendor Pos Addon

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Overview Of Opencart Multi Vendor Point Of Sale

Opencart Multi Vendor Point of sale Module allows your business to sell goods from physical retail stores. It will help keep track of inventory and create orders from physical stores.

You can sync all physical data of your store and handle invoicing, billings, and inventory automatically with an online website. Store owners can use point-of-sale software to connect their offline stores to online websites and update their online lists automatically.

Offline stores can be enabled with POS systems by vendors. This pos add-on module helps every vendor of stores located in different locations. It will help keep track of inventory and create orders from physical stores, receipts can be printed, and sales can be tracked using POS modules.

It is an add-on to the multivendor module and only work with our Multivendor Module. Before purchasing this POS add-on you must have our OpenCart multivendor module

Attractive Benefits of this User-friendly Opencart POS Module

POS software offers various benefits when you connect it with your vendor store. You can increase purchases at your retail stores with this multi vendor

Retail stores can do more than just handle transactions; they can actively promote products and help consumers make purchasing decisions. Multi vendors can access this Point-of-Sale Opencart module from their store.

4 Different POS Screens

It comes with 4 different POS designs. Each design is created after doing the analysis of the POS screens and its usage.

Store owners can select the design that best suits them. The chosen design will automatically apply to all the sales agents who are assigned to use the POS terminal to make the order.

Also, from the setting, the store owner can change the design to another. The POS design will automatically fit into the size of the POS screen you have.

Easy to Access

A vendor can access the Point of sale system from their store dashboard. The sleek and modern user interface of the Opencart POS module allows effortless management of products, barcodes, orders, and payments in one place.

Easy-to-use features and simple access to the dashboard boost efficiency of retail stores.

Create POS Product Only

There is a need when a product is only sold at the offline store, not on the online website. To cover this requirement, this point-of-sale add-on lets the vendor create the products for POS only. These products won't show on the online website and are available for sale offline POS terminal only.

The product creation takes only 1-2 minutes at maximum, there are only a few things that need to enter such as item name, small description, price, options (if any), date of availability, etc.

Auto Sync Online Products Into Point Of Sale System

If you are selling products online on your website. The online website products are called catalog products. Then it is super easy to sell on your offline store too.

All the website products will show in the POS products including POS-specific products. Vendors can sell all the products through the point of sale. It will automatically update the products when a new product is available on the website. Auto sync feature keeps the inventory up to date.

Billing Management

Opencart POS keeps all data in one place which helps the admin process the billing faster. Store owners can manage various types of payments, including Split Payments and Partial Payments.

On the checkout page, select the existing customer or create a new customer, or just place the guest customer order.

Payment Methods

There is the setting of payment methods in the POS. Store owners can create multiple payments such as cash, credit/debit card, e-wallet, etc.

These payment methods will display on the checkout page. Select the payment method that the customer is ready to pay through. It will print on the order receipt and be saved in the order to view later.

Part Payment Supports

This POS lets you take the part payment of the order and the remaining amount of the order will be added to the order balance amount.

Sale agent or store owner can see these orders on the POS screen in the partial payment section.

When a customer came to give the remaining amount then mark the order complete.

Refund Amount Display

Any customer pays more than what is required to pay during the checkout. It will display the returned money on the checkout page. It makes the order faster processing.

It eliminates the manual calculation of payment, and also reduce the waiting time of customer in the queue.

Inventory Barcode Management

This POS module offers to produce product barcodes using the product's ID or model. Vendors can select several products and click on the generate BarCode button to the barcode. It shows the generated barcodes on the new tab. All the generated barcodes will show on the product list page.

If the product has one or more options then it will count as a new product. Hence new barcode will print for each option. It will ensure that every product you sell is trackable.

Print The Product Barcodes

From the product list just select those products whose barcode needs to be printed. OpenCart Multivendor Point of sale system add-on will print the barcodes of selected items. How many times barcodes of a single product will be taken from the POS barcode setting?

If the vendor needs to print more barcodes then just update the counts in the setting and then retry the print. The size of the barcodes is also manageable from the setting.

Clear Stock

This Opencart Point-of-Sale offers the clear stock option to clear running entries on the screen. This feature helps to cancel orders while invoicing and swiftly refreshing the POS screen.

QR Barcode Reader

This Point-of-Sale system has the QR Code/Barcode Reader. This addon will be integrated into the system to boost the efficiency of a vendor and complete the order process faster.

The sale agent will scan the barcode, and the item will automatically be added to the cart. It takes only 1 second or less. The product information has name, price, 1 quantity. The quantity can be increased just by pressing the [+] button present on left.

On Hold Feature

This POS add-on of multivendor allows vendors to hold the order until checkout. Hold the transaction while a client waits in line. A list of orders that are currently being held can be viewed during checkout by pressing the hold button. Orders can be resumed by clicking the resume button in that order.

Product Return

When the customer comes to return the orders, mark the order as a return. Customers or vendors can choose a reason or write for returning the order. This multi-vendor POS software allows you to view the return order report from any location.

The report has a filter to know what is the biggest reason for product return. Store owners can take the action accordingly to reduce returns and increase customer satisfaction.

Filter Option

Vendors can search for customers and goods using the filter option. You can add a variety of parameters, like name, id, codes, etc.

Multiple Sales Agents

Store owners can create sales agents' accounts and set the commission rates by category or product commission for the sale agent from the POS. The agent will log in and have access to a limited number of rights that only help them sell the product.

When an order is completed by the sale agent, the commission will autocomplete added to their account. Also, reflect in the POS for the store owner.

Give The Commission To Sale Agents

All the sale agent commission shows in the commission report. It shows how many products the individual sale agent sold and what the outstanding amount of commission is.

Just pay the commission amount at once or give partial now and the rest later. All these will be present in the reporting.

Coupon and Voucher

Point-of-sale software takes care of coupons and vouchers. This OpenCart module makes it easier for physical stores to redeem coupons and vouchers instantly.

Installing POS systems will take care of including coupons and vouchers in the retail price, even when your stores are spread out in different places.

Custom Print Invoicing

This Opencart Point-of-sale multi-vendor system allows you to create an invoice and custom the size of the invoice during printing. Vendors can change the left, right, top, and bottom margins.

Custom Print Invoicing

OpenCart Multi vendor's POS system allows store owners to check their commission reports and earnings as per sales agents. Different stores can access the reports of daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly sales.

The Report will be prepared based on the payment method, product id, and quantity of items.

POS Forecast Report

Check the forecast report with this POS Opencart module. You will learn which products are selling and demanding products. This POS report will inform you of the number of stocks required to ensure ongoing sales of the goods.

Multi-Language Support

Use the admin to create locations for each physical store, then attach them to each POS user. Businesses can operate their physical stores from any location in other countries.

The POS system also handles this issue. Stores can be set up in native languages and currencies in different countries.

Multivendor Point of Sale allows users to add multiple languages and currencies to cater to customers from around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

? Is this Multi Vendor POS compatible with the latest versions?

This responsive multi vendor Opencart POS shows compatibility with all Opencart versions. The most recent Opencart versions are compatible with additional Multi Vendor POS add-on modules, such as the OTP verification addon, admin order notification addon, customer communication addon, multi vendor RMA, and others.

? Can I install this POS module by myself or need expert help?

This POS Multivendor Opencart addon has a simple installation process and a user-friendly, intuitive interface. Excellent customer support is provided when using this straightforward point-of-sale solution.

? Can I customize the front end of the POS module based on my preferences?

Yes, you can customize it depending on your business expectations and goals.

This is add-on of our OpenCart multivendor module

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