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Overview Of TMD OpenCart Multi Vendor Marketplace 

The OpenCart multi-vendor marketplace is an online marketplace designed to assist OpenCart store owners and the OpenCart community. As a result, this module enables store owners to expand their online business. So, if you're a lone entrepreneur in the ecommerce business sector, this module will help you to attract other vendor to sell their product on your site.

This Is How The OpenCart Multi Seller Marketplace Module May Help You

1. It enables OpenCart shop owners to control each product linked to a third-party merchant, where third-party merchants sell their products.

2. On your ecommerce platform, the customer acquires items from various merchants.

3. The shop administrator makes income and gets commissions from the merchant.

When a customer purchases a product, the multivendor opencart extension integrates with an email system to send an email to the merchant. This module also has an email and notification option, allowing the administrator to tailor email messages to his specific requirements.


The OpenCart Multi Store Extension Is Designed Specifically For Your Business.

Each seller on the TMD multi-vendor online marketplace has their own dashboard, from which they may control all aspects such as downloads, manufacturers, items, reviews, recurring, and other choices. From here, a seller may update his or her profile information.

The shop administrator may allocate multiple commission levels (fixed and percentage) to each merchant and other categories, as well as accept payments via PayPal and other methods.

It works with multiple versions of the Opencart standard module. It's also a completely customized module with simple features for maximum scalability and user experience.

OpenCart is one of the top eCommerce systems for online retailers today because of its wide features and capabilities.

With Ease, Manage TMD OpenCart Multi Vendor Seller Panel

The seller panel, which is part of the enormous online marketplace where each seller may register his own account, is connected with the OpenCart multi shop extension.

The merchant may create an account and begin uploading items to begin selling things from their current shop online right away. Admin, on the other hand, has complete authority over whether or not a seller and their items are approved. Furthermore, each vendor has his or her own profile and dashboard.

Controlled Seller Activity Super Admin Dashboard

The TMD OpenCart multi vendor module comes with an admin panel that gives you more control over your sellers' data.

For managing all seller accounts, the panel is fantastic. As a result, the admin has the power to accept or reject any seller's account. Once the admin has approved the categories and goods, they may go live.

From the dashboard, the admin may keep track of each seller's orders, income, and purchasers.

The Multi Vendor Extension For OpenCart Supports Several Languages

When it comes to internet shopping: Buyers and search-related queries may originate from many countries and continents.

As a result, based on your OpenCart themes, the ideal method to attract clients from all over the world is to cater to their linguistic preferences. TMD OpenCart multi-vendor offers over a hundred languages, allowing clients to connect with your eCommerce website in a variety of ways.

It's also adaptable enough to work with any OpenCart theme.

Support For Multiple Stores With Seller Login And Customization:

TMD OpenCart multi shop module, like an online marketplace, offers an unlimited number of seller panels. This makes your online business the largest selling marketplace on the Internet, allowing for a significant return on investment. Every seller has the ability to upload an unlimited number of items.

It also allows all sellers to store subscription-based items, and both the admin and the seller can profit from recurring money. As a result, multi-store features will help you expand your online eCommerce presence.

This OpenCart multi store extension allows the super admin to customize the seller panel using the custom page. The provision is only available for super admin to take charge of seller panel front panel view.

Super admin can also insert additional fields such as text boxes and combos as per requirement.

Easy Commission Setting

Commission setting is important especially when you have multiple sellers with different products and categories. And TMD OpenCart multi-vendor extension provides easy and clear rules for setting commissions for all vendors/sellers.

Admin can set different commission levels for each seller on product categories. And sellers can set conditions on their uploaded products by setting fixed or percentage-wise commissions in  multi vendor opencart extension

The store admin can also assign a different commission level associated with each category present on the website. Like the shoe category, the super admin can set either 15% or $15


  • ♦ Profile.
  • ♦ Store information - store logo, description, meta tags, etc.
  • ♦ Add banner.
  • ♦ Products.
  • ♦ Add downloadable products.
  • ♦ Options.
  • ♦ Dashboard - where all stats of store show.
  • ♦ Manage order.
  • ♦ Mange review system.
  • ♦ Recurring profile.
  • ♦ Attributes groups.
  • ♦ Attributes and manufacturers.
  • ♦ View his commission and income.
  • ♦ Option to a create tracking number for customer's order. Track dispatch order easily.


  • ♦ Approved/Disapprove the created Seller Account.
  • ♦ Authority to manage all sellers.
  • ♦ Set commission based on category - fix, percentage.
  • ♦ Check commission reports of all sellers.
  • ♦ All order reports can view admin with filter option.
  • ♦ Mange seller reviews on products.
  • ♦ Customize mail mater from seller mail template.
  • ♦ Pay to all sellers at once using the payment method.
  • ♦ Track the seller's income, total order, total buyers, and latest order using the seller menu.
  • ♦ Customize notification mail for seller and customer with a date.
  • ♦ Can check the inquiry of customer with product and seller.
  • ♦ Authority to enable/disable product of vendor and also can change the setting of products.

ADDED NEW FEATURES In Multi Vendor Opencart Extension


Ready to Go?

TMD multi-vendor multi-seller marketplace is designed to match your marketplace like Amazon & eBay.

It builds your sellers, your buyers, and your marketplace.

OpenCart Multi Store Marketplace Extension Is Intended To Serve 4 Main Purposes

  • 1. Sell a niche product or service to your customers
  • 2. Sell multiple products line
  • 3. Sell services of various vendors
  • 4. Provide complete control to admin, more freedom to vendors, and vast product options for customers


If you have a pre-sale question or looking for support. Please create a ticket, we will back to you as soon as possible.

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