Multivendor Multi Seller/supplier Marketplace

Multivendor Multi Seller/supplier Marketplace Multivendor Multi Seller/supplier Marketplace Multivendor Multi Seller/supplier Marketplace Multivendor Multi Seller/supplier Marketplace Multivendor Multi Seller/supplier Marketplace Multivendor Multi Seller/supplier Marketplace Multivendor Multi Seller/supplier Marketplace Multivendor Multi Seller/supplier Marketplace

Multivendor Multi Seller/supplier Marketplace

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Overview Of TMD OpenCart Multi Vendor Marketplace 

The OpenCart multiseller module is an online marketplace designed to assist OpenCart store owners and the OpenCart community. As a result, this module enables store owners to expand their online business. So, if you're a lone entrepreneur in the ecommerce business sector, this module will help you to attract another vendor to sell their product on your site.

This Is How The OpenCart Multi Seller Marketplace Module May Help You

1. It enables OpenCart shop owners to control each product linked to a third-party merchant, where third-party merchants sell their products.

2. On your ecommerce platform, the customer acquires items from various merchants.

3. The shop administrator makes income and gets commissions from the merchant.

When a customer purchases a product, the multivendor opencart extension integrates with an email system to send an email to the merchant. This module also has an email and notification option, allowing the administrator to tailor email messages to his specific requirements.


The OpenCart Multi Store Extension Is Designed Specifically For Your Business.

Each seller on the TMD multi-vendor online marketplace has their own dashboard, from which they may control all aspects such as downloads, manufacturers, items, reviews, recurring, and other choices. From here, a seller may update his or her profile information.

The shop administrator may allocate multiple commission levels (fixed and percentage) to each merchant and other categories, as well as accept payments via PayPal and other methods.

It works with multiple versions of the Opencart. It's also a completely customized module with simple features for maximum scalability and user experience.

OpenCart is one of the top eCommerce systems for online retailers today because of its wide features and capabilities.

With Ease, Manage TMD OpenCart Multi Vendor Seller Panel

The seller panel, which is part of the enormous online marketplace where each seller may register his own account, is connected with the OpenCart multi shop extension.

The merchant may create an account and begin uploading items to begin selling things from their current shop online right away. Admin, on the other hand, has complete authority over whether or not a seller and their items are approved. Furthermore, each vendor has his or her own profile and dashboard.

Controlled Seller Activity Super Admin Dashboard

The TMD OpenCart multi vendor module comes with an admin panel that gives you more control over your sellers' data.

For managing all seller accounts, the panel is fantastic. As a result, the admin has the power to accept or reject any seller's account. Once the admin has approved the categories and goods, they may go live.

From the dashboard, the admin may keep track of each seller's orders, income, and purchasers.

OpenCart Multi-Vendor Extension Offers Multi-Language Support

To attract these customers globally, it's important to cater to their language preferences through your OpenCart extension.

As a result, based on your OpenCart themes, the ideal method to attract clients from all over the world is to cater to their linguistic preferences. TMD OpenCart multi-vendor offers over a hundred languages, allowing clients to connect with your eCommerce website in a variety of ways.

The module allows businesses to easily add and manage multiple languages on their website, ensuring that customers can browse, purchase, and interact with the platform in their preferred language. It's also adaptable enough to work with any OpenCart theme.

Support For Multiple Stores With Seller Login And Customization:

TMD OpenCart multi shop module, like an online marketplace, offers an unlimited number of seller panels. This makes your online business the largest selling marketplace on the Internet, allowing for a significant return on investment. Every seller has the ability to upload an unlimited number of items.

It also allows all sellers to store subscription-based items, and both the admin and the seller can profit from recurring money. As a result, multi-store features will help you expand your online eCommerce presence.

This OpenCart multi store extension allows the super admin to customize the seller panel using the custom page. The provision is only available for super admin to take charge of seller panel front panel view.

Super admin can also insert additional fields such as text boxes and combos as per requirement.

Effortless Commission Configuration

The commission structure is crucial when managing a multi-vendor platform with a diverse range of products and categories. TMD OpenCart multi-vendor extension offers a simple and straightforward process for establishing commission rules for all vendors.

The administrator can set different commission rates for sellers depending on the product categories. Additionally, sellers get to specify commission conditions for their products by selecting either fixed commissions or commissions based on a percentage. 

Moreover, the store administrator is able to assign specific commission rates for each category available on the website. For instance, the super admin gets to establish a 15% commission or a $15 fee for the shoe category.

Comprehensive Vendor Store Listing

The TMD OpenCart multivendor extension provides a comprehensive listing of all the stores available on the website. This information, including the store name, logo, product count, big banner, social media links, rating, and more, is viewed in a grid format. The number of stores displayed is determined by the website administrator's settings. 

This feature enables customers to easily navigate through the various stores, view their products, and access all the relevant information, ultimately helping to establish trust and credibility between the OpenCart multi-seller website and its customers.

Pre-designed email templates for efficient communication between admin and sellers

This multi-seller extension will send emails to the seller for different events, such as when a new seller registers, their account is approved or disapproved, a new order is placed in their store, or a customer makes an inquiry on their store, etc. 

The website administrator creates email templates for 13 different events, using shortcodes to make the content dynamic and personalized. They also have the option to include images, videos, text, and other information using HTML.

The administrator has the ability to update, delete, and create new email templates for a specific event.

Order Distribution Among Vendors in OpenCart Multi-Vendor Extension

When a customer places an order that includes products from multiple vendors. This extension will divide the order automatically and distribute payments among the vendors accordingly.

It generates separate orders for each vendor and notifies them via email. This process is triggered automatically as soon as the order is successfully completed.

This functionality is critical for any e-commerce multi-vendor website and is a built-in feature of the OpenCart multi-seller extension, removing the need for the administrator to handle order management.

Direct Communication between Sellers and Buyers

Both the buyer and the seller are able to initiate a private conversation through the marketplace website, which is a pre-built feature of the OpenCart multi-vendor extension. This feature enables customers to ask questions about a product and address any doubts they may have before making a purchase.

The private conversation provides an added layer of privacy for both parties. The administrator gets to monitor the conversation between the buyer and seller and intervene as needed.

Chat messages can include multimedia files, and the website stores all messages and files, removing the necessity for any third-party services.

Vendor Signup Form Management

The simpler the sign-up form, the more customers and vendors will sign up on the website. To achieve this, the extension comes with a feature to control the sign-up form for sellers, giving the administrator control over the form fields.

The administrator is able to choose to display or hide fields and make certain fields mandatory on the sign-up form. The form only requires essential information to set up the initial seller store.

The e-commerce website administrator must aim to make the registration process as effortless as possible, and the vendor registration form is a crucial aspect of the website.

SEO-Friendly Seller Stores

Search engine optimization is a crucial component of modern websites, used to attract organic traffic. This OpenCart multi-vendor module ensures that the seller's website is optimized for search engines, allowing the seller to write meta titles and descriptions fo r their products and store that will appear in search results.

Each page has the option to edit the meta tags, and sellers are able to update the URLs of their products, categories, and pages to make them user-friendly and easily recognizable by search engines. This module follows Google's guidelines to create a well-structured ecommerce store, making it easier for search engines to find and index the seller's products, categories, and pages.

Streamline Product Management with Import and Export Features in the Seller Store

If a seller has a large inventory and wants to maintain consistent sales, the OpenCart multi-vendor extension provides the ability to import and export products by default. This enhances the customer's shopping experience.

The seller gets to import an unlimited number of products from any source and new products will be automatically added and existing product information will be updated according to the data in the import file.

Exporting products is also made simple with a filter that allows sellers to export products based on category, product name, quantity, manufacturer, and more.

Product and Store Review System for Customers

Reviews play a significant role in the sales process. Customers are allowed to leave reviews and ratings on product pages and also provide feedback about the store. This helps new customers make informed purchasing decisions. The OpenCart multi-vendor extension displays the store rating given by customers on the seller's store homepage and store listing page.

The administrator is able to view and manage customer reviews, allowing them to monitor store performance. The admin is also able to disable stores with a large number of negative reviews to maintain a safe and trustworthy environment for customers.

Seller-Focused Features: A Comprehensive List:

  • ♦ Store details - logo, description, meta information, etc. 
  • ♦ SellerProfile.
  • ♦ Display banner.
  • ♦ Products.
  • ♦ Upload digital products.
  • ♦ Product Options and attributes.
  • ♦ Dashboard - where all stats of the store will show.
  • ♦ Order management.
  • ♦ Customer management.
  • ♦ Mange review system.
  • ♦ Customer recurring billing.
  • ♦ Product attributes and brands.
  • ♦ Monitor commissions and earnings.
  • ♦ Ability to create shipment tracking numbers and track dispatched orders effortlessly. 
  • ♦ Analytics dashboard - displays all store statistics.

ADMIN CONTROL PANEL: Key Features and Capabilities

  • ♦ The administrator possesses the capability to either approve or reject the accounts of sellers.
  • ♦ Full control over all seller's stores.
  • ♦ Commission is set based on category with either a fixed amount or a percentage.
  • ♦ All seller's commission reports are available.
  • ♦ Order reports are viewed by the admin, with a filter option.
  • ♦ Admin has the ability to manage reviews on products left by sellers.
  • ♦ Email templates for sellers are customized by the admin.
  • ♦ Payments to all sellers are made at once using a specified payment method.
  • ♦ Through the seller menu, the income, total orders, total buyers, and latest orders of each seller can be tracked by the administrator.
  • ♦ Ability to customize notification emails for both sellers and customers, with a specified date.
  • ♦ The admin is able to view customer inquiries regarding products and sellers.
  • ♦ They have the authority to enable or disable a vendor's products and change product settings.

ADDED NEW FEATURES In Multi Vendor Opencart Extension


Set and Ready: Prepare Yourself to Begin?

TMD’s multi-vendor and the multi-seller marketplace is created to mirror platforms such as Amazon and eBay. It will develop your sellers, customers, and marketplace as a whole.

OpenCart Multi Store Marketplace Extension Is Intended To Serve 4 Main Purposes

  • 1. Customers can enjoy a specialized product or service.
  • 2. A variety of products are available to customers.
  • 3. Customers can access services from multiple providers.
  • 4. The administrator has complete control, vendors enjoy greater independence, and customers have access to a wide selection of products.


If you have a pre-sale question or looking for support. Please create a ticket, we will back to you as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the OpenCart Multivendor. If you did not find the answer to any question, feel free to create a ticket, one of our support team will help you to get the answer.

Does OpenCart support multi vendor?

By default, OpenCart does not support the multi-vendor system. But By adding the multivendor extension, the seller can register their account and the seller will have their own online store. They will manage their store including products, customers, orders, shipping and payment methods, getting order payout etc.

Which OpenCart multivendor is best?

TMD OpenCart Multi vendor module is one of the best extensions available in the market. It has all the advanced features that will make an ordinary website into a multi seller, multilingual platform. Admin has full control over the seller registration form fields, stores, products, orders, customers, payment and shipping methods, and product reviews.

Admin can any time disable the seller's store, products, customers, orders, update store information, etc. Setting the commission on categories, reports, in-built chat system for customer and seller communication, creating own email templates, etc. Vendors can bulk import and export products in their stores.

All these things make the TMD multi-seller module one of the best choices for OpenCart websites.

How to install multi vendor extension in OpenCart?

Installing the multivendor module follows the same process. Download the multivendor module zip file from the TMD OpenCartExtension website. Login to your website admin panel. Navigate to the Extension menu > select the Installer sub-menu. Now Upload the module zip file, and wait for the success message.

Go to the extensions modification page to remove the cache. Navigate to the dashboard to remove the cache from the website. It's time to Configure the multi vendor setting.

How to Configure OpenCart Multi seller Module?

It will take 5 min to configure the multivendor plateform. Add or remove the fields of the signup form of vendors, enable or disable the auto-approve new vendor accounts, and their products, hide the seller information from customers, and vice versa. Select the status when the vendor's order will complete. Admin can set up the commission per product or categories wise in percentage or fixed amount, and write the email templates for various events. Add the fixed shipping rate per weight, country, zone or seller store.

Sellers can now create their own stores and start selling their products. On each order, the admin will get a commission.

There are many reports present for better management. Vendors, products, commission, orders, seller's store and product review, income, shipping, inquiries, chat, etc.

How does Admin manage Sellers in OpenCart?

For the convenience of website management, there are many settings given for the vendor's account. Auto approve or manual approval of vendor accounts, and their products, hide or show the customer contact information from sellers, and vice versa, Hide the seller's information permanently. Admin must select the one status that will indicate the vendor's order is completed successfully. Admin can disable or enable vendors to account from the vendor list page. Disabled vendor accounts will not be able to log into their store.

How vendors can manage their stores?

Each seller will get their own store. People can purchase the products from their store. Upload the store logo, create header menus, add the category, and products, and select the shipping and payment gateway to receive orders. product Inquiry will let the customer enter the detail and the vendor can reply to customers. An in-built chat system allows vendors to receive real-time messages from customers. From store information to bulk importing the products, customers to order everything is manageable by the seller.

How Sellers can manage orders on the multi-vendor OpenCart website?

Vendor login to admin panel. Click on the Order menu. Here all the orders will be visible that are placed on the vendor website will now. Also, there is a filter given on the order page for better order management. Admin can filter the order using order Id, status, date, customer name, order total, modified date etc. Admin can see details of an individual order by clicking on the eye button. Moreover, the admin can generate and print the invoice of the order by selecting the order.

Can vendors import and export their products in their stores?

Yes, there is a bulk import and export feature present in each vendor store. It is capable of adding new products and updating the existing products in the inventory. 4 different types of file formats are supported for product import, these are CSV, XLS, XLSX, and XML.

Navigate to Import and Export menu > select the Import sub-menu. Before importing a product, the admin must select the what is unique value in the product Model or Id, after that select the file and hit the import button. It will import all the products in the vendor store.

You will see the success message on the green background colour. It meant that all the products are imported successfully. You can check on the product list page.

How to set order commission in OpenCart multiseller extension?

Admin can configure the commission for each category separately. This means products under that category will automatically assign the same commission.

There is a fixed and percentage type available for commission. When using both types, the commission will automatically sum up and be deducted from the seller's order.

The seller can see deducted commission report in their store. Also, the admin can see the commission report for each seller, product, or category wise.

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