Multivendor Pos

Installation of Multivendor Pos 3.x.x

    • Step 1: Zip Extract
      Step 2: One Folder
      Step 3:
      Upload these folder by ftp correct location for example (admin to admin , catalog to catalog , image to image , system to system) (no core file effect)

      Step 4:
      Go To Admin Panel > Extensions > Modifications > Click On Blue Refresh Button

      Step 5:
      Go To Admin Panel > Extensions > Extensions > Select Module > Click on TMD Multivendor Pos Green Install button Then Sql Update
      Step 6:
      Go To Admin Panel > System > Users > User Groups > Click Select All and Save It

      Step 7: TMD Pos Menu

      Step 8
      Pos Menu > Pos Setting Menu > Click Custom Form Tab and Fill This All Fileds
      Pos Setting Menu > Click Customer Setting Tab and Select This All Fileds
      Pos Setting Menu > Payment Method Tab > Click On Add Discount button
      Add This Payment Method and Then
      Pos Setting Menu > Invoice Tab
      Pos Setting Menu > Click On DashBoard Total Tab

      Add This Name , Select Order Status , Payment Method , Status , day type , Select Color
      Pos Setting Menu > Setting For Customer Mail
      Pos Setting Menu > Setting For Order Mail
      Pos Setting Menu > Paynow Setting Tab
      Pos Setting Menu > Seting For Barcode Tab and save it

      Step 9 : Pos > Inventory Barcode Click On Generate Button

      After Generate Barcode Image

      Update Barcode Image List

      Tick Any Product and Click Generate QR Button

      After Generate QR Code
      Update QR Code List
      Step 10 : Pos > Stock In > Add UPC and Click On Search

      Product Option UPC Code Search

      Step 11 : Go To frontend Login vendor account Dashboard
      Click Non Catalog Button
      Add Non Catalog Product Then Click Add product Button
      Step 12 : Go To Admin Panel > Click Pos Product Menu


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