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Seo Mega Pack

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Overview of TMD OpenCart SEO

This module lets ecommerce store owners optimize their website's On-Page to enhance their visibility in search engine rankings. It comes with SEO meta tags such as title and semantic headlines to SEO URLs and 404 Redirect Management and covers all the essential SEO properties for the website.

To reduce the store SEO management work, this module offers the automatic generation of titles, meta keywords, meta descriptions, image ALT, title tags, SEO URL, etc. Using this SEO module ensures that your website remains compatible with on-page SEO techniques.

It is a simple but effective solution that has been proven to deliver the result and drive traffic to your website. It works with multiple versions of OpenCart and is compatible with multi-language.

Setting SEO of Website

This is a one-in-all SEO solution for your website packed with all the essential tools and settings. The website can adjust these settings according to SEO strategies.

It lets the admin do the setting such as limiting the chars in SEO title, description, keywords, url, H2 heading and colour, image alt and title text char limit. It has a setting for the 404-page tracking to enable or disable, the cron job to automatically generate the SEO metadata for products, categories, information, image, etc.

There is a list of Shortcodes given in the setting to tell the module how it should autogenerate the content. You can check the list below to see all the features and settings of this SEO extension.

  • 1. Gerenate title, description, keywords, and heading
  • 2. 404 Page not found handling
  • 3. SEOL URL character limit
  • 4. Description char limit above pages
  • 5. H2 heading text char limit and color
  • 6. Cron job, rich snippt
  • 7. Sitemap
  • 8. Generate image alt, title text
  • 9. Redirect page setting
  • 10. Custom SEO URL
  • 11. Edit the SEO metadata and heading
  • 12. not found page url list
  • 13. Shortcode setting
  • 14. Filter

baisc setting for product seo in website preseint in OpenCart seo mega pack

Automatic Generation of SEO Important Elements

This OpenCart SEO module will automatically generate the SEO-optimized title, meta tags such as description, keywords not only the product but also categories, and manufacturer and information pages. You can then further make the improvement if needed. This feature streamlines your SEO efforts, enhancing visibility without manual intervention.

You can generate the SEO metadata in multi-language. Every active langauge will have a seperate SEO metadata section and the admin can hit the generate button to get the title, description, keywords, etc in that language.

It will take care of most of the SEO work in your ecommerce website and will help your website to rank in the search engine and people will find you.

auto-generated seo title for product in OpenCart website using seo plugin

Creation of SEO-Friendly URLs

By utilizing the OpenCart module's fullest capabilities, you can generate an SEO-friendly URL for your products, categories, manufacturers, information, custom page, etc . This url will be humanly readable, following the Google url standard and keeping the url shorter to make sure it improves website ranking.

Admin can generate or write the URL in all the active languages in the website so that user experience remains consistent.

Admin can also write the SEO url for the information page such as contact, about, privacy, etc. Also, This module gives the option to write the SEO url for the custom page. Admin can make sure every page of the website must have the SEO url.

writing seo url for pages in OpenCart using tmd seo pro tool

404 url Management

OpenCart SEO extension comes with an in-built page not found urls auto detection tool which provides comprehensive control handling the page not found error on the website. This extension records all the 404 pages that occurred on the website along with a number of hits.

Admin can write the pattern to exclude tracking of certain 404 pages. There is a setting to auto-redirect users and bots to search the page when they hit the page not found error. It improves user experience and site navigation.

404 page setting in tmd OpenCart seo tools

Manage Redirect URLs

You can redirect the page url that points to not found, the error page or another page to the permanent redirect (301) in the module setting. The redirect work is handled by the module as soon as the user or bot lands on the old page.

Just add the page url that you want to move in the old section and the page that will the user see when redirect to the new page field, and hit the save button. It is easy to manage the redirect url list. You can delete one or multiple redirect URLs from the list. The SEO plugin consists of a search filter that lets the admin filter out the result in the redirect URLs.

applying redirect url 301 code in OpenCart using seo plugin

Seamless Automated Sitemap Generation

Sitemap is an essential part of every website. This SEO tool will take care of the sitemap thing for your website. All the new page and old page will be added into the sitemap which can be submitted to search engines. The sitemap will enhance visitability by quickly discovering new content through the search engine.

Also, the search engine crawler bot time is automatically set by this OpenCart SEO module to one week. It indicates that search engine bots can revisit your website in the next week to look for changes you have made. Thus getting rid of server load and search engine crawler's issues.

opencart seo pro extension generated the xml sitemap

Image Alt and Title Generate And Edit

It is important to have the right alt and title tag on the image so that search engines get information about the image. This module list all the product name and image and it's named in the tabular form. You will see the auto-generated alt tag text and title in muli-language.

Admin can edit the name of the image, alt tag and title in the muli-language of the image in the list. Also, there is a search present at the top to find the particular image.

image alt title tag list with edit button in seo OpenCart extension

Rich Snippet

A rich snippet is a good way to attract traffic from the search engine. This SEO plugin offers a list of product attributes that could be shown in the search engine product result. In the rich snippet setting select the product attributes. These attributes will appear just after the meta description such as price, stock, shipping, discount, etc.

You also get the Facebook graph API integration so that your product gets better visibility on Facebook Share. You can also enable the Twitter card setting to automatically show the product image when someone shares the product on Twitter.

search engin result rich snippt meta data setting in OpneCart website

Cron job

It helps the store owner to keep the website updated to align with the on-page SEO. This can be done using the cron job. You will find the setting for the cron job that lets you select how the cron job program should work and what SEO data it will automatically generate.

you can select the meta tags, h2 heading, the title of the product, category, manufacturer, information page, etc. And the module will set the cron job program according to these settings. You'll find the cron job file url to set the cron job on the server

Multi-Language and Multi-Store Support

It will allow your website to match your website SEO plan with the marketing plan to broaden your reach to a global audience. This OpenCart SEO extension is fully compatible with multi-language. Whether you are running a single-store or multi-store. You will find this extension working for all kinds of websites.

Compatibility With Most OpenCart Themes

From the default theme, journal theme to custom themes, enjoy wide compatibility, catering to various aesthetics. The OpenCart SEO pro extension will add the SEO-related codes to the page at the time of loading.

Sellya, Shoppica, Faster, Journal, Sellegance, e-Market, Bigshop, and SimpleGreat are some names of OpenCart themes that we have done testing. This extension supports the Journal 2x and 3x versions.

Compatibility with Various Versions

TMD developed this SEO extension by following the official guidelines that make it compatible with most of the OpenCart versions. This extension is designed for OpenCart 2x and 3x versions. Making it easier to migrate from the lower version to the higher version of OpenCart. You will find this extension to work all the time.

Effortless Installation and Management

The installation and management of OpenCart seo pack Pro is smooth and hassle-free. Your website files remain untouched. This extension uses the Ocmod/Vqmod. You can install this extension on your OpenCart website by following one of 2 methods.

Either use the extension installer, present in the website admin to upload the module zip file. Second method.  unzip the downloaded module file and connect your website using cPanel or use the SFTP connection to upload the module files on the server manually. After that login to the admin panel to activate the SEO module from the module list page.


If you want to do any kind of customization and new development on your website. Or looking to get help for the OpenCart module or theme. Please create a ticket. One of our team members will contact you.

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