Tranzila Payment Gatway (2.x.x & 3.x.x)

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Overview of Tranzila Payment Gateway

Tranzila is one common name when it comes to most safe, Secure, and fast credit card processing with accurate transactions. TMD OpenCart Tranzila payment Gateway is designed especially for online payment.

It makes your transactions completely safe and secure. We make improvements time-to-time in our OpenCart Tranzila payment module to enhance our customers' usability and experience.

At the time of payment, the website can pass the name of that wil display beforoe the payment trasaction page. Website can also send the product details.

Tremendous Technologies And Architecture

Our TMD Opencart Trazilla payment gateway is popular and trusted as we use API, SSL, tokenization and much more that make your gateway trending, and advanced.

All these technologies and security help you make each payment completely secure, reliable, fast, and easy. The OpenCart Tranzila payment module is also an innovative and problem-solving payment gateway that processes every credit card transaction in just a pinch.

Payment Solutions Available

Our Tranzila OpenCart extension has all the major solutions a business can need for their payment in online business. Some of the most important solutions pointwise in this payment solution are:

  • Virtual terminal
  • Manual transactions
  • Secured online payment transactions
  • Multi-users and multi-branched payment solution
  • Auto distributing or issuing payment invoices with a digital signature solution
  • Payment regularly
  • Fraud Detection and auto prevention

Support with themes

You do not need to tamper with the theme of your store for the OpenCart Tranzila payment gateway. It is absolutely compatible with every theme of your website. So whether you are using a simple theme or something more complicated, this payment gateway supports both situations.

Benefits of having OpenCart Tranzila Payment Gateway

Easy integration: Integrate our payment gateway with your OpenCart software in just a few simple steps and start using this comprehensive payment gateway online.

Fast, secure, and safe payment solution: You will have the benefit of the most secure and fast payment services. You can accept and release payments in just a pinch.

Wide range of payment solutions: We have a broad span of payment solutions for you which is mentioned above. Choose our OpenCart Tranzila payment module to solve all those issues.

User experience improves: Our faster, more reliable and more successful payment message start building trust and user experience on your store or websites.

Time-saving: Will it not save your time by making payment in a matter of seconds? Yes, it will, you and your customers both can save your time through our hassle-free payment transactions.

Easy Install

The OpenCart Tranzila payment module is designed to be able to install this most easily. You can easily connect to your website and store it in just a few short steps.

You get all the details of your payment in one place, that too without any extreme hard work. You can easily configure our payment gateway in your store. It will easily manage all your credit card payments and transactions.

Frequantly Asked Question

As a multi-functional business I have to put a lot of payments on auto-transaction, is it possible with your OpenCart Tranzila payment module?

This module has the option of auto-debit or transaction among various payment solutions. Therefore, you will be able to take advantage of auto-transaction absolutely monthly or on other custom days.

Which version of OpenCart this extension supports?

From OpenCart version to 3x version it supports. This extension works great with version

For Any Query Feel Free To Contact Us:

Our all customers are happy with us because we provide the best free support. For any questions, suggestion feel free to contact us at. Got pre-sale questions or have questions about support? Please create a ticket. We will help you to get it working.

1. Copy all files to your root folder
2. Does not overwrite any master files
3. Easy Installation
4. Does not overwrite any master files
5. Install the extension in the OpenCart admin panel Extensions -> Payment
6. Ensure the module is enabled. To avoid common problems:

Any question or suggestion is most welcome. If you have any kind of questions, suggestions, or looking for support. Please create a ticket. 

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