CCAvenue Payment Module opencart (2.x.x, 3.x.x & 4.x.x)

CCAvenue Payment Module opencart (2.x.x, 3.x.x & 4.x.x) CCAvenue Payment Module opencart (2.x.x, 3.x.x & 4.x.x) CCAvenue Payment Module opencart (2.x.x, 3.x.x & 4.x.x) CCAvenue Payment Module opencart (2.x.x, 3.x.x & 4.x.x) CCAvenue Payment Module opencart (2.x.x, 3.x.x & 4.x.x)

CCAvenue Payment Module opencart (2.x.x, 3.x.x & 4.x.x)

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Overview of TMD OpenCart CCAvenue

In the ecommerce market, CCAvenue is India's favourite and trusted payment solution. This OpenCart payment module creates the bridge between your website and the CCAvenue payment gateway to ensure both security and convenience for your customers to have smooth payment transactions. It offers both the iFRAME and redirect to the ccAvanue website for the transaction. The website can choose any one of the methods that are best for your business model.

CCAvenue is covering vast payment options. Your customer will always have options to make the payment to complete their purchase on your website. The website owner will get the invoice for payment instantly and the customer's order complete successfully. Their ease of service and risk management gives good security to merchants.

CCAvenue plugin also supports 27 international currencies, multi-language, and real-time payment transactions enhancing the entire buying experience.

All Most All Payment Methods Supported By CCAvenue

You will find more than 200 payment options in the CCAvenue. More than 30+ banks integrated around India, including all major credit cards, debit cards, net banking, UPI, S.N.I.P., etc. So your customer can also get this payment option using this OpenCart CCAvenue extension.

It also offers a service called Pay Using Phone. It is the best solution for those users who prefers to pay over a phone call rather than online. An automated phone call system will take the debit or credit card detail and make the transaction.

This OpenCart CCAvenue module is perfect for your domestic and international customers. All you have enable the international transaction in your CCAvenue merchant account. The international currency conversion to your local currency will automatically be done.

Using this module you can take the recurring payment for your service or product. The transaction will be auto-detected from the customer's bank account monthly or yearly. Your customer will get the payment transaction notification email, mobile and the order status also be updated on your website.

Advantages of CCAvenue Payment Plugin For Your Website

Real-Time Payment: It tracks and shows all the transactions in real-time. You can see all the details of the payment transaction in the detail view. The order status will also be updated on your OpenCart website.

Less Transaction Fee: It is a Homegrown company. Well known for its lower transaction fee compared with other payment gateways.

Invoicing: You will always have the payment invoice instantly in your email. You can see the payment information and status of the transaction and other details.

Promotion and Discount: Create coupons on your website and let your customer apply the coupon codes to get the discount on the payment page.

Responsive Design: This OpenCart ccavenue extension is highly focused on the payment page to make sure it should work on every device including mobile, tabs, desktop, etc.

Smart Analytics: Shows insightful data on sales and transactions. You can export the data for your business decisions.

Effortless Refunds: It is easy to refund your customer. The refund takes a maximum of 7 days and a minimum of 3 days as per R.B.I. rules.

A transaction using a Debit / Credit card / Banking/ e-wallet.

Maximus Websites using CcAvneue payment gateway.

Support all kinds of e-wallets and significant banks.

Works well on mobile as well as on desktop.

Fewer transaction charges for websites.

Increase revenue by getting more confirmed orders.

Customers can make payments using domestic and international cards.

The best payment gateway for the Indian e-commerce website.

Robust Security Protocols In OpenCart CCAvenue Payment Gateway

This CCAvenue OpenCart payment gateway follows all the optimum security integration to make sure payment transactions should be done smoothly. Reserve Bank of India approved CCAvenue for payment aggregator (PA) licence.

Following the PCI-DSS 3.2.1 Compliance that every transaction is secured with the highest encryption standards makes it acceptable by major Credit card companies. Moreover, CCAvenue has added an extra layer of security such as TLS Encryption, Tokenization, and Two-Factor Authentication recommended by the Reserve Bank of India.

You can even set your own rules that will filter out the suspicious payment transaction url in the Velocity Checks setting. Blacklist management tools keep your website safe from fraud.

Installation Steps For OpenCart CCAvenue

The installation of this CCAvenue payment extension is the same as others in OpenCart. Enabling the extension step is common in these two installation methods.

1. Extension installer: Login to your website admin panel. Navigate to the Extension → Installer Menu. Now you need to upload or drag and drop the zip file of the extension. Wait for a few seconds until you see the success message appear.

2. Manually: It is complicated and requires technical knowledge. Unzip the module file. You will see multiple folders and files. Now connect to your website with the cPanel or SFTP software such as CuteFTP, FileZilla, etc. Now you need to upload the modules file on your website following the same folder structure of a module. Double verify whether module files are uploaded to the server correctly or not.

3. Final Step: in the website admin panel, navigate to Module → Payment list if you are using OpenCart 3x version and Extension → Module if you are using the OpenCart version 2x. Select the payment from the drop-down. Enable the TMD CCAvenue module by hitting the green-colored button.

Configure the CCAvenue In OpenCart Website

1. Open Your Merchant Account: It takes roughly 3-10 days to activate the merchant account of CCAvenue after registration. Make sure you submit all the necessary documents and details.

2. Get the keys from the merchant account, you can ask the CCAvenue support for keys and activate the test mode. It will simulate the transaction process. No real payment happens.

3. Module Setting: Login admin panel of your website. Navigate to Menu Extension → Modules. Find the ccavenue extension. Edit the setting. Paste the keys in the setting, select either iFrame or redirect, select the test mode, and hit the save button.

4. Make a Test Order: Go and try to make purchase the product on your website as a customer. Try to make the payment. If everything is good, then you will see the order success page. You can see the order details in the Merchant account of CCAvenue.

Note: You won't get an invoice for an order that has TEST mode enabled.

5. Start Accepting Payment: you should go to the official CCAvenue website login into your merchant account and enable the Live mode. Login to your website admin panel and in the CCAvenue payment module updates the setting to active mode. You will have the payment coming into your account whenever customers make a purchase from your website.

Compatible With Most OpenCart Versions

TMD made the OpenCart CCAvenue module compatible with multiple versions of the OpenCart. You will always find it compatible with either your website running on the OpenCart lower version 1.5x or the latest version 4x. Our extension is compatible with 1.5x, 2x, 3x, and 4x versions. It uses the VQMOD for the 1.5x version and OCMOD's latest version for the installation. You can follow the official installation process to install this extension on your website.


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