Advance Search Module (With Attributes) 1.5.x

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Supported OC Versions 1.5.0 , , , , , , 1.5.1 , , , , 1.5.2 , , 1.5.3 , , 1.5.4 , , 1.5.5 , , 1.5.6 , ,
VQMOD Required No

License details

License type Commercial
Support Yes
Update Yes


This OpenCart module enables customers to search for Products in your store.

The Advantage of using this module is that your customers can search for Products on any page of your store and the search can be made in any combination of fields.

1. Easy Installation
2. Does not overwrite any master files
3. From Admin Panel you can set products Limit (How many products you want to show in search list) and Image Size according to you.
4. Anything related to the product like Model, Price, Special Price, SKU, UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN, MPN, Location, Attribute, Description these all option you can show and hide from admin by selecting Yes or No.
5. Free Support

1. Go to Administration Panel
2 Click System > Setting , Edit > Search Tab

1. we add to search by manufacturer name that product also show and enable and disable the option if you did not want search by manufacturer
2. also in product show you can see manufacture name manage from admin


Any question suggestion is most welcome. If you have any kind of question, suggestion or looking for support. Please create a ticket. 

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