OpenCart Search Terms OCMOD  (2.x & 3.x)

OpenCart Search Terms OCMOD  (2.x & 3.x) OpenCart Search Terms OCMOD  (2.x & 3.x) OpenCart Search Terms OCMOD  (2.x & 3.x) OpenCart Search Terms OCMOD  (2.x & 3.x) OpenCart Search Terms OCMOD  (2.x & 3.x) OpenCart Search Terms OCMOD  (2.x & 3.x) OpenCart Search Terms OCMOD  (2.x & 3.x)

OpenCart Search Terms OCMOD (2.x & 3.x)

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Overview of OpenCart Search Term module

This extension helps the admin to track user search keywords. In the admin section, all search reports are present as per customer information, with the help of this module you can redirect any keyword to any link like product.

So customers can directly access those links based on that keyword. Our modules will not affect any core file of opencart so it will not issue during updating the website's OpenCart.

The OpenCart search terms extension is designed to enhance your customers' search experience. It enables the admin to redirect customers to the right product by searching a term in the search box.

This module supports the 2x and 3x versions of OpenCart.

Redirect Your Customers Directly To A Specific Product Page

The OpenCart module allows the admin to set specific terms and assign them to different products.

The admin can write the search term and select the product for that search term. This way one product can link with multiple search terms.

Whenever a customer searches for specific terms the admin sets, The module automatically redirects them to the relevant product. This helps in guiding customers directly to the products they are interested in.

the admin assign product to search term in opencart website

Search History Report

The search history report provides detailed insights into the search patterns of your customers. It includes information such as search terms, category names, sub-categories, assigned product count, and search date. This module automatically detects whether the customer is logged in or not if they log in and perform the search, this extension will detect the customer ID and show it in the report.

All this data can help understand what customers are looking for, and what changes are required to improve the search terms and product redirection.

search term history report  in opencart website

Multi-Store Compatibility

The module integrates seamlessly with multi-store setups which allows admin to manage search terms and redirections across all your stores. This helps customers get a consistent search experience, no matter which of your stores they are using.

Multi-Language Support

This module supports multiple languages to accommodate a diverse customer base. Customers can search for products using terms in their preferred language and still receive accurate and relevant results.

All the active language will be shown while the admin is about to write the search term and link the product. This improves the user experience for international customers and helps your store cater to a global audience.


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